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Shawarma Gourmet is a Lebanese restaurant serving authentic and artisanal comfort food, such as chicken, beef, and falafel wraps. Shawarma is a Middle Eastern wrap filled with chicken or beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, and tahini sauce. You can use falafels as a snack or a side dish. If you want to give your Falafel and wraps that extra kick, try dipping them in some hummus.

Fattoush, Tabbouleh, Baba Ganoush, Moutabel, Sambousek Beef, and Sambousek Cheese are just a few of the salads and appetizers available. Shawarmas, kebabs, and chicken are also available. Beverages include freshly squeezed juices, house-blended iced tea, and regionally brewed beers. Regarding sweets, some staples include knafeh, baklava, and dates. You don’t have to go far to satisfy your Falafel craving; the restaurant is in Escario Central Mall on N. Escario Street, one of Cebu’s malls.

Shawarma Gourmet Branch

Shawarma Gourmet Menu:


Shawarma Gourmet 
Chicken Musakhan 2 Pieces₱119
Chicken Musakhan 4 Pieces₱229
Cheese Sambousek 3 Pieces₱149
Cheese Sambousek 6 Pieces₱269
Beef Sambousek 3 Pieces₱159
Beef Sambousek 6 Pieces₱289
Kibbeh 2 Pieces₱179
Kibbeh 4 Pieces₱329
Falafel 4 Pieces + Sauce₱249
Falafel 4 Pieces Jalapeño₱349
Falafel 4 Pieces Cheesy349
Spiced & Crispy Fries for 1₱159
Spiced & Crispy Fries for 4₱599
Cold Mezze Sampler₱599
Hot Mezze Sampler₱699


Shawarma Gourmet 
 Tabbouleh Salad
Tropicale Salad239399
Watermelon with Feta & Labneh Salad239399
Tabbouleh Salad239399
Fattoush Salad₱239₱399


Shawarma Gourmet Wraps
Regular Wraps
Chicken Shawarma Junior 6″₱139
Chicken Shawarma Regular 8″₱179
Chicken Shawarma Large 10″₱199
Chicken Shawarma Wheat 10″₱219
Beef Shawarma Junior 6″₱159
Beef Shawarma Regular 8″₱199
Beef Shawarma Large 10″₱219
Beef Shawarma Wheat 10″₱239
Shawarma Samplers 3 Pieces₱489
Premium Wraps
Chicken Taouk Wrap Large 10″389
Kebab Wrap Large 10″389
Sujuk Wrap Large 10″₱389
Falafel Wrap Large 10″289
All Veggies Wrap Large 10″₱289


To Share
Shawarma Gourmet Platters
Shawarma Platter Chicken₱599
Shawarma Platter Beef599
Shawarma Platter Mix599
Taouk Platter Chicken₱649
Kebab Platter649


Shawarma Gourmet Manakish
Chicken Shawarma Pizza₱359
Beef Shawarma Pizza₱379
Sujuk (Lebanese Chorizo) Pizza379
Chef Style (Labneh/Olives/Veggies) Pizza₱339
Chef Style Labneh Pizza₱279
Chef Style Zaatar Pizza279
Chef Style Cheese Pizza₱299
Chef Style DIY Pizza299

Rice Meals

Shawarma Gourmet Rice Meals
Chicken Shawarma Rice₱199
Beef Shawarma Rice₱229


Shawarma Gourmet Dips
Baba Ganoush₱299
Hummus Plain299
Hummus Chicken₱379
Hummus Beef₱419

Combos & Trays

Combo 1 – 8″ Chicken Shawarma₱429
Combo 2 – 8″ Beef ken Shawarma₱449
Combo 3 – Chicken Shawarma Rice₱289
Combo 4 – Beef ken Shawarma Rice₱319
Shawarma Bites Platter₱1950
Appetizers Party Tray1950
Khabsa Tray Chicken₱990
Khabsa Tray Lamb₱1990

Extras & Sauces

Shawarma Gourmet Pita Bread
Chicken (On Wrap or Rice)₱79
Beef (On Wrap or Rice)₱89
Saj Bread Regular 8″₱39
Saj Bread Large 10″₱49
Arabic Croutons₱59
Pita Bread (1 Piece)₱39
Pita Bread (5 Pieces/Pack)₱189
Veggies (On Wrap or Rice)₱49
Veggies on Plate₱99
Garlic Sauce₱49₱79
Garlic Chili Sauce₱59₱89
Garlic “Toum” Paste5989
Garlic Jar₱299
Chili Garlic299

Arabic Desserts

Shawarma Gourmet Baklava
Baklava 200g₱650


Soft Drinks in Cans
Coke, Zero, Sprite, Royal₱85
Nature Spring Regular₱25
Nature Spring Sparkling₱85
Ginger Ale Canada Dry₱99
San Miguel Beer Products₱95
Bucket of 4+1₱459
Heineken (Imported)₱120
Hourse Blends (All Fresh)
Lemon Iced Tea 16 Ounces₱99
Milk Shakes / Smoothies 24oz₱229
Aryan / Laban (Yoghurt Drink)₱169
Lebanese Coffee + Dates₱159
Arabic Tea Collection₱149

Shawarma Gourmet Opening Hours

Opened daily 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

Shawarma Gourmet Online Delivery Information

To arrange a delivery please call them on 0995 4567648. You can also check your local food delivery services to arrange a quick delivery aswell.

Shawarma Gourmet Contact Information

Shawarma Gourmet Philippines Address: Escario Central Mall, Cebu City, Philippines

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