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In Quezon City, you’ll find the cozy Victorino’s, where you can enjoy traditional Ilocano-Filipino cuisine and desserts made by Heny Sison. Dine at a cozy Filipino restaurant in the middle of Quezon City that offers traditional Ilocano cuisine.

They still take great pride in serving the same traditional meals we had as children. Bring the whole family to Victorino’s; they’ll treat you like royalty—just like they do all their customers.

Victorino’s Menu:

Victorino’s Appetizers

Victorinos Lumpiang
Bagnet Chips – Crispy Thin Slices of Bagnet With Kamote Chips₱470
Longganisa Platter – Combination of Different Varieties of Longganisa₱550
Ginisar nga Pusit – Baby Squid Sautéed in Garlic and Olive Oil470
Chicharon Bulaklak – Crispy Ruffle Fat440
Lumpiang Gabi at Hipon – Crispy Taro and Shrimp Spring Rolls₱290
Pinirito nga Baby Pusit – Tender Baby Squid With Crisp Coating₱430
Kilawin Tanigue – Tanigue Slices With Coconut Milk₱400
Gambas – Shrimp Sautéed in Garlic and Olive Oil₱420
Lumpiang Tinapa Flakes – Smoked Fish Roll₱320
Kalderetang Kambing – Goat Meat Stew₱900

Salads & Soups

Victorinos Arosep Salad
Ensaladong Swa – Pomelo Salad With Calamansi Vinaigrette₱320
Pako Salad – Fiddleheads Garnished With Boiled Egg, Shrimps, Tomatoes With Sweet Vinegar320
Sinanglao – A Popular Bitter Stew in Ilocos₱460
Karabasa Soup – Creamy Squash Soup With Malunggay Leaves₱200
Minaisan – Creamy Corn Soup With Shrimps and Malunggay Leaves350


Victorinos Kare kare
Kare kare – Oxtail and Tripe in Peanut Sauce₱1100
Crispy Tadyang – Deep-Fried Beef Ribs₱750
Beef Kaldereta ala Virginia – Beef Stew in Rich Liver Sauce₱630
Callos – Spanish Beef Tripe Stew With Chickpeas and Chorizo₱500
Bistek Ilocano – Ilocano Version of Beef Steak₱600
Sinigang na Tadyang – Beef Ribs in Tamarind Based Soup₱910


Victorinos Ilocos Best
Ilocos Best – Combination of Bagnet and Different Longganisas₱800
Crispy Binagoongan – Crunchy Bagnet With Our Special Bagoong Alamang₱630
Binagoongan Baboy – Pork Liempo Simmered in Bagoong Alamang₱600
Igado – Stewed Pork Tenderloin Slices With Innards₱480
Bagnet – Ilocos Version of Lechon Kawali, Served With Tomatoes, Bagoong & Lasona₱600
Crispy Pata – Deep-Fried Pork Leg With Soy Vinegar Dip₱1150
Dinardaraan – Savory Pork Blood and Pork Face Stew₱380
Crispy Dinardaraan – Crunchy Bagnet in Pork Blood Stew₱550
Ladec – Bagnet Sisig₱580
Bagnet Sinigang – A Twist on the Popular Sinigang Using Bagnet₱790


Victorinos Chicken Galantina
Tinola nga Manok – Slow-Cooked Native Chicken With Ginger and Chili Leaves₱530
Inasar nga Manok – Marinated Boneless Grilled Chicken₱450
Adobo nga Manok – Famous Filipino Dish – Slow-Cooked Chicken in Soy Sauce, Vinegar, and Garlic₱480
Garlic Fried Chicken Fillet – Fried Boneless Chicken With Gravy Topped With Garlic530


Victorinos Relyenong Alimasag
Sinigang nga Ulo Ti Salmon – Simmered in Tamarind-Based Broth and Miso₱740
Sinigang nga Bangus Ti Bayabas – Milk Fish Simmered in Guava Soup₱590
Sinigang nga Sugpo – Prawns and Vegetables in Tamarind Soup590
Tinuno nga Bangus – Grilled Milk Fish Stuffed With Onions and Tomatoes490
Prito nga Paltat – Deep-Fried Catfish With Tomatoes, Bagoong & Lasona₱360
Adobo nga Baby Pusit – All-Time Favorite Baby Squid Cooked Adobo Style490
Relyenong Alimasag – Fried Stuffed Blue Crabs₱480
Paksiw Nga Malaga (Seasonal) – Ilocos Malaga Simmered in Vinegar₱770
Ginataan nga Sugpo – Prawns in Coconut Milk₱990


Victorinos Pinakbet ala Apo Lakay
Pinakbet ala Apo Lakay – Ilocos Pinakbet With Bagnet₱430
Lumpiang Ubod – Fresh Ubod Wrapped in Home Made Crepe With Our Special Sauce₱210
Rellenong Talong – Stuffed Eggplant With Minced Pork₱330
Poqui Poqui – Grilled Eggplant Sautéed in Onions and Tomatoes₱250
Ilocos Express – Chopped “Sitaw” With Coconut Milk and Chillies250
Dinengdeng – Vegetables Boiled in Bagoong Topped With Grilled Fish₱230
Laing – Taro Leaves Cooked in Coconut Milk and Salted Fish360
Balatong – Creamy Monggo With Bagnet360
Ginitaan Kalabasa & Sitaw – With Shrimp, Pork, and Coconut Milk₱380
Gising Gising Sigarillas – Winged Beans With Coconut Milk and Dried Fish₱360


