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Xocolat is a cafe that centers on chocolate as its primary focus. The chocolate experience has become Xocolat’s trademark, and it can be seen in everything from the establishment’s name to the food and drinks provided to the incontestably cozy and familiar atmosphere that chocolate creates. Cacao Mixes from Xocolat are always produced with the highest quality beans sourced from all corners of the globe. You need to look no further. Enjoy the indulgence today without feeling guilty about it.

Xocolat makes a commendable effort to replicate as much of the homey atmosphere of a real house as possible, even though some people may think that nothing will ever be able to take its place. The inside features a tribute to the previous owners’ patio area and furniture in the form of deep wooden tables and decorative plants.

Xocolat Menu:

Hot Drinks

Xocolat Hot Drinks
Taza de Xocolat – Rich & Opulent, Signature Hot Chocolate₱225
Bittersweet – Non-Dairy, True Choco Lover’s Choice₱195
Wicked – Spiced Dark Brew₱165
Old Fashioned – S’mores Over Piping Hot Cocoa195
Hot Xocolat – Milk Chocolate195
Gianduja – Chocolate Hazelnut Drink195

Cold Drinks

Xocolat Cold Drinks
Xocolat Lava – Chocolate Milkshake225
Chocolate Mudslide – 2x Chocolate, x2 the Cookie225
Xoco Dinosaur – Choco Lava with Milo225
Mocha Loca – Italian Espresso, Dark Chocolate & Caramel225
PB & X – Peanut Butter & Xocnut225

Coffee Liberations

Xocolat Coffee Liberations
Xoco Latte₱195
Vietnamese Egg Coffee₱185
Mocha Loca195
Coffee Ganache₱255
Iced Cafe Bombon₱165
Cafe Con Leche₱175


Insanely Dark Xoco Cake with Gooey Belgian Choco Sauce
Xocolat Citrus Curd Cheesecake
Loaf 8×4Square 8×8Party 12×10
Classic Dark₱345₱645₱1095
Dark Caramel₱425₱7451295
Boozy (Spiked with Liquor)₱495₱845₱1495
Absolute Sugar Free Xocolat₱695
Molten Flourless Xocolat₱265
Honey Yogurt Cheesecake265

Gourmet Brownies

Xocolat Gourmet Brownies
Original Sin₱125
Original Sin Box of 6₱745
Original Sin Whole Pan₱1445
Salted Caramel125
Salted Caramel Box of 6₱756
Salted Caramel Whole Pan₱1445
Bittersweet Bliss Whole Pan₱1495

Xocolat Nama

Melt in Your Mouth Pure Chocolate Indulgence
Skinny Davao375
Skinny Belgian375

Xocolat Favorite Cookies

Freshly Baked Chewy Oh-So-Yummy Cookies
Xocolat Cookies
Dark Snow Cookies (Box of 9)₱345
Belgian Choco Chip (Box of 6)₱475
Nutella Chunk (Box of 6)475
White Choco Oatmeal (Box of 6)₱395


Xocolat Startes
X Salad – Signature House Salad₱245
East Meets West – BLT Salad₱245
Potato Croquettes – Creamy Potatoes₱175
Patatas Fritas₱225
Tortilla De Patata – Spanish Omlette with Chorizo₱245
Honey Spiced Sausage₱245
Dalandan Honey Tropic₱95
Strawberry Mango₱125
Lime Cucumber Mint₱115
Churros Con Xocolat
Bittersweet Churros₱195
Classic Churros175

Eggs et al

Xocolat Spanish Omelette
Herbed Chicken Panini – Cheese, Asparagus & Pesto₱245
Grilled Eggplant Panini – Cheese & Wild Mushrooms245
Perfect Grilled Cheese – Melty, Gooey Mozarella & Provolone225
Croque Madame – Artisanal Sourgough Smothered with Bacon…275
Pig Out – Xocolat French Toast, Bacon Steak + 2 Eggs₱295
Eggs & Sausage – Farm Fresh Scrambled Egg with Sausage245
Egg & Mushroom – Wild Mushroom & Cheese Omelette245


Xocolat Pork Belly
Garlic Beef Tapa Bowl245
Chicken Salpicacao₱275
Xocolat Pork Belly275
Spicy Beef Flakes245
Spiced Xoco Chicken245
Pork Stout BBQ275


Xocolat Pasta
Chorizo Blanco245
Xocolat Chicken Pasta245
Gruyere Alfredo Pasta₱295
Spicy Tuyo Pasta275
Grilled Chicken Pesto245
Baked Lasagna295

Xocolat History

The people who started Xocolat were friends who went to Ateneo de Manila University, located directly across the street from where the company is now. The members of this close-knit barkada finally concluded that it was time to bring their acquired culinary knowledge back to their hometown after completing their studies at Ateneo and enjoying the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world.

These chocolate-loving friends drew inspiration from strong European influences. They were especially motivated by their time spent in Barcelona and the rest of Spain, as they conceived of a cafe where friends could feel at ease, hang out, and relax while enjoying some delicious chocolate.

Xocolat Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday 9am to 7pm / Friday & Saturday 9am to 8 pm.

Xocolat Online Delivery Information

You can order your beverages directly from the Xocolat by calling them or messaging them on Facebook to arrange a pickup or delivery. Delivery is also available through Foodpanda & Grabfood.

Xocolat Contact Information

Xocolat Philippines Address: 88 Esteban Abada St, Loyola Heights.

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