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Drinking a Quickly will do more than quench your thirst; it will also tantalize your taste senses and satisfy your appetite. Take a look at the tempting selection of beverages and see what they have to offer. Their fresh, healthful, and fascinating selection of drinks includes more than 50 unique flavors, so there’s bound to be something that appeals to your palate.

Creates mouthwatering treats in a flash, satisfying palates of all ages. Fruit shakes produced with real fruit puree and blended drinks flavored with pearls, pudding, and other tasty additions are available. Every item is made from scratch, utilizing a filtration method imported from the United States called Everpure.

Quickly Menu:

Taro Bestsellers

Upsize any drink below for ₱18
Quickly Taro Milktea
Super Taro Ice₱110130
Taro Ice + Sago₱95₱115
Taro Taro₱100120
Choco Loco Super₱110130
Taro Ice + Nata95₱115
Taro Ice₱90₱110
Taro Ice Special₱105125
Taro Ice + Nago₱100120
Choco Loco + Sago₱100120
Taro + Choco + Sago100120
Choco Loco Special105125
Choco Loco + Nata100120
Choco Loco + Nago105125
Taro + Choco + Nata100120
Taro + Choco + Nago105125
Taro Choco100120
Choco Loco (Plain)100₱120

Choco Chill

Super Choco Chill₱110₱130
Choco Chill₱90₱110
Choco Delight₱110₱130
Choco Choco₱100120
Choco Special₱105125

Blended Ice

Stress Buster₱90110
Green Apple Ice₱80100
Tropical Runner90110
Strawberry Ice80100
Lychee Ice80₱100
Power of Three90₱110

Pudding Flavored Taho

Assorted Pudding₱85105
Taro Pudding85105
Choco Pudding85105
Melon Pudding85105
Strawberry Pudding85105
Egg Pudding85₱105

Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie₱90₱110
Super Mango Smoothie₱110₱130
Mango Smoothie Special₱105₱125
Mango Smoothie Supreme₱120₱145

Caramel Series

Quickly Salted Caramel
Caramel Choco Loco₱110₱130
Caramel Choco Loco Special₱115₱135
Caramel Milk Tea Special₱105₱125
Choco Caramel Milk Tea Shake₱110₱130
Choco Caramel Milk Tea Shake Special115₱135
Caramel Milk Tea Super₱110₱130
Caramel Milk Tea Jelly Special115₱135
Caramel Choco Loco Super₱120₱140
Caramel Coffee Ice 2₱110₱130
Super Choco Caramel Milk Tea Shake₱120₱140
Caramel Coffee Ice 3115₱135
Caramel Milk Tea Jelly Super₱120₱140
Choco Pearl Caramel Ice105₱125
Caramel Coffee Ice105₱125
Caramel Milk Tea Jelly110₱130
Caramel Milk Tea100₱120
Choco Caramel Ice₱100₱120

Milk Tea

Quickly Thai Milk Tea Ice
Choco Milk Tea₱100120
Red Milk Tea90110
Super Red Milk Tea₱110130
Super Choco Milk Tea110130
Wintermelon Milk Tea Regular100120

Buko Pandan

Super Buko Pandan₱110₱130
Buko Pandan + Sago₱95₱115
Buko Pandan₱90₱110
Buko Pandan + Nata₱95₱115
Buko Pandan + Nago₱100₱120
Buko Pandan Special₱105₱125

Egg Pudding

Super Taro Egg Pudding Ice₱110₱130
Egg Pudding Special₱95₱115
Egg Pudding Milk Tea₱100₱150
Super Egg Pudding Milk Tea₱110₱130

Coffee Ice & Coffee Jelly

Coffee Ice + Coffee Jelly₱105125
Coffee Ice95115
Coffee Ice + Sago₱100120
Coffee Ice + Choco Pudding100120
Coffee Ice + Sago + Choco Pudding105125
Coffee Ice + Coffee Jelly + Sago110130
Super CJ – Coffee Ice + Coffee Jelly + Sago + Choco Pudding105125

Fruity Yoghurt

Quickly Fruity Yoghurt
Super Yoghurt₱110₱130
Lychee Yoghurt₱90₱110
Blueberry Yoghurt90₱110
Strawberry Yoghurt90₱110
Green Apple Yoghurt90₱110
Mango Yoghurt90₱110

Fruit Shake

Mango Shake₱80100
Lychee Shake80100
Blueberry Shake80100
Green Apple Shake80100
Strawberry Shake80100
Super Shake100120

Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha₱95₱115
Iced Mocha + Sago₱100₱120
Iced Mocha + Choco Pudding100₱120
Iced Mocha + Sago + Choco Pudding105₱125
Iced Mocha + Coffee Jelly105₱125
Iced Mocha + Coffee Jelly + Sago110₱140
Iced Mocha Super – Iced Mocha + Coffee Jelly + Sago + Choco Pudding115₱135
Iced Mocha Delight – Iced Mocha + Coffee Jelly + Sago + Choco Pudding + Choco Chill125₱145

Quickly History

Tapioca pearl drinks, or bubble tea, were pioneered in Taiwan 30 years ago. These beverages feature black-pea-sized tapioca balls manufactured from cassava starch extracts. In Recto, Manila, in the year 2000, Quickly opened its first Philippine store selling pearl drinks, following a craze that had already swept throughout Asia and was gaining traction in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

There are 69 locations throughout Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, and Cebu, with more on the way. More than ten years after opening their first store in Recto, Manila, they are now one of the most well-known brands in the country for innovative beverages.

Quickly Online Delivery Information

You can order your beverages using Foodpanda and other food delivery services, depending on your current location./

Quickly Branch Finder

Currently, Quickly has over 69 branches across the Philippines. Check out the Branch Location page to find the nearest Quickly store.

Quickly Contact Information

Quickly Philippines Head Office Address: Carba Building 1841 C.M. Recto Avenue Sampaloc 1000, Manila, Philippines

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