Taters Entertainment Snacks Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Indulge in the satiating sounds of crunching Superpop and the reviving fizz of Pepsi while you enjoy the selection of American-inspired entertainment snacks Taters offers. To take your snacking experience to the next level, treat yourself to the unbeatable combination that will do just that. Choose from savoury options such as burgers and sandwiches in addition to crunchy chips. Treat yourself to a Tater Tot the next time you go to the movies for the best cinematic experience.

Taters Menu:

Seasonal Offers

Taters Seasonal Offers
All Star Gift Set A₱445
All Star Gift Set B₱499
Healthy Gift Set₱680
Popcorn Boquet₱220
Poppin Gift Set A₱215
Poppin Gift Set B₱310

Snacks and Hotdogs

Taters Fish Fillet Sandwich
Chika-Chika Sandwich₱199
Classic Beef Hotdog₱130
Classic Churkey Hotdog₱120
Classic Fish Fillet Sandwich₱199
New Yorker Fish Fillet Sandwich₱220
House Fryes₱90
Spiral Fryes₱80
Strawberry Cheescake Superpop Snack Packs₱85
Strawberry Cheescake Superpop Ziplock Bags₱160
Superpop Snack Packs₱75
Superlock Ziplock Bags₱145
Sweet Maui Onion Series House Fryes₱90
Sweet Maui Onion Series Superpop₱85
Sweet Maui Onion Series Taters Chips₱100
Sweet Maui Onion Series Tortilla Chips₱140
Tater Chips₱100
Tofu Chips₱220


Nacho Cheese Seasoning₱250
Sour Cream Seasoning250
Taters Barbecue Sauce₱160
Taxan Barbecue Seasoning250
White Cheddar Seasoning250


Bottled Lemonade (Sugar Free)₱85
Mountain Dew₱65
Signature Iced Tea85

Frozen Products

Frozen Angus Beef₱670
Frozen Beef Hotdog₱290
Frozen Chicken Fingers₱339
Frozen Churkey Hotdog₱270
Frozen Fish Fillet₱335
Frozen House Fryes₱215
Frozen Mexican Munchers₱295
Frozen Onion Rings₱310
Frozen Popcorn Chicken Bites₱350
Frozen Tater Chips₱235

Taters History

Taters Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1994 to offer high-end goods and services to its clientele. The company aimed to build a portfolio of exceptional food brands. After 28 years, that dream has come true, and now the goals are focused on expansion, longevity, and uniformity.

Founder and President Annie Tanchanco, her son and successor Brian, and Annie’s sister Ellen De Castro, who works in Human Resources and Information Systems, are the three members of the family actively working in the 100% Filipino-owned family business.

Because of their longevity, Taters has witnessed multiple generations of clients. Those who grew up with the brand are the ones who feed their kids the goodies. Those kids are now adults who share their love of Taters with their kids.

As a result of their longevity, Taters now offers catering services for snacks in settings other than movie theatres. The proprietors of Taters hope that the brand will remain as famous and vital to future generations of Filipinos as it is today despite the obstacles it has endured during the pandemic.

Taters Opening Hours

Most branches are opened from 10am till 7pm, some opened until 10pm.

Taters Online Delivery Information

You can order your snacks from food delivery services such as Foodpanda, Grabfood and others, depending on your location.

Branch Finder

There are over 79 branches across the Philippines. Visit their list of branches to find the exact address, telephone number and location specific opening hours.

Contact Information

Philippines Head Office Address: TEI Center, 3536 Hilario Street, Brgy. Palanan Makati City, 1235 PH

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