Phobac Vietnamese Specialties Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Phobac Vietnamese Specialties brings the flavor and culture of Vietnam to the people of the Philippines with its extensive menu of Vietnamese specialties. You may get authentic Vietnamese fare here, including the well-known Pho noodle soup, Vietnamese Bánh M sandwiches, fresh salad, and other specialties of the country. Every item on the menu is prepared from scratch on a daily basis and is reasonably priced.

Phobac Menu:


Phobac Steamed Rolls
Spring Rolls₱180
Steamed Rolls₱220
Pork Mushroom Dumplings₱155
Shrimp Spring Rolls₱180
Platter Rolls₱290
Fresh Rolls₱175


Phobac Tofu Salad Noodle
Tofu Garlic or Spring Onions₱200
Vegetarian Soup Noodle₱305
Vegetarian Salad₱275
Tofu Salad Noodle₱240
Vegetarian Crepe₱275
Vegetarian Fresh Roll₱175
Vegetarian Spring Roll₱165

Vietnamese Sandwiches

Phobac Bánh mì Vietnamese Sandwich
Pork Barbeque Bánh mì₱245
Chicken with Lemon Grass Bánh mì245
Sausage and Pork Bánh mì245
Porkloin Bánh mì245
Vegetarian Bánh mì225


Phobac Chicken Salad
Panfried Beef with Kangkong₱275
Chicken Salad₱275
Shrimp & Pork Salad₱290
Pomelo Shrimp Salad290
Sashimi Salad290
Seafood Salad290

Soup Noodles

Phobac Beef Stew Noodles
Chicken Noodles₱285
Chicken with Egg Noodles285
Chicken Sotanghon285
Fish Noodles₱305
Saigon Noodles₱320
Mixed Seafood Noodles₱395
Beef Noodles₱350
Beef