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Both of Tetsuo’s locations have an open kitchen and bar, creating a lively and social atmosphere perfect for enjoying the restaurant’s excellent Japanese-style karaage chicken, fried chicken, and Torched Salmon Bowls. You may have your fried chicken in mild (Ichimi), medium (Sansho), or hot (Kaneda) spice levels. The Sansho has a peppery and lemony acidity that effectively cuts through the fried chicken’s richness.

Tetsuo Menu:

Meals (Solo)

Tetsuo Karaage + Soba
Fried Chicken + Rice (2 pcs)₱220
Fried Chicken + Rice (3 pcs)₱310
Karaage + Rice₱180
Karaage + Soba₱270
Karaage + Birthday Noddles₱270
Chicken Sandwich₱270
Ginger Scallion Chicken + Rice₱250
Ginger Scallion Chicken + Noodles₱280


Tetsuo Bowl
Torched Salmon Bowl₱300
Beef + Egg Bowl₱280
Curry Spiced Pork Bowl₱250
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl250

Chicken (Sharing)

Tetsuo Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken (2 pcs)₱200
Fried Chicken (4 pcs)₱380
Fried Chicken (62 pcs)₱560
Karagge Small₱200
Karagge Large₱380
Hot Chicken (2 pcs)₱250

Specials (Sharing)

Tetsuo Garlic Beef
Torched Salmon₱380
Garlic Beef₱300
Curry Spiced Pork₱230

Bites (Sharing)

Tetsuo Corn Kakiage
Corn Kakiage₱150
Furikake Fries150
Kani Fries150
Chicken Skin170

Buns (Solo)

Tetsuo Pork Bun
Karaage Bun170
Pork Bun170

Sides (Solo)

Tetsuo Fried Rice
Birthday Noodles150
Beef Fried Rice₱80
Plain Rice₱30

Group Meal for 4

4 Pc Fried Chicken or Karaage for 4₱1100
1 Torched Salmon1100
2 Beef Fried Rice1100
2 Birthday Noodles or 2 Cold Soba1100

Group Meal for 6

6 pc Fried Chicken or Karagge for 6₱1800
1 Curry Spiced Pork1800
1 Garlic Beef1800
1Toched Salmon1800
3 Beef Fried Rice1800
3 Birthday Noodles or 3 Cold Soba1800

Group Meal for 8

8 pc Fried Chicken or Karagge for 8₱2700
2 Curry Spiced Pork2700
2 Garlic Beef2700
1 Torched Salmon2700
8 Beef Fried Rice2700
2 Furikake Fries2700
1 Chicken Skin2700


Coca Cola₱60
One Cup Ozeki₱180
Strong Zero₱170
Sapporo Beer170

Tetsuo History

Since high school, Sean Bautista and Wesley Chan have run Tetsuo as their creative director and head chef, respectively. They both found work in the retail industry; Bautista with a sneaker specialty store and Jacob with a clothing retailer.

While both undergraduates in 2015, they competed in a contest held at the Mercato Centrale and advanced to the championship round. They wanted to run their stand at the night market but were too busy with school and other commitments. Tetsuo, the eatery’s name, means “iron man” in Japanese.

Tetsuo Opening Hours

Opened daily between 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Tetsuo Online Delivery Information

Deliveries are available through Pickup.ph, Grabfood & Foodpanda, depending on your area.

Tetsuo Branch Finder

Currently, Tetsuo has 2 branches in the Philippines. Below you’ll find the exact address and telephone numbers for each location.

  • Kalayaan Avenue: 8483 Kalayaan Ave., Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City, Telephone: 916 487 6559
  • Manila: 88 Esteban Abada St, Quezon City, 1108 Metro Manila, Philippines, Telephone: 916 487 6524

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916 487 6524

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