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Pizza Hut entered the Philippines in 1984 and is one of the most popular pizza chains, serving Manila and the provinces, providing dine-in and delivery. They have little competition with pizzas made in tasty meat toppings, fresh vegetables, and 100% real imported mozzarella cheese. Their dough is made fresh daily and perfectly baked with their special tomato sauce and extra cheesy crusts. Besides their tasty food, they focus on providing customers with the highest service possible.

Pizza Hut Branch
Pizza Hut Branch

In 1989 they started their delivery service, and the growing demand for this made them open the first delivery and carryout (DELCO) in Greenhills, San Juan (1990). These DELCO units specialize in delivery and carry out primarily for customers who want something other than a dine-in experience. There are 60 DELCO nationwide, 110 restaurants, and three express slice counters.

Pizza Hut Menu:


Pizza Hut Deals
Cowabunga Bundle – Pan Pizzas, 2 Large Pan Pizzas₱799
Cowabunga Bundle – Stuffed Crust Pizza₱1098
My Melts Meal₱249
My Melts Combo₱299
Sampler – Mix & Match up to 2 flavors of Wingstreet. Any combination is allowed. You choose!₱579
Hot Deals 1+1 – Get More Pizza Choices and customize your own Hot Deals. Upgrade to your favorite Pan Pizza flavor/s and Stuffed Crust.₱639
Hot Deals Trio – Get 3 regular size Pan Pizzas for only P499. Customize your deal and upgrade to your favorite Pan Pizza flavor/s and Stuffed Crust.₱499
Hot Deals 2+2 – 2 Large Pizzas and 2 Sides, Choose and upgrade to create your own combo!₱899
Hot Deals 3+3 – 3 Large Pizzas and 3 Sides, Choose and upgrade to create your own combo!₱1369
Wings Treat for 1 – Get 4pcs WingStreet (choose 1 flavor) + a personal pizza (Hawaiian, Supreme or Super Supreme) and a bottle of Pepsi 320ml₱299
Wings Treat for 2 – et 8pcs.WingStreet (choose 1 flavor) + a Regular Pan Pizza (Hawaiian, Supreme or Super Supreme) and 2 bottles of Pepsi 320ml₱549
Wings Treat for 4 – Get 12pcs.WingStreet (choose up to 2 flavors) + a Large Pan Pizza (Hawaiian, Supreme or Super Supreme) and a Pepsi 1.5L₱999
Snack Pack 1 – Choose any flavor of WingStreet (4pcs) + Crispy Fries Regular + Pepsi 320ml₱279
Snack Pack 2 – Choose any flavor of WingStreet (4pcs) + 13pcs Loaded Tater Tots + Pepsi 320ml₱279
Snack Pack 3 – Choose any flavor of WingStreet (4pcs) + 6pcs Mozzarella Sticks + Pepsi 320ml₱279
My Box 1 – Choose among Hawaiian Supreme, Cheese Lovers, or Pepperoni Lovers Personal Pan Pizza and get Crispy Fries, and Cream of Mushroom Soup all for one price!₱199
My Box 2 – Choose your favorite Personal Pan Pizza, and get Spaghetti Bolognese, and 2pcs Garlic Bread, all for you!₱199
My Box 3 – The box made just for you! Choose a Personal Pan Pizza, Mozzarella Sticks and Cream of Mushroom Soup.199
The Rice Meal – Baked Rice lovers! This one’s for you! Get (1) Cheesy Bacon and Ham Baked Rice, (1) Mexican Beef Baked Rice, Kitkat Pops 12pcs, (2) Pepsi 12oz₱399
The Cheeseburger Meal– For the fans of the Cheeseburger Pan! Get (1) Regular Bacon Cheeseburger Pan Pizza, (1) Regular Spaghetti Carbonara, (1) Spaghetti Bolognese, Crispy Fries Large, (2) Pepsi 12oz₱499
The Fried Chicken Meal – Chicken tastes better when fried, and with PIZZA! Get a Regular Super Supreme Pan Pizza, (2) servings of 1pc Fried Chicken with Rice and 12pcs Kitkat Pops₱599