Victorinos Fiesta Rice
Fiesta Rice – With Salted Egg, Tomato Scrambled Egg, Smoked Fish, Bagnet Bits, Spring Onion₱380
Adobo Rice – With Adobo Bits and Fried Garlic₱330
Kinirog – Rice With Bagoong, Longganisa, Egg and Pindang₱330
Aligue Rice – Rice With Crab Fat380
Garlic Rice₱75
Plain Rice₱55


Victorinos Pansit Musiko
Pansit Musiko (2-3pax)₱250
Pansit Musiko (5-6pax)₱400
Tokwa’t Bagnet – An Upgrade to the Usual Tokwa’t Baboy Using Ilocos Bagnet₱300
Ginitaan nga Bilo-Bilo – A Sweet Medley of Glutinous Rice Balls Known as Bilo-Bilo, Tapioca Pearls, Taro, Banana, and Jackfruit Cooked in Coconut Milk₱240
Goto – Rice Porridge With Ox Tripe, Egg, and Bagnet Bits240
Puto’t Dinuguan – Porkblood Stew With Homemade Puto220
Okoy – Crispy Fried Vegetables With Shrimps Served With Vinegar₱260
Lumpiang Togue (3pcs) – Fried Beans Prouts With Vegetables₱175

Breakfast Set Meal

Victorinos Breakfast Set Meal
Tapa – Marinated Beef Slices₱390
Tuyo – Spicy Tuyo Flakes in Olive Oil₱300
Daing na Bangus – Fried Milk Fish With Salted Egg and Green Mango Relish₱350
Pork Tocino – Sweet Marinated Pork Slices350
Vigan Longganisa – Ilocos Longganisa320
Pork Adobo – Slow Cooked Marinated Pork Belly₱385
Corned Beef – Premium Corned Beef With Potato Hash and Onions₱390
Longganisa Omelette – Scrambled Egg Stuffed With Ilocos Longganisa350


Victorinos Tinuno nga Tuna Belly
Litson Baka (Per Kilo) – Roasted Beef Short Ribs in Our Special Sauce₱2950
Tinuno nga Tuna Belly – Grilled Tuna Belly₱790
Tinuno nga Malaga – Grilled Ilocos Malaga₱770
Tinuno nga Pampano – Grilled Silver Pampano790
Tinuno nga Luppo Ti Manok with Sati Sauce – Grilled Boneless Chicken Thigh With Ilocos Shrimp Curry Sauce₱520
Insarabasab – Grilled Pork Ribs With Pork Blood Sauce₱930
Pork Liempo Paksiw – Braised Pork Belly₱730
Buridibod Marungi – Boiled Malunggay Fruit in Thick Sweet Potato Sauce and Tomatoes₱320
Ilocos Pork and Beans – Braised Pork Knuckle in Tomato Sauce With Local Black Eyed Peas₱750
Chicken Pipian – Ilocano Version of Arroz Caldo With Subtle Sourness₱490
Prito nga Adobong Pato – Twice-Cooked Native Duck in Sweet Soy Vinegar Sauce₱580
Sarciadong Bihod – Braised Fish Roe in Tomato and Onion Sauce₱520
Dinendeng with Kappo – Simmered Karabasa, Patola and Karabasa Flowers Topped With Manila Clams₱350
Pakbet Apo Lakay – Ilocos Pinakbet Topped With Bagnet Strips₱430
Lengua – Sliced ox tongue with mushroom sauce₱930


Iced Tea Glass₱100
Lemongrass Glass₱90
Buko Juice₱150
Sago’t Gulaman₱100
Fresh Fruits Juices and Shakes
Green Mango150
Ripe Mango150
Fresh Orange150
Cucumber Pomelo150
Cucumber Lemon₱150

Victorino’s History

Chef Heny Sison, DV Savellano’s sister Queenie Paras, and the vice governor of Ilocos Sur, DV Savellano, are the owners of Victorino’s. The patriarch of the Savellano family of Ilocos deserves this recognition.

Their mother’s cooking was always the center of attention when hosting guests. After that, they went to Ilocos for the Chefs on Parade event, where they heard nothing but praise for the family dishes from renowned chefs. They had something unique, and this showed it. It proved that regional cuisines could compete with the greatest in the nation despite their seeming simplicity.

Realizing a dearth of Ilokano restaurants in Manila at the time inspired them to open their own. They renovated a historic house in a prime location in Timog in 2013 and opened Victorino’s restaurant. Since they wished to perpetuate the legacy of their home’s cuisine and hospitality in this place, they chose to name it after their father.

Victorino’s Opening Hours

Opened daily from 8:00 AM – 10:00.

Victorino’s Online Delivery Information

Food delivery is available through Foodpanda & Grabfood.

Victorino’s Contact Information

Victorino’s Philippines Address: 114 Scout Rallos St. cor. 11th Jamboree St., Quezon City.

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