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The modern Japanese restaurant Soru Izakaya is well-known for its imaginative and visually striking Japanese dishes. Vegetable kakiage, tori karaage, saikoro wagyu cubes teppan, tori kasai maki, and a plethora of other Japanese meals were among the many delectable options, and the prices were reasonable for what you got. Outdoor seating is available, and the restaurant itself is pretty roomy. Because of the decor and atmosphere, the restaurant gives off an atmosphere reminiscent of Japan.

Soru Izakaya Branch
Soru Izakaya Branch

Soru Izakaya Menu:


Soru Izakaya Tofu Steak
Ebi and Kani Popcorn₱275
Agedashi Tofu₱220
Tofu Steak₱280
Pork Gyoza₱200
Salmon Belly Sashimi₱280
Vegetable Kakiage₱175
Tori Karaage₱240
Cold Soba₱275
Tuna Tataki₱280
Baked Scallops₱240
Baked Oysters240


Soru Izakaya Poke Bowl
Crazy Tojo Salad₱290
Kani Salad₱275
Spicy Maguro Salad₱320
Poke Bowl₱350


Soru Izakaya Sashimi
Shake – Norwegian Salmon₱300
Saba – Mackerel₱230
Tamago – Sweet Omelette₱135
Uni – Sea Urchin₱430
Maguro – Tuna₱280
Unagi – Eel₱370
Kani – Crabsticks₱135
Ika – Squid₱180


Serving Size: 8 Pcs
Soru Izakaya Gyu Maki
Toko Maki₱280
Misono Roll280
Kani Shuriken Maki₱290
Hiroshima Maki₱330
Chizuni Maki₱290
Gyu Maki₱290
Tori Kasai Maki₱290

Soru Ichiban Maki

Soru Izakaya Shake Furai Maki
Oh Umi Maki₱380
Spider Maki₱320
Kuro Dragon Maki₱380
Shake Furai Maki₱290
Lava Maki₱350
Maguro Furai Maki₱390
Maguro Roll₱290


Serving Size: 2 Pcs
Soru Izakaya Ika Aburi
Maguro Aburi₱180
Saba Aburi₱160
Unagi Aburi₱320
Ebi Aburi₱200
Uni Aburi₱220
Ika Aburi₱140
Taki Aburi₱150
Kani Aburi₱140
Ebi Tempura Aburi₱220

Soru Ichiban Aburi

Serving Size: 2 Pcs
Soru Izakaya Salmon Skin Aburi
Shake Belly Aburi₱200
Shake Aburi₱220
Unaguro Aburi₱430
Tori Shake Aburi₱260
Shake Nori Aburi₱160
Salmon Skin Aburi₱160


Soru Izakaya Steak Teppan
Saikoro Wagyu Cubes Teppan₱540
Steak Teppan₱420
Wagyu Steak Teppan₱1090
Beef Misono Teppan (Solo)₱150
Beef Misono Teppan (Regular)₱290
Tori Teppan (Solo)₱140
Tori Teppan (Regular)₱270
Royal Seafood Teppan₱520
Shake Teppan₱470


Soru Izakaya Nori Tempura
Shake Teriyaki₱470
Salmon Kabutoni₱290
Tori Teriyaki290
Nori Tempura₱580
Tomahawl Katsu₱420
Udon Carbonara₱370
Soru Soba₱290
Beef Sukiyaki₱470


Soru Izakaya Gyudon
Meiji Kare₱320
Katsudon Curry Don320


Soru Izakaya Shoyu Ramen
Shoyu Ramen290
Tempura Ramen₱370
Black Tonkotsu Ramen₱350
Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen350


Soru Izakaya Kushiyaki Platter
Bonjiri – Chicken Butt₱70
Asura – Hard Boiled Quail Egg Wrapped in Thinly Sliced Pork₱100
Yakitori – Marinated Boneless Chicken Leg₱60
Bacon Enoki – Enoki Mushroom Wrapped in Thinly Sliced Pork₱90
Butabara – Marinated Pork Belly₱90
Gyuchizu – Cheddar Cheese Wrapped in Thinly Sliced Beef₱130
Shitake Mushroom – Fresh Shitake Mushroom₱70
Arabiki – Pork Sausage₱100
Saikoro Wagyu Cubes – Skewered Wagyu Cubes₱90
Kushiyaki Platter – Combination of Bacon Enoki, Asura, Gyuchizu, Shitake Mushroom, Butabara and Yakitori (1 Pc Each)₱490


Gohan – Steamed White Rice₱50
Miso Soup – Japanese Traditional Soup with Tofu and Wakame50
Chahan – Japanese Style Fried Rice70
Yasai – Vegetable Teppan70


Soru Izakaya Tiramisu
Matcha Cheesecake₱220
Coffee Jelly Parafait₱170
Rising Sun Takoyaki₱150


Houseblend Iced Tea₱85
Kyuri Green Iced Tea85
Soru Lemonade85
Coke Regular (Can)₱80
Coke Zero (Can)80
Royal Tru-Orange (Can)80
Sprite (Can)80
Bottled Mineral Water₱50
San Miguel Light₱95
San Miguel Pale Pilsen95
San Miguel Super Dry₱120
San Miguel Premium120
Sapporo (By The Glass)₱160

Soru Izakaya History

The passion for Japanese cuisine among a group of young friends led to the establishment of Soru Izakaya Restaurant. A sense of modernity and refinement permeates Soru Izakaya, from the sleek ceiling lights to the walls adorned with contemporary art. The open teppan bar, hardwood tables, and wall paintings featuring kabuki, oriental tigers, and old Japanese women give the interior a distinctly Japanese feel.

The izakaya culture revolves around drinking, relaxing, and socializing after work, and Soru Izakaya is a fantastic spot to do just that. Their cocktails are expertly crafted to mask the robust alcohol flavor with delicious ingredients.

Soru Izakaya Online Delivery Information

You can use food delivery serviced like Foodpanda & Grabfood to order your Japanese food directly to your door.

Soru Izakaya Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Currently, Soru Izakaya has 2 branches in the Philippines. Below you will find the address, telephone numbers and daily opening hours for each of their locations.

  • Maginhawa: J3R6+QC6, Maginhawa, Diliman, Lungsod Quezon, Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines, Telephone: 2 8296 2737, Opened 11 AM–10:30 PM
  • BGC: Burgos Cir, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines, Telephone: 970 370 6618, Opened 11 AM–11 PM

Soru Izakaya Contact Information

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