Melts – Hawaiian Supreme₱229
Melts – Meat Lovers229
Melts – Double Bacon229


Pizza Hut Pizza
SpecialtyPan 9″Cheesy 9″Pan 12″Cheesy 12″
Seafood Supreme₱429₱549₱629₱799
Carbonara Supreme429549629799
Super Supreme429549629799
Meat Lovers429549629799
BBQ Chicken Supreme₱399₱519₱599₱769
Cheese Supreme399519599769
Hawaiian Supreme399519599769
Bacon Cheeseburger399519599769
Bacon Supreme399519599769
Bacon Margherita399519599769
Spicy Pepperoni Lovers₱369₱489₱559₱729
Pepperoni Lovers369489559729
Veggie Lovers369489559729
Cheese Lovers369489559729


Pizza Hut Pasta
Shrimp Arrabbiata Pasta₱239
Shrimp Ala King Spaghetti₱239
Baked Ziti₱199₱399
Baked Carbonara₱159₱359
Baked Bolognese₱149₱349
Baked Bolognese with Meatballs₱279₱679


Pizza Hut Wingstreet
Wingstreet Salted Egg₱199₱299₱399₱499
Wingstreet Roasted Herb199299399499
Wingstreet Chili Garlic199299399499
Wingstreet Buffalo199299399499
Wingstreet Honey Bbq199299399499
Wingstreet Garlic Parmesan199299399499
Zesty Garlic₱25
Mayo Mustard₱25

Chicken & Sides

Pizza Hut Chicken & Sides
Tater Tots Reg₱159
Cinnamon Bites₱79
Ham and Cheese Rolls₱189
Tater Tots Loaded₱219
Mexican Beef Baked Rice₱169
Cajun Sausage Baked Rice₱179
Cheesy Ham and Bacon Baked Rice₱189
Fried Chicken 4Pcs₱429
Fried Chicken 6Pcs₱639
1PC Fried Chicken With Rice₱159
1PC Fried Chicken with Spaghetti₱179
Mozza Sticks₱185
Kitkat Pops 12Pcs₱135
Kitkat Rolls₱139
Crispy Fries₱75
Sausage Roll₱169
Garlic Bread₱89
Large Fries With Dip₱139

Pizza Hut History

Pizza Hut began its journey in 1958 when two college students, Frank and Dan Carney, borrowed money from their mom to open a pizza restaurant in Wichita, Kansas. Their secret was using only fresh meat and vegetables for their toppings, all made to order. By the end of that year, a second location was opened, and ten years later, in 1968, they already had 300 pizza restaurants. Today, the Pizza Hut chain has over 19,000 locations in 100 different countries, making it the world’s top pizza brand.

In the Philippines, Pizza Hut is operated by PPI Holdings, Inc, which also operates Taco Bell and Dairy Queen. With excellent branding, they succeeded and are synonyms for great pizza, thanks to their superb service and high-quality pizzas. Regarding pizza deliveries, they are the top player in that pizza market, with excellent online delivery and a call center to cater to their customer’s needs.

Pizza Hut Online Delivery Information

Ordering directly from Pizza Hut is the easiest way, but if you prefer a different online delivery services, they are available through Foodpanda or Grabfood among others.

Pizza Hut Branch Finder & Opening Hours

According to the pizza hut website, they currently have 60 DELCO, 110 Restaurants and 3 Express Slice Counters. In order to locate your nearest Pizza Hut branch you please visit here and find all location details, including opening hours and direct telephone numbers.

Pizza Hut Contact Information

Pizza Hut Philippines Head Office Address: 15/F Aurora Tower Aurora BoulevardAraneta Center 1100 Quezon City, Philippines

Call Us

2 912 1921

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