Songdowon Korean Restaurant Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Since its opening in 2012, the Songdowon Korean Restaurant has become well-known for its premium Korean dishes and the finest quality food and service. You are welcome to come in and enjoy a traditional Korean BBQ lunch with the highest quality Korean meats. Now offering their delicious food in three locations, you can enjoy their meal at any time of the day with their Macapagal restaurant open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now serving their food in three locations, you can enjoy it at any time of the day.

Fresh lettuce wraps, rice, noodles, and freshly cooked kimchi and dips can all be found at this restaurant, in addition to an assortment of mouthwatering side dishes. Because so many famous people eat here regularly, this restaurant offers the ideal setting for Instagram photos.

Songdowon Korean Restaurant Menu:

Promo Set Menu

Songdowon Promo Set Menu
Couple Set with Steamed Egg₱1350 / ₱1600
Songdowon Meat Set with Steamed Egg₱3200 / ₱3500
Pork Set A with Steamed Egg₱1500 / ₱1700
Pork Set B with Steamed Egg₱2200 / ₱2000
Beef Set C with Steamed Egg₱3700 / ₱4150
Wagyu Set D with Steamed Egg₱6600 / ₱7200


Songdowon Meals
Ssampap (good for 2)₱1180
Seafood Soybean Paste₱400
Bulgogi Topped Rice₱420
Squid Topped Rice₱450
Pork Topped Rice₱400
Kimchi Fried Rice₱350
Stone Pot Bibimbap400
Ox Bone Soup₱450
Stone Pot Octopus Bibimbap₱420
Beef Soup with Rice420
Riped Kimchi Stew400
Beef Ribs Stew₱590
Soft Soup Tofu Stew400
Pork Cutlet450
Bean Sprout Soup with Rice400
Kimchi Bean Sprout Soup with Rice400
Rice Cake and Dumpling Soup400
Hot Stone Pot Kamjatang470
Spicy Tripe Hot Pot₱470
Hot Stone Pot Bulgogi500
Fish Cake Meal400

Haute Cuisine

Songdowon Haute Cuisine
Ripe Kimchi Tofu₱590
Rice Cake (Spicy/Less Spicy)₱300
Braised Mackerel₱830
Stir Fried Pork₱600
Hard Boiled Beef Ribs830
Grilled Short Ribs Patties₱600
Grilled Bulgogi₱770
Stir Fried Squid770
Stir Fries Octopus₱590
Stir Fired Pork with Bean Sprout₱940
Korean BBQ Chicken₱700
Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken940


Songdowon Noodle
Seafood Spicy Ramyun₱320
Kimchi Mix Noodle₱350
Cold Noodle with Soup₱360
Spicy Cold Noodle₱420
Janchi Noodle₱320
Seafood Hot Noodle₱400


Songdowon Soup
Bulgogi Hot Pot₱1400
Seashell Stew₱700
Spicy Sausage Stew₱1530/ ₱1060
Pork Backbone Stew₱1530/ ₱1060
Seafood Stew₱1650 / ₱1170
Beef Entrails Stew₱1650 / ₱1170
Ripe Kimchi Stew mid/large₱1410 / ₱940
Steamed Ripe Kimchi mid/large₱1530 / ₱1060
Stir-Fried Chicken Stew₱1400
Korean Chicken Soup1400
Fish Cake Soup₱1060


Songdowon Pork
Aged Smoked Pork Belly430
Aged Herb Pork Belly430
Aged Smoked Pork Jowlmeat460
Aged Pork Belly460
Seasoned Pork Ribs470
Aged Pork Neckmeat430
Aged Spicy Pork Belly₱430


Songdowon Beef
A5 Wagyu Beef₱3500
Belly Beef₱440
Aged Seasoned Beef Finger Ribs₱840
L.A Seasoned Beef Ribs₱1000
Seasoned Beef Outside Skirt₱1800
Outside Skirt1800
Aged Tenderloin1800
Aged Premium Flap Loin1800

Grilled / Fried

Songdowon Grilled
Deep Fried Prawn₱770
Grilled Mackerel₱700
Zucchini Pancake₱360
Tufu Pancake360
Seafood Pancake₱410
Kimchi Pancake360
Fried Dried Squid₱500

Seafood Set Menu

Songdowon Scallops
Set 1 – Good for 4pax₱6220
Set 2 – Good for 4pax₱8220
Set 3 – Good for 5pax₱8920
Set 4 – Good for 5-6pax₱16870
Set 5 – Good for 6-7pax₱18270

Additional Charge

Spam 4 pcs₱280
Steamed Eggs₱170
Dumpling Deep Fried or Steam 6 pcs280
Additional Rice₱60
Roiled Omelet₱170
Sari Damgyun/Ramyun₱60
Take Out Kimchi 800g₱170
Somyum Sari60
Naengmyeon Sari₱90


Ssek Ssek Orange80
Pear Beverage80
Want Lao Ji80
Chamisul Jamong280
Soju O2Lin280
Snow Beer₱100
Sunhari Grape₱280
San Miguel Pilsen₱80
San Miguel Light80
San Miguel Apple80

Songdowon Opening Hours

QB Branch opened 10am to 12am, Macapagal branch opened 24h, Conrad Branch opened 10am to 10pm.

Song Do Won Online Delivery Information

You may call each restaurant individually and arrange a delivery or pickup directly.

Songdowon Branch Finder

Songdowon has 3 restaurant locations, below we list all branch address & telephone numbers for easy booking and delivery options.

  • QC Branch: #63 Eugenio Lopez St.,Brgy South Triangle,Quezon City (beside Uberfinds Vintage Fashion Store), Telephone: 0917-680-9998
  • Macapagal: #Unit A, Hk Sun Plaza Diosdado Macapagal Pasay 1300, Telephone: 0927-744-9988
  • Conrad Branch: Level 1 S Maison Conrad Manila,Seaside Boulevard, 1300 Coral Way (beside Starbucks Conrad), Telephone: 0956-085-3157

Songdowon Contact Information

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