Turks Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Turks is a Middle Eastern chain that serves mostly Pita Shawarma, Falafel, Kebabs, and hummus. Since 2007 their branches popped up nationwide with over 400+ locations serving their beef pita doner, chicken pita doner, turks doner, kebab wrap, and hotdog wraps.

Turks Branch
Turks Branch

Only premium ingredients are used, from high-quality meat to healthy vegetables, and their signature sauce elevates each bite. With affordable prices they became the biggest shawarma brand in the Philippines.

Turks Menu:

Pita Wraps

Turks Pita Wraps
Beef Pita Wrap₱80
Chicken Pita Wrap80
Kebab Wrap85
Chicken Kebab Wrap85
Hotdog Wrap85
Small Pita Wrap (Beef & Chicken)₱60

Rice Meals

Turks Rice Meals
Beef Rice₱130
Chicken Rice130
Kebab Rice150
Chicken Kebab Rice150
Hotdog Rice150
Rice Bowl (Beef & Chicken)₱85
Beef Rice Steak₱240
Chicken Rice Steak180
Beef & Chicken Platter210
Beef & Kebab Platter210
Chicken & Kebab Platter210

Value Meals

Turks Value Meals
Value Meal A – Rice Bowl,Small Pita & Coke Mismo₱140
Value Meal B – Regular Wrap, Turks Fries and Coke Mismo₱135

Add Ons

Turks Add Ons
Turks Fries (Cheese & Barbecue) – Golden Crisp, Bursting with Flavors₱40
Turks Java Rice₱25
Coke Mismo (For Solo Meal and Value Meals Only)
Cheddar Cheese – Cheesier than ever₱15
Sauces (Garlic, Cheese, Chili)₱10


It all started with a single food cart in 2007, and over the last 16+ years, they have become the leading shawarma brand in the Philippines. Their extensive ad campaigns have employed Piolo Pascual since 2017, making this small company the behemoth they are today.

It is said that Doner Kebab (round in a rotisserie) was born in Turkey, which quickly spread all across Europe and soon the rest of the world. The name Shawarma is derived from the Arabic word “turning.” They now have over 400 locations nationwide, and they continue to expand quickly.

Online Delivery Information

The easiest way of ordering is using a delivery service such as foodpapda or grabfood for a quick delivery time.

Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Turks has hundreds of branches across the Philippines. The best way to find the nearest branch is to use their Store Location feature on their site. You will be presented with the store address, contact number and opening hours.

Contact Information

Head Office Address: #20 Brgy. Vasra Visayas Ave, Quezon City Philippines

Call Us

(2) 8 634 0586


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