Shakey’s Menu Prices Philippines 2024

Shakey’s has contributed to more than 40 years of fun times and unforgettable memories in the Philippines. Shakey’s opened its first location in Metro Manila way back in 1975. Today, Shakey’s operates nationwide with a strong store count of 307 locations, including 171 company-owned and 136 franchised locations.

Shakey’s Menu:


Shakey's Pizza
Angus Burger Pizza (Thin Crust)₱409₱629₱849
Angus Burger Pizza (Hand-Tossed)₱479₱699₱929
Angus Steakhouse Pizza (Thin Crust)₱449₱669₱899
Angus Steakhouse Pizza (Hand-Tossed)₱499₱729₱959
Belly Buster (Thin Crust)₱449669899
Belly Buster (Hand-Tossed)499669899
Classic Beef N’ Onion (Thin Crust)349549₱749
Classic Beef N’ Onion (Hand-Tossed)399599₱789
Classic Beef N’ Onion Pizza Americana₱1084
Classic Cheese (Thin Crust)₱279₱479₱679
Classic Cheese (Hand-Tossed)₱329₱529₱709
Classic Cheese Pizza Americana₱1084
Classic Spinach Pizza Americana₱1204
Friday Special (Thin Crust)₱449₱669₱899
Friday Special (Hand-Tossed)₱499₱729₱959
Garlic N Cheese (Thin Crust)₱349₱549₱789
Garlic N Cheese (Hand-Tossed)₱399₱599₱779
Glazed Bacon (Thin Crust)₱449₱669₱899
Glazed Bacon (Hand-Tossed)₱499₱729₱959
Glazed Bacon Pizza Americana₱1234
Hawaiian Delight (Thin Crust)₱349₱549₱749
Hawaiian Delight (Hand-Tossed)₱399₱599₱789
Hawaiian Delight Pizza Americana₱1084
Hi Protein Pizza Americana₱1204
Hi Protein Supreme (Thin Crust)₱379₱609₱829
Hi Protein Supreme (Hand-Tossed)₱429₱659₱889
Manager’s Choice (Thin Crust)₱379₱609₱829
Manager’s Choice (Hand-Tossed)₱429₱659₱889
Manager’s Choice Pizza Americana₱1204
Pepperoni (Thin Crust)₱349₱549₱749
Pepperoni (Hand-Tossed)₱399₱599₱789
Pepperoni Crrrunch (Thin Crust)₱379₱609₱829
Pepperoni Crrrunch (Hand-Tossed)₱429₱659₱889
Pepperoni Crrrunch Pizza Americana₱1204
Pepperoni Pizza Americana₱1084
Pizza Bianca (Thin Crust)₱379₱609₱829
Pizza Bianca (Hand-Tossed)₱429₱659₱889
Pizza Bianca Pizza Americana₱1204
Scallop And Shrimp Pizza Americana₱1234
Scallop Primo Pizza (Thin Crust)₱449₱669₱899
Scallop Primo Pizza (Hand-Tossed)₱499₱729₱959
Shakey’s Special (Thin Crust)₱379₱609₱829
Shakey’s Special (Hand-Tossed)₱429₱659₱889
Shakey’s Special Pizza Americana₱1204
Spinach & Glazed Bacon (Thin Crust)₱379₱609₱829
Spinach & Glazed Bacon (Hand-Tossed)₱429₱659₱889
Spinach & Glazed Bacon Pizza Americana₱1204
Spinach & Mushroom (Thin Crust)₱379₱609₱829
Spinach & Mushroom (Hand-Tossed)₱429₱659₱889
Spinach & Mushroom Pizza Americana₱1204
Spinach & Shrimp (Thin Crust)₱379₱609₱829
Spinach & Shrimp (Hand-Tossed)₱429₱659₱889
Spinach & Shrimp Pizza Americana₱1204
Texas Chicken BBQ (Thin Crust)₱449₱669₱899
Texas Chicken BBQ (Hand-Tossed)₱499₱729₱959
Truffle Four Cheese (Thin Crust)₱349₱549₱749
Truffle Four Cheese (Hand-Tossed)399599789
Truffle Four Cheese Pizza Americana₱1084
Truffle Greens Pizza (Thin Crust)₱379₱609₱829
Truffle Greens Pizza (Hand-Tossed)₱429₱659₱889

Chicken n’ Mojos

Shakey's Chicken n' Mojos
Basket of Flavored Mojos₱429
Basket of Mojos₱419
Bucket of Flavored Mojos₱759
Buddy Pack (5pcs Chix)₱704
Chicken ‘N’ Mojos Blowout₱2649
Family Pack (7pcs Chix)₱970
Mojos ‘N’ Dip₱199
Mojos Supreme₱569
Party Pack (12pcs Chix)₱1615
Solo Flavored Mojos₱209
Solo Pack (3pcs Chix)₱439

Group Meals

Family Meal Deal 1₱1119
Family Meal Deal 2₱1949
Family Meal Deal 3₱2599
Family Meal Deal 4₱3599

