The Food Club Menu Prices Philippines 2024

The inspiration for the Food Club came from the desire to recreate the lavish atmosphere of a hotel buffet outside of a hotel. Here, cooking is treated like a performance act, so expect to dine in a self-service, market atmosphere. They take each guest on a gastronomic journey through live display kitchens that provide the world’s finest cuisines, using only the freshest ingredients, from the staple rice of the farms to the crabs and oysters of the Philippine Seas.

The Food Club Manila is either the zenith of fatty gluttony, a dangerous diet-busting trap, or a wonderful cornucopia of mouthwatering cuisines worldwide. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into this lifestyle buffet is the spectacular lighting (bubble chandeliers dangling from the high ceiling). Pick whether you’d like to sit on the purple spherical sofas at the far end of the dining room, the usual seats in the center, or the couch by the side. Being around the central buffet tables would be ideal.

Food Club Menu:

Buffet Rates

The Food Club Buffet
Monday & Wednesday – Friday Rates
Lunch Buffet Regular Rate₱798
Lunch Buffet Promo Rate₱698
Dinner Buffet Regular Rate₱998
Dinner Buffet Promo Rate798
Saturday – Sunday & Holidays Rates
Lunch / Dinner Regular Rate₱1098
Lunch / Dinner Promo Rate₱898
Wednesday – Friday Rates
Senior Lunch Buffet Rate₱570
Senior Dinner Buffet Rate₱713
Kids Lunch Buffet Rate₱399
Kids Dinner Buffet Rate₱499
Saturday – Sunday & Holidays Rates
Senior Lunch / Dinner Buffet Rate₱784
Kids Lunch / Dinner Buffet Rate₱549

Food Club Opening Hours

Opened daily for Lunch: 11AM – 2:30PM,. and Dinner: 5:00PM – 9PM.

Food Club Contact Information

Restaurant Address: 4th Floor Ayala Mall Bay Area, Aseana , Parañaque, Philippines

Call Us

917 144 4187


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