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Subway is a fast-food chain based in the United States that mostly serves subs, wraps, salads, and beverages. Subway offers a variety of toppings for their sandwiches, and the client gets to pick and choose what goes on their sandwich. Longtime Subway slogan “Eat Fresh” conveys the company’s commitment to using only the freshest ingredients in their sandwiches.

Subway Branch
Subway Branch

Subway Menu:

Spicy Buffalo Chicken

Subway Salad
Spicy Buffalo Chicken 6-Inch Sub Ala Carte₱215
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wrap Ala Carte₱225
Spicy Buffalo Chicken 6-Inch Sub Meal₱360
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wrap Meal₱370
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Footlong Sub Ala Carte₱420
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Salad Ala Carte₱310
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Footlong Sub Meal₱565
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Salad Meal₱465

Better With Coke

Steak & Cheese 6-Inch Meal₱385
Subway Melt 6-Inch Meal₱370
Italian BMT 6-Inch Meal370

Vita Coco Promo

6 Inch BLT + Vita Coco₱295
6 Inch Subway Melt + Vita Coco295
Wrap BLT + Vita Coco₱305
Wrap Subway Melt + Vita Coco305


Subway Tuna Sub
Veggie Delite Subs₱165₱320
Sliced Chicken Subs₱205₱400
Ham Subs205400
Egg Mayo Subs₱215₱420
B.L.T. Subs215420
Roasted Chicken Breast Subs205400
Sliced Chicken & Ham Subs₱215₱420
Tuna Subs₱225₱440
Spicy Italian Subs225440
Pulled Pork Subs225440
Italian B.M.T. Subs225440
Steak & Cheese Subs₱240₱470
Roasted Beef Subs240470
Meatball Marinara Subs₱215₱420
Subway Melt Subs₱225₱440
Subway Club Subs₱240₱470

Make It A Meal – Subs

Subway B.M.T Classic Meal
Veggie Delite Regular Meal Subs₱310₱465
Sliced Chicken Regular Meal Subs₱350₱545
Ham Regular Meal Subs350545
Egg Mayo Regular Meal Subs₱360₱565
B.L.T. Regular Meal Subs360565
Roasted Chicken Breast Regular Meal Subs350545
Sliced Chicken & Ham Regular Meal Subs360565
Tuna Regular Meal Subs₱370₱585
Spicy Italian Regular Meal Subs370585
Pulled Pork Regular Meal Subs370585
Italian B.M.T. Regular Meal Subs370585
Steak & Cheese Regular Meal Subs₱385₱615
Roasted Beef Regular Meal Subs385615
Meatball Marinara Regular Meal Subs₱360₱565
Subway Melt Regular Meal Subs₱370₱585
Subway Club Regular Meal Subs385615

Breakfast Offers

Flatbread only. No veggies
Subway Breakfast
Egg & Chees₱140
Bacon, Egg & Cheese₱165
Ham, Egg & Cheese165
Sliced Chicken, Egg & Cheese165
Pulled Pork, Egg & Cheese175


Pepperoni & Cheese Toastie₱120
Egg & Cheese Toastie120
Ham & Cheese Toastie120

Snacks, Sides & Cookies

Subway Cookies
Meatball Marinara in a Bowl₱135
Cookies (1 Pc)₱50
Cookies (3 Pcs)₱130
Cookies (6 Pcs)₱260
Cookies (12 Pcs)₱515
Hash Bites (8 Pcs)₱45


Coke Original Taste₱65
Royal Tru Orange Canned Soda65
Sarsi Canned Soda65
Sprite Canned Soda65
Wilkins Bottled Water₱40
Vita Coco₱90
Minute Maid Orange₱60
Minute Maid Orange Mango60
Real Leaf Fruit C-lemon60

Subway History

The first “Pete’s Drive-In: Super Submarines” opened in 1966 at 3851 Main Street[16] in Bridgeport, Connecticut, after Fred DeLuca borrowed $1,000 from his friend Peter Buck to open the business. The following year, DeLuca and Buck founded Doctor’s Associates Inc. to manage the growing chain of restaurants.

By 1974, the two partners had expanded their sub-shop empire to include 16 locations across Connecticut. They soon began franchising after realizing they would not be able to open 32 stores by their deadline, and this marked the beginning of SUBWAY’s incredible development that has continued to this day.

With over 44,000 outlets worldwide, the SUBWAY brand is now the largest submarine sandwich chain in the world. We’ve established ourselves as the go-to spot for families looking for tasty, healthy, and convenient dinner options. Fred always knew what he wanted to do with the SUBWAY name. His enthusiasm for satisfying consumers with mouthwatering, freshly cooked sandwiches has been a guiding light as we’ve expanded.

Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from food delivery services like Foodpanda, Grab Food, and Lalafood.

Branch Finder

You can find the nearest Subway through the Store Locator features on their website.

Contact Information

Philippines Head Office Address: 1265 G. Araneta Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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