Tokyo Tempura Menu Prices Philippines 2023

The creation of Tokyo Tempura was driven by the desire to provide affordable and easily accessible tempura. After observing long queues for the famous shrimp tempura at buffet restaurants, the founders of Tokyo Tempura saw an opportunity to make tempura more accessible to everyone. They aimed to democratize the dish by making it available at an affordable price almost anywhere, making more people happy with all kinds of tempura.

Tokyo Tempura Branch
Tokyo Tempura Branch

Initially launched as a food cart business in 2012, the first Tokyo Tempura cart opened in Sta. Lucia East Mall on October 1, 2012. The business quickly expanded to significant malls and food parks in Metro Manila, Central and Northern Luzon, and the Visayas by 2015. Today, Tokyo Tempura can be found in key cities nationwide. With over 25 years of experience in the food industry, Tokyo Tempura prides itself on innovation and expertise. Its founders, pioneers of the food cart industry, have an extensive understanding of the food business.

Overall, Tokyo Tempura was created to bring affordable and accessible tempura to everyone. Through their innovative approach and extensive experience, they have become a popular food destination with branches all over the Philippines.

Tokyo Tempura Menu:

Tempura Buckets

Tokyo Tempura Tempura Buckets
Sho Tempura 4pcs₱85
Baichi Tempura 6pc₱110
Biggu Tempura 8pcs₱140
Imperoal Tempura 12pcs₱195
Tempura Duo 6pcs Shrimps, 5pcs Kani₱135
Trio Healthy Mix 3pcs Shrimps, 2pcs Kani, 4pcs Veggies₱105
Kani Tempura 6pcs₱70
Chili Cheese Tempura 4pcs₱80
Hotto Tempura the Hottest Tempura in Town₱125
Imperial Mix₱185
Ika Fry Squid Tempura₱155

Glazed Series

Tokyo Tempura Glazed Series
Soy Garlic₱110
Sriracha Butter140
Hickory BBQ₱140
Garlic Parmesan₱150

Shrimp Tempura

Tasty Tempura for Your Japanese Cravings
Tokyo Tempura Shrimp Tempura
Kani Tempura 6pcs Kani₱70
Imperial 12pcs Shrimps₱195
Imperial Mix 5pcs Shrimps, 5 pcs Kani, 2pcs Chili Cheese₱185
Tempura Duo 5pcs Shrimps, 5pcs Kani₱135
Hotto 6pcs Chili Cheese₱125
Family Bucket 45pcs Shrimps₱720
Family Bucket Mix 25pcs Shrimps, 25 pcs Kani720
Banzai Box 80pcs Shrimps₱1250
Banzai Mix Shrimps and Kani1250

Kublai Kanin

Asian Rice Toppings
Tokyo Tempura Kublai Kanin
Sisig Tray – Good for 6-8 Pax₱599
Kublai Kahn Mongolian Beef Rice – God for 6-8 Pax₱699
Liempo Tim Tay – Good for 5-7 Pax₱999

Comrade Bao

8pcs of Soft Steaming Cuapao with Your Choice of Asian Fillings
Tokyo Tempura Comrade Bao
Chicken Teriyaki 8pcs Bao₱499
Beef Pares 8pcs Bao499
Liempo Tim 8pcs Bao499


Saucy fon The Go!
Small 8pcs to 9pcs₱250
Medium 15pcs to 17pcs₱450
Large 27pcs to 28pcs₱650

Buy the Bucket

Crunchy Nachos with a Variety of Toppings
Tokyo Tempura Buy the Bucket
Original Chili Beef₱129
Overload Choice of Chunky Beef or Pulled Pork₱169
BTB Nacho Kit₱499

Fried Barbie & Chicken Jorge

BBQ Platter Isaw – Chix 10 Sticks, Pisngi 10 Sticks, Pork – Laman 10 Sticks₱699
2 Whole Chickens, Seasoned, Fried and Glazed to Perfection₱799

Tokyo Tempura Opening Hours

Opened from Tuesday-Sunday, 9 a.m to 7:30 p.m.

Tokyo Tempura Online Delivery Information

Deliveries are available through Foodpanda and Grabfood.

Tokyo Tempura Branch Finder

There are over 56 Tokyo Tempura location around the Philippines, Visit this link to find out the nearest to you.

Tokyo Tempura Contact Information

Philippines Head Office Address: Rm. 8 Guerrero Building., 123 Pioneer Street Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Call Us

2 661 2822


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