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House of Beef, or Soga Miga, serves authentic Korean cuisine and special beef. Spacious enough to accommodate large groups of diners, the restaurant’s updated and modern décor takes design cues from the Hanok, a traditional Korean dwelling. Many customers rave about the excellent marbled Wagyu beef slices served at Soga Miga for their succulent texture, flavor, and tenderness.

In addition to their famous marinated pork steak and exquisite samgyeopsal, Soga Miga is proud to serve premium wagyu beef cuts. An assortment of side dishes, including the ubiquitous kimchi and sautéed veggies, are served with every meal.

Soga Miga Menu:

Unlimited Buffet ₱899 / Pax

Soga Miga Unlimited Buffet
WooSamgyu – Beef Samgyeopsal
Yangnyum WooSamgyup – Marinated Beef Samgyeopsal
Yangnyum Dacjgakbi – Marinated Stir-Fried Chicken
Samgyupsal – Pork Berry
Spicy Pork Belly
Japchae – Stir-Fried Meat and Vegetables
Pajeon – Green Onion Pancake
Steamed Eggs
Stir-Fried Rice Cake
Ramen – Korean Instant Noodles
Dolsotbibimbab – Hot Stone Pot Bibimbap

Unlimited Buffet ₱1199 / Pax

Soga Miga Unlimited Korean Buffet
Yangnyum LA Galbi or HoonjeOri – Marinated LA Galbi or Smoked Duck
Chadolbagi – Beef Brisket
Yangnyum WooSamgyup – Marinated Beef Samgyeopsal
Yangnyum Dackgalbi – Marinated Stir-Fried Chicken
Somackhang – Beef Entrails
Samgyupsal – Pork Belly
Gochujang Samgyupsal – Spicy Pork Belly
DeojiGalbi – Pork Short Ribs
Japchae – Stir-Fried Meat and Vegetables
Pajeon – Green Onion Pancake
Dackgangjung – Sweet and Sour Chicken
Yukgejang – Spicy Beef Soup
Geranjjim – Steamed Eggs
Tteokboki & Tuigim – Stir-Fried Rice Cake + Vegetable Fries
Dolsotbibimbal – Hot Stone Pot Bibimbap
Ramen – Korean Instant Noodles
Udong – Thick White Noodles
Cold Buckwheat Noodles
Moolnengmyeon – Cold Buckwheat Noodles
Bibimnengmyeon – Spicy Buckwheat Noodles
Janchigooksu – Banquet Noodles


Jap Chae – Stir Fried Glass Noodles with Meat and Vegetables₱450
Haemul Pajeon – Korean Seafood Pancake₱550
Jjin Mandu – Steamed Dumpling₱420
Gun Mandu – Pan Fried Dumpling₱480
Cheese Tteok Bokki with Twigim – Spicy Rice Cake with Cheese and Fritters₱550
Go Deung uh Gui – Grilled Mackerel₱680
Dweji Duru Chigi – Stir-Fried Spicy Pork with Vegetables₱1000
So Galbijjim – Braised Beef Shortribs in Soy-Based Sauce₱1200
Dogani Suyuk – Boiled Ox Kneecap1000
Hanwoo So Meori Suyuk – Boiled Ox Head Meat1000
Bossam – Boiled Pork Belly in Bean Paste Broth1400

Special Menu

Kodari Jorim – Braised Spicy Half Dried Pollack (3pcs)₱2000
Gopchang Jeongol – Beef Intestine Stew2000
So Bulgogi Jeongol – Soybased Marinated Beef Stew₱1800
Dweji Bulgogi Jeongol – Chili Paste Pork Stew₱1400
Gamjatang – Spicy Pork Backbone Stew with Potato₱1600
Kimchi Mandu Jeongol – Spicy Dumpling Soup with Kimchi₱1400
Budae Jjigae – Spicy Mixed Sausage and Ham Soup (Military Soup)1400


Uguji Galbitang – Shortrib Soup with Boiled Napa Cabbage in Bean Paste Soup₱600
Wang Galbitang – Large Rib Soup Boiled with Herbal Ingredients600
Dogani Tang – Knee Cap Bone Marrow Soup₱560
Hanwoo So Meori Gukbap – Ox Head Meat Rice Soup560
Kkori Gomtang – Oxtail Bone Marrow Soup₱620
Sagol Miyeok Guk – Seaweed Bone Marrow Soup₱480
Yuk Ge Jang – Spicy Beef Soup with Egg and Glass Noodle480
Jang Teo Guk Bap – Spicy Beef Soup with Vegetables₱520
Dolsot Bibimbap – Rice Topping in Hot Stone Bowl₱450
Kimchi Bokumbap – Kimchi Fried Rice₱420
Kimchi Jjigae – Kimchi Stew with Pork420
Hae mul Sundubu – Spicy Bean Curd Stew with Seafood420
Chadol Dwenjang Jjigae – Soy Bean Paste Stew with Beef420

Special Noodles

Soga Miga Noodles
Kodari Nengmyeon – Spicy Cold Noodle with Pollock Sashimi Garnish₱480
Bibim Nengmyeon – Spicy Sweet Potato Noodle420
Mul Nengmyeon – Cold Soup Sweet Potato Noodle420
U Dong – U-don with Vegetable Fritter₱400
Hae Mul Ramyeon – Spicy Korean Noodle with Seafood400
Janchi Guk Su – Banquet Noodle in Kelp Broth₱350

Han Woo (Korean Beef)

150g Per Order
Hanwoo Kkotdeungsim – Hanwoo Ribeye₱2300
Hanwoo Galbisal – Hanwoo Shortribs₱2600
Hanwoo Salchisal – Hanwoo Chuck Flaptail₱2800
Hanwoo Deungshim Jumuleok – Seasoned Hanwoo Sirloin₱1800
Hanwoo Chadolbagi – Hanwoo Brisket-Point₱1500

American Wagyu Beef (Wet Aging)

Wagyu Saewoosal – Wagyu Rib Cap₱2500
Wagyu Anchangsal – Wagyu Outsideskirt₱2300
Wagyu Deungshim – Wagyu Sirloin₱1800
Wagyu Galbisal – Wagyu Shortribs₱2300
Premium Galbisal – Premium Shortribs₱1800

Special Barbeque

150g Per Order
Yang Nyeon LA Galbi – Marinated Shortrib in Soy Based Special Sauce₱1200
Yang Nyeon Ysarngyeop – Beef Shortplate Topped with Soy Based Special Sauce₱650
Hunje Ori – Smoked Duck₱600
So Makchang – Pre-Cooked Beef Abomasum₱680
Wine Samgyeop Sal – Fresh Local Pork Belly with Red Wine₱480
Hang Jeong Sal – Pork Neck Stock₱420
Gochujang Samgyeop Sal – Marinated Pork Belly with Chili Paste₱380
Yang Nyeon Dweji Galbi – Marinated Pork Steak and Ribs in Soy Based Special Sauce₱560

Soga Miga Opening Hours

Opened daily between 11 AM–10 PM.

Soga Miga Contact Information

Soga Miga Philippines Address: C28V+74P, Upper Ground Floor, Festival Supermall Expansion Wing, Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1781 Metro Manila, Philippines.

Call Us

920 105 7757

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