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The owners of Ribchon, Hamm Katipunan and Chef Tristan Bayani, decided to construct a novel and incredibly mouth-watering cuisine idea of lechon ribs barbecue, which led to the establishment of Ribchon. The traditional Texas slow-cooked barbeque was combined with the iconic Filipino lechon. Additionally, Chef Tristan is responsible for creating Ribchon’s unique sauces, including the Tangled Oil, Kapeng Barako, and Spicy Vinegar, which are excellent accompaniments to rice. Other items that are quite popular with customers are the Batangas Bulalo, Crispy Kare-Kare, Bulo Steak, and All-Day Breakfast Spread.

Because all of their meals are meant to be sampled by a group, be sure to invite some friends around so that you may test the various tasty lechon entrees Ribchon offers.

Ribchon Menu:

Baby Back Baboy

Signature Ribs Lechon, Slow Cooked, Never Boiled!
Half Rack – Served with Soup, Salad & Rice for 2₱1200
Full Rack – Served with Soup, Salad & Rice for 4₱2300

Ribchon Baka

Beef Belly Smoked for 10 Hours, With the Kapeng Barako Rub
Half Rack – Served with Soup, Salad & Rice for 2₱1400
Full Rack – Served with Soup, Salad & Rice for 4₱2700

All Day Breakfast

Server with Sinangag, 2 Eggs and Sopa De AJo Glazed with Kapeng Barako Sauce
Ribchon Tinapang Bangus Belly
Craipsy Corned Beef Hash375
Tinapang Bangus Belly375
Tenderloin Tapsilog305
Lechon Ribs Adobo375
Ribchon Bacon395
Crispy Bangus375

All Day Waffles

Freshly Made Butter Waffles Server with Maple Syrup and Whipped Cream
Bacon and Waffles₱450
Mango and Waffles450
Ribs and Waffles475
Bulaklak and Waffles₱395

Ulam Snacks

Ribchon Balat Brittle Basket
Potato Wedges₱250
Ribchon Okoy Bites₱320
Gambas Sa Aligue450
Shrimp Tempura495
Ribchon Kawali₱420
Bulaklak Brittle Basket₱385
Balat Brittle Basket₱295
Ribchon Lomi₱320
Lechon Mami₱375
Chicken Wings₱520
Crispy Shrimp₱350
Crispy Tawilis₱320
Crispy Dinakdakan₱390
Krispy Tadyang₱440
Lumpiang Shanghai₱360
Pancit Canton₱395

For the Bulalo Lovers

Ribchon Bulalo Steak
Bulalo Steak (Good for 4-6)₱1150
Batangas Bulalo₱990
Bulalo Paella990
Bulalo Kansi990
Monggo Sa Bulalo₱750

Daily Dagat

Bangus Belly Stuffed Laing₱495
Skewered Six Pack Sugpo₱690
Sizzling Stuffed Squid₱480
Crispy Bangus₱750
Grilled Tuna Belly₱520
Kinamatisan Na Pampano or Fried₱690

Sino’ng Manok Mo?

Ribchon Manok
Grilled Boneless Manok 2 Skewers₱450
Grilled Boneless Manok 4 Skewers₱850
Ribchon Manok₱820
Fried Half Chicken₱450
Fried Whole Chicken₱850
Garlic Chicken Inasal450

Salad and Veggies

Ribchon Okoy Salad
Okoy Salad₱350
Mango Salad350
Ribchon Caesar350
Buttered Corn₱230
Fresh Lumpia450
Sizzling Laing₱380
Monggo with Tinapa₱320
Ampalaya with Salmon Belly420
Poqui Poqui₱350
Tagaytay Fresh Vegetables₱380


Siningang na Bangus sa Bayabas₱550
Siningang na Salmon Belly sa Miso550
Beef Brisket Siningang₱620
Siningang na Hipon sa Kamias’t Batwan₱720
Siningang na Baboy sa Gabi₱680

Baboy’s Best

Crispy Pata (Good for 4-6)₱950
Lechon Belly Half Kilo₱750
Lechon Belly 1 Kilo₱1400
Pork Binagoongan₱490
Ribchon Paksiw₱390
Inihaw na Liempo₱550

Baka Naman

Crispy Beef Ribs Kare-Kare₱750
Beef Caldereta₱450
Beef Nilaga₱620
Traditional Kare-Kare₱720
Beef and Mushroom Salpicao₱550

Extra! Extra!

Tanglad Rice₱60
Chorizo Rice60
Garlic Rice60
Steamed Rice50
Brown Rice60
Fried Egg (2pcs)60


Leceh Flan₱190
Serving SizeSliceWhole
New York Cheesecake₱230₱1750
Espresso Cheesecake230₱1750
Dayap Cheesecake230₱1750
White Chocolate Cheesecake230₱1750
Ube Ganache with Butterscotch230₱1750
Strawberry Creme Brulee Cake230₱1750

Cold Drinks

Mango or Watermelon Fruit Shake₱150
Guyabano or Buki Fruit Shake₱170
Root Beef Float₱220
Del Monte₱120
Soft Drinks₱100
San Peligrino Spakrling Water 750ml₱250
Wilking Bottled Water₱100
Serving SizeCarafeGlass
Cucumber Lemonade ₱300₱120
House Lemonade300120
House Iced Tea300120

Hot Drinks

Coffee Barako or Decaf₱120
Cadburry Hot Chocolate₱140
Twinings Hot Tea120

Alcoholic Beverages

San Miguel Beer₱100
Pale Pilsen Beer100
Super Dry Beer100
Wine Bottle₱900

Ribchon History

In April 2019, the home of the Baby Back Baboy in Tagaytay was officially opened, and it contains a barbecue masterpiece created by adapting the slow-cooked and smoking methods of American barbeque to lechon, specifically the ribs.

Ribchon was chosen as the restaurant’s name because it cleverly refers to the winning notion of serving ribs instead of lechon, which led to the establishment of the moniker. Based on that idea, they devised their signature dish, the Baby Back Baboy. This delicious meal includes BBQ sauce, rice bowls, salad, and pumpkin soup. It may easily accommodate two or four people.

Another well-liked menu item is the restaurant’s very own Ribchon Okoy Bites, which are a crispy combination made of deep-fried unshelled tiny shrimps folded in glutinous rice batter with a variety of veggies, including julienned carrots and onions.

Ribchon Opening Hours

Ribchon is opened 7 days a week, Friday-Sunday: 8AM – 10PM, Monday – Thursday: 10AM – 10PM.

Ribchon Online Delivery Information

You can call them on the phone to arrange an in-store pickup for any of their food items.

Ribchon Contact Information

Ribchon Philippines Address: Mahogany Ave, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

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