Shi Lin Taiwanese Restaurant Menu Prices Philippines 2023

The greatest Xia Long Bao, dumplings, buns, noodles, fried rice, and more can be found at Shi Lin, a casual restaurant that serves traditional Taiwanese and Chinese food. They’ve been there for a while in Metro Manila and have 11 branches now. The restaurant’s reputation rests on the chefs’ skilful use of spices and incorporation of seasonal, locally grown ingredients.

You may look forward to a hot plate of Xiao Long Bao and other traditional Chinese favorites. Chinese culture holds that red brings good luck; hence, the restaurant’s interior design has quite a bit of it. The ornaments, furniture, and other accessories all contribute to the genuine atmosphere, which the color scheme enhances.

Shi Lin Menu:

Specialty Dishes

Shi Lin Spicy Spare Ribs
Shi Lin Fried Chicken Half₱438
Shi Lin Fried Chicken Whole₱800
Fried Chicken Chop₱264
Fried Pork Chop₱286
Crispy Sweet and Sour₱537
Spicy Spare Ribs537
Salt & Pepper Squid₱495
Steamed Fish₱416
Mapo Tofu₱347
Chinese Pepper Shrimp₱680

Dumplings & Buns

Shi Lin Pork Bao
Xiao Long Bao 6 Pcs₱209
Xiao Long Bao 10 Pcs₱341
Xiao Long Bao (Truffle & Pork)₱504
Xiao Long Bao (Crab fat & Pork)₱295
Shrimp & Pork Shaomai₱251
Shrimp & Pork Dumpling₱218
Mushroom & Vegetable Dumpling218
Spicy Shrimp & Pork Wonton218
Pork Bun₱165
Pork, Salted Egg & Chorizo Bun₱119
Mushroom & Vegetable Bun₱177
Steamed Mantou₱86
Deep Fried Asado Bun₱196
Deep Fried Mantou₱119
Salted Egg Custard Bun₱152
Taro Bun₱152
Red Bean Bun152

Small Plates

Shi Lin Fresh Taiwanese Tofu
String Beans With Minced Pork₱275
Stir Fry Bokchoy₱198
Stir Fry Broccoli₱275
Stir Fry Taiwanese Spinach275
Fried Shrimp & Pork Wonton₱218
Century Egg with Bonito Flakes₱168
Fresh Taiwanese Tofu218
Japanese Cucumber₱163
Crispy Prawn Cake₱275
Stir Fry Kaylan275
Spicy Jellyfish₱261

Fried Rice

Shi Lin Fried Rice with Shrimp
Fried Rice with Shrimp₱229
Fried Rice With Chicken₱380
Fried Rice With Pork₱402
Fried Rice with Shrimp, Pork, and Egg₱251
Fried Rice With Shredded Pork & Egg₱229

Noodles & Soup

Shi Lin Braised Beef Noodle Soup
Shrimp & Pork Wonton Noodle Soup With Noodles₱286
Shrimp & Pork Wonton Noodle Soup Without Noodles₱218
Braised Beef Noodle Soup₱402
Noodles with Sesame & Peanut Sauce₱158
Hot & Sour Soup₱168
Noodles with Double-boiled Chicken Soup₱209
Noodles With Double-Boiled Beef Soup209
Noodles With Porkchop₱385
Mixed Vegetable & Pork Noodle₱261


Shi Lin Congee with Century Egg
Congee with Century Egg₱218
Prawnball with Ginger Congee₱330


Shi Lin Cool Almond Jelly with Lychee
Salted Egg Custard Bun₱152
Red Bean Bun152
Choco Nutella Dumpling₱218
Cool Almond Jelly with Lychee152
Taro Bun152
Red Bean Dumpling₱176
Hot Almond Cream with Sesame Balls₱135
Taro Dumpling176


Shi Lin Milktea
Iced Taiwan Milktea₱165

Shi Lin Online Delivery Information

For a quick delivery, you may call a branch directly to enquire a pickup or store delivery (phone numbers below). You can also use food delivery services such as Foodpanda, Grabfood and others, depending on your location.

Shi Lin Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Currently, Shi Lin has 11 branches across the Philippines. Below you can see all 11 location address, direct telephone numbers and daily opening hours.

  • Ayala Malls: Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Paranaque, Third Floor, Telephone: 097-728-26149, Opened Thursday – Sunday: 11:00AM – 8:00PM
  • Alabang: Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa, Ground level, New Wing, Telephone: 092-749-74568, Opened Monday – Friday: 11:00AM – 9:00PM / Saturday – Sunday: 11:00AM – 9:00PM
  • Rockwell: Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, 2nd Floor, Telephone: 095-579-21946, Opened Monday – Thursday: 11:00AM – 9:00PM / Saturday: 10:00AM – 10:00PM / Sunday: 10:00AM – 9:00PM
  • Makati: Circuit Lane Makati Lower Ground Level, Telephone: 096-6453-3207, Opened Monday – Thursday: 11:00AM -9:00PM / Friday – Sunday: 11:00AM – 10:00PM
  • BGC: Serendra BGC Ground floor, Telephone: 099-5906-2835, Opened Monday – Thursday: 11:00AM – 9:00PM / Friday – Sunday: 10:00AM to 9:00PM
  • Shangri-La Plaza: Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong 5th Floor, Opened Monday – Sunday: 10:00AM – 9:00PM
  • Podium Mall: Podium Mall, Ortigas Center 5th Floor, Telephone: 094-5987-9209, Opened Monday – Sunday: 10:00AM to 10:00PM
  • Estancia Mall: Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons Lower Ground Floor, Telephone: 094-5532-9428, Opened Monday – Friday: 11:00AM – 10:00PM / Saturday – Sunday: 10:00AM to 10:00PM
  • Ayala: Ayala Trinoma Level 4, Garden Wing, Telephone: 095-6143-1971, Opened Monday – Sunday: 10:00AM to 8:00PM
  • Chinatown: Lucky Chinatown Mall Ground Floor, Telephone: 097-021-8297, Opened Monday – Sunday :10:00AM to 8:00PM
  • Glorietta 2: Glorietta 2 Second Floor, Telephone: 094-5567-4885, Opened Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm / Friday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm / Sunday: 10:00AM – 9:00PM

Shi Lin Contact Information

Shi Lin Philippines Head Office Address: Commercenter, 4th Avenue Corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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