R&B Milk Tea

Brewed Black Tea₱110₱120
Brewed Peach Oolong Tea110₱120
Brown Sugar Boba Milk₱120₱145
Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brulee₱150₱175
Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Cream₱145₱170
Buy 1 Get 1 Brown Sugar Boba w/ Cheese Brulee₱150₱175
Buy 1 Get 1 Brown Sugar Boba w/ Cheese Cream₱145₱170
Buy 1 Get 1 Milk Tea w/ Brown Sugar Pearl & Cheese Brulee₱150₱175
Buy 1 Get 1 Milk Tea w/ Brown Sugar Pearl & Cheese Cream₱145₱170
Buy 1 Get 1 Milo Dino Monster₱140₱165
Buy 1 Get 1 Milo Dinosaur₱120₱155
Buy 1 Get 1 Plant Based Milk Tea₱150₱175
Buy 1 Get 1 TNT Booster₱165
Kopi Cheese Boba₱140₱160
Kopi Macchiato₱120₱140
Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls₱120₱145
Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls & Cheese Brulee₱150₱175
Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls & Cheese Cream₱145₱170
Milo Dino Monster₱140₱165
Milo Dinosaur₱120₱155
Plant-based Milk Tea with Cocosugar Boba₱150₱175
The Plant-Based Pair₱220
TNT Booster₱165


Shakey's Pasta
Bacon And Cheese Fusilli₱299₱669
Carbonara Supreme299669
Prima Lasagna₱334₱869
Seafood Marinara₱369₱899
Shrimp Aglio Olio369899
Spinach Roll-Ups₱334


Shakey's Combos
2pc Chicken N Rice₱229
Bunch Of Lunch Original229
Salad Chicken N Pizza229
Super Bunch Of Lunch₱365


Shakey's Starters
Buffalo Wings (Solo)₱330
Buffalo Wings (Buddy)₱599
Buffalo Wings (Family)₱829
Calamari Crrunch₱450
Captain’s Choice₱615
Garlic Bread Loaf₱99
Good Nuggets₱179
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks₱260
Wings ‘N’ Rings₱615


Shakey's Burgers
Baaad Burger Combo₱199
Goood Burger Combo₱199
The Baaad Burger199
The Bad Bad Burger₱305
The Good Good Burger₱199
The Goood Burger₱199

Soup & Salad

Shakey's Salad
Caesar Salad₱279
Chicken N Corn Soup₱135
Creamy Mushroom Soup135
Tuna Caesar Salad₱279


Bottled House Blend Iced Tea₱130
Coke 1.5L₱120
Coke 500 Ml₱90
Coke in Can₱75
Royal In Can75
Sprite in Can75
Mineral Water70
San Mig Lite₱115


Extra Gravy₱17
Extra Rice₱50
Supercard Classic₱599
Supercard Gold₱899

Shakey’s History

The American pizza restaurant chain Shakey’s Pizza is based there. It was the country’s first franchised pizza chain when it opened in 1954. The chain had 342 locations in 1968. As of July 2019, the chain had 58 locations in the US and about 500 stores overall. Currently, the stores are located in California and Washington, as well as in the Philippines, Singapore, and Japan.

On April 30, 1954, Ed Plummer and Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson established Shakey’s Pizza in Sacramento, California. After contracting malaria during World War II, Johnson suffered nerve damage, leading to his nickname. The pizza parlor began serving beer on the weekend it opened because the pizza ovens had not yet been finished. Shakey used the proceeds from beer sales to purchase the ingredients for pizza the following Monday.

In 1956, Portland, Oregon, welcomed the second Shakey’s Pizza Parlor. The third location of Shakey’s was opened in Albany, Oregon, in 1959. It was the first structure that Shakey’s owned and the first structure to be constructed in the distinctive architectural style for which Shakey’s is renowned. It is now a used bookstore.

Johnson claims that Shakey’s Pizza didn’t do much market research and mostly went where Kinney Shoes opened stores when choosing where to put its stores. There were 272 Shakey’s Pizza Parlors in the country when Johnson sold his ownership in 1967. In 1968, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, welcomed the opening of the first international retailer. The business had reached the Pacific Rim by 1975, including Japan and the Philippines.

In the Philippines, where it first debuted in 1975 under the control of the biggest food corporation in the nation, San Miguel Corporation, the brand became a well-known franchise, primarily used to advertise San Miguel draft beer. The eatery quickly spread throughout Metro Manila, starting with a location on Makati Avenue in Makati. Most of its locations feature live music.

San Miguel struggled to keep the consistency of the branches and ultimately sold the franchise to International Family Food Services, Inc. in 1987. , an organization headed by Leo Prieto’s family. It had largely transformed into a fast-food franchise by 1997. The business started “reengineering” the brand in 2003 to become a family-friendly casual dining.

Shakey’s Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Shakey’s Website (or call their delivery hotline at #77-777), choose from their online Menu, and have the food delivered or self-pickup depending on your nearest Shakey’s store location. Also, with the abundance of food delivery apps (such as FoodPanda, GrabFood, etc.), you can choose one to make your order.

Shakey’s Contact Information

Shakey’s Philippines Head Office Address: 18 E Service Rd, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila, Philippines

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