Super Mom’s Pizza Menu Prices Philippines 2024

Super Mom’s Pizza serves delectable pizza that has been perfected and developed over the years. Satisfy your hunger with a 20 or even the giant 30 inch pizza, all with delicious toppings and their own made recipes. Besdie the pizzas which they are known for, they also offer great pasta dishes, and some great apperizers, all meant to be shared as the portions are big and prices below market prices overall.

Super Mom’s Pizza Menu:


Super Mom's Pizza Nachos
Pica Platter – Mojos, Fries, Onion Rings₱399
Chicken Quesadilla with Red Iced Tea₱130
Chicken Quesadilla Ala Carte₱99
Calzone – 2 Pieces All Meat Filling₱150
Nachos (Small)₱150
Nachos (Platter)₱250
Onion Rings₱145


Super Mom's Pizza
Super Trio 10″ Pizza – 3 Pizza₱399
Super Mom’s Special Pizza₱85₱200₱280₱700₱1500
All Meat Supreme Pizza₱852002807001500
Pepperoni Pizza852002807001500
Veggie Delight Pizza852002807001500
Hawaiian Pizza852002807001500
El Pesto Pizza852002807001500
Cheesy Garlic Pizza852002807001500
Italiano’s Pizza852002807001500
Lucban Longganisa Pizza₱90₱220₱320₱800₱1700
Hot Tuna Delight Pizza852002807001500


S – Solo / Mini Tray – MT / Big Tray – BT
Super Mom's Pizza Spaghetti
Carbonara Pasta₱100₱350₱1000
El Pesto Pata1003501000
Baked Ziti1003501000


Coke Original (Can)₱40
Coke Zero (Can)40
Coke (Glass)₱25
Sprite (Glass)₱25
Royal (Glass)₱25
Coke (Pitcher)₱120
Basil Lemonade
Fresh Classic Basil Lemonade₱100
Fresh Kiwi Lemonade100
Fresh Strawberry Lemonade100
Fresh Lychee Lemonade100
Blended Drinks
Fresh Blended Peach₱120
Fresh Blended Cucumber120
Fresh Ripe Mango Shake120
Fresh Green Mango Shake120
Java Chips Frappe₱145
Cookies & Cream Frappe145
Fresh Strawberry Frappe145
Avocado Frappe145
Alcohol (Bottled Drinks)
Red Horse Stallion₱75
San Miguel Pale Pilsen75
San Miguel Light75
San Miguel Apple75
Smirnoff Mule75
Soju Jinro₱150
Alcohol (In Can)
San Miguel Pale Pilsen₱80
Tiger Black₱95
Bottled Water₱25
Red Iced Tea (Glass)₱60
Red Iced Tea (Pitcher)₱270
Brewed Coffee – Fresh Coffee Beans from Tagaytay₱59

Add Ons

Garlic Bread 3 Pcs₱20
Garlic Aioli20
Mozarella Cheese 6 Inches 10g₱10
Mozarella Cheese 10 Inches 20g20
Mozarella Cheese 12 Inches 20g20
Mozarella Cheese 20 Inches 50g₱50
Mozarella Cheese 30 Inches 100g₱100

Super Mom’s Pizza Online Delivery Information

To arrange a delivery directly from Super Mom’s Pizza you can contact them on Facebook messenger where they will ask for all details and arrange a quick delivery. Also, you can find them on food delivery service Foodpanda

Super Mom’s Pizza Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Currently, Super Mom’s Pizza has 2 branches across the Philippines. Below you’ll find the address, telephone numbers and daily opening hours for the 2 locations.

  • Maceda: 1441 H Maceda Street Sampaloc, Manila, Metro Manila, Telephone: 0969 578 4441 / 0967 352 1426 / 8743 4481 / 8881 3977, Opened 10AM – 10PM
  • Parañaque: 8280 La Buena Plaza, Dr Arcadio Santos Ave, San Isidro, Parañaque, 1718 Metro Manila, Philippines, Telephone: 0947 864 4889 / 0995 555 0799 / 8788 5199, Opened 10AM – 10PM

Super Mom’s Pizza Contact Information

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