Wantusawa Oyster Bar Menu Prices Philippines 2024

Opened in 2018 in Makati City’s Poblacion neighborhood, Wantusawa is a casual eatery known for its Southeast Asian cuisine, emphasis on using fresh ingredients, and a focus on local seafood. Among the many seafood options are the world-famous Aklan Oysters, baked scallops, crispy tawilis, grilled prawns laksa, and grilled shishamo.

One of the most delicious ways to eat an oyster is to eat it raw, with a little salt, vinegar, or calamansi squeezed over it. Wantusawa oysters are delicious in any preparation, but they take on new flavors when fried, roasted, or grilled. Oysters grilled over an open flame keep their brininess while adding a rich smokiness to the flavor.

Wantusawa Menu:


Wantusawa Tuna Tataki Salad
Silk Tofu “Hiyayako” Salad₱200
Japa Potato Salad₱80 / ₱160
Tuna Tataki Salad₱260
Crispy Saltwater Tawilis₱180
Sriracha Baby Squid₱250
Shishamo “Smelt Fish”₱120 / ₱200
Fish & Chips₱380
Squid & Chips₱320


Wantusawa Oysters
Live Oysters (Each)₱50
Oyster Ceviche₱280
Oyster Chowder₱160
Oyster Okonomiyaki280
Oyster Tempura₱180
Oyster Bao₱200
B-O-O-R (Baked Oysters Over Rice)₱280


Wantusawa Grilled Prawns Laksa
Sriracha Fried Chicken₱250
Grilled Prawns Laksa₱350
Spicy Scallop & Crab Fat Yaki Udon₱370
Danggit, Rendang with Sambal Egg₱290
Chicken Curry Rice Bowl₱340
Miso Braised Beef Short Rib₱360
Octopus, Potato, Chorizo & Leeks₱450

Wantu Woofs

Sweet Potato, Carrots, Green Beans, Cabbage₱50
Lover with Vegetables₱60
Chicken with Vegetables₱65
Beef with Vegetables₱70
Chicken + Liver with Vegetables70
Beef + Liver with Vegetables75


Wantusawa Baked Scallops
Baked Scallops, Bacon & Mushroom₱260
Steamed Clams in Sake, Chili & Garlic₱280
Crab Claw Tempura₱450
Shiro-Butter Prawn₱360
Seafood Dynamite₱300

Wantusawa Opening Hours

Opened daily 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM.

Online Delivery Information

You can use food delivery services such as Booky, Foodpanda & Grabfood to get your Seafood Delivered.

Contact Information

Wantusawa Philippines Address: 5811 Jacobo, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines.

Call Us

977 813 8989


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