Yamato Bakery Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Yamato Bakery provides freshly baked delicious Japanese bread, pastries, cakes, and coffee in one location. Enjoy their variety of pastries, from cakes and croissants to savory meat buns and healthier alternatives like sandwiches and veggie pan de sal. Look forward to the aroma of their fresh-from-the-oven bread every morning as you enjoy them.

Yamato Bakery Menu:


Yamato Bakery Ube Bread
Nori Sushi₱143
Wafu Hamburger₱132
Spam Musubi₱132
Spicy Chicken Floss₱132
Sausage Mozzarella₱132
Bagon and Egg₱132
Bacon and Sausage Pizza₱143
Chicken Floss₱132
Tuna Onigiri₱121
Saugage Roll₱132
Salad Roll₱121
Ham and Egg₱121
Chicken Pie₱143
Tuna Pie₱143
Truffle Mushroom₱176
Steak and Gravy₱198
Sweet Potato Cake₱132
Cinnamon Roll₱121
Kouign Aman₱121
Fruit Danish₱143
Blueberry Danish₱132
Cream Cheese Bun₱121
Peach Danish₱132
Butter Croissant₱121
Chocolate Bun₱143
Mini Croissant Maple₱22
Ube Pan₱198
Queso Ensaymada₱143
Ube Ensaymada₱176

Cakes and Éclair

Yamato Bakery Choux Cream
Choux Cream₱143
Sliced Strawberry Short Cake₱209
Sliced Mango Short Cake₱198
Mini Nippon Cake₱275
Strawberry Eclair₱143
Chocolate Eclair₱143

Flaky Pies

Strawberry Cheese Pie₱297
Banoffee Pie₱264
Mango Cream Pie₱264
Choco Pudding Pie₱264

Whole Cakes

9″ Strawberry Short Cake₱1760
9″ Mango Short Cake₱1320
9″ Mixed Fruit Cake₱1650
Chocolate Ganache₱1540

Cake Foil

Auto Dark Chocolate Dream Cake₱528
Tres Leches Cereal Milk Cake₱418
Bread Pudding₱384


Kani Mayo Sandwich₱264
Tuna Sandwich₱264
Ham and Egg Sandwich₱264

Cake Cup and Mousse

Chocolate Mousse₱154
Blueberry Cheesecake Mousse₱154

Loaf Breads

Thick Bread₱154
Loaf Bread (Thin Slice)₱176
Mini Croissanwich₱176
English Bread₱154
Wheat English Bread₱154
Dinner Roll₱187
Honey Wheat Loaf₱176
Purple Yam Loaf₱308
Butter Roll₱121
Buttertoast Bread₱165
Chocolate Loaf₱209
Choco Cream Cheese Loaf₱308
Japanese Milky Bread – Plain₱204
Japanese Milky Bread – Cheese₱286
Japanese Milky Bread – Coffee Chocolate₱352
Japanese Milky Bread – Blueberry₱352
Japanese Milky Bread – Bacon and Cheese₱352
Japanese Milky Bread – Salted Caramel₱407
Bacon & Cheese₱297
Garlic Butter Roll₱220
Rye Bread₱198


Ube Pandesal₱165
Cream Cheese Pandesal₱154
Classic Pandesal₱132
Wheat Pandesal₱143

Hot Coffee

Hot: House Blend (8 oz)₱77
Hot: House Blend (12 oz)₱99
Hot: Cafe Aulait (8 oz)₱110
Hot: Cafe Aulait (12 oz)₱132
Hot: Cafe Mocha (8 oz)₱110
Hot: Cafe Mocha (12 oz)₱132

Iced Coffee

Iced: Coffee Black (16 oz)₱110
Iced: Coffee Black (22 oz)₱132
Iced: Cafe Aulait (16 oz)₱132
Iced: Cafe Aulait (22 oz)₱154
Iced: Cafe Mocha (16 oz)₱132
Iced: Cafe Mocha (22 oz)₱154

Ready To Drink

Bottled Water₱44
Stellina Lemon₱99
Sola Lemon₱99
UCC Beans and Roaster Caramel Latter₱165
UCC Milk Coffee₱87
The Coffee Au Lait₱121
Kombucha – Peach₱121
Kombucha – Giner121
Kombucha – Line121
Kombucha – Raspberry121
The Blend – Rwanda & Brazil₱121
The Blend – Sumogochi₱121
The Blend – Café Latte₱121
Cold Brew Black₱165
Cold Brew – Latter₱165

Merchandise UCC Coffee

UCC Class One₱626
UCCC 3in1 Coffee Strong Pouch₱210
UCCC 3in1 Coffee Regular Pouch₱210
UCCC 3in1 Iced Creamy₱135
113 Instant Coffee₱520
114 Instant Coffee₱520
117 Instant Coffee₱520
117 Instant Coffee₱520
Drip Coffee: Ichiban₱250
Drip Coffee: Special Blend250
Drip Coffee: Decaf₱282
Drip Coffee: Sumiyaki₱271
Drip Pods Coffee: Charcoal Roast₱683
Drip Pods Coffee: Special Blend₱578
Drip Pods Coffee: Rich Blend578

Mini Croissant

Yamato Bakery Mini Croissant Maple
Mini Croissant Chocolate (5 pcs)₱111
Mini Croissant Maple₱22


Mejie Milk Chocolate Cookie₱299
Mejie Strawberry Cookie₱299

Yamato Bakery Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Yamato Bakery Website, choose from their online Menu, and have the food delivered or self-pickup depending on your nearest Yamato Bakery store location. Also, with the abundance of food delivery apps (such as FoodPanda, GrabFood, etc.), you can choose one to make your order.

Yamato Bakery Branch Finder

Currently, Yamato Bakery one location at: Yamato Bakery Cafe, Macapagal Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

Yamato Bakery Contact Information

Yamato Bakery Philippines Head Office Address: 12 Brixton St, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila, Philippines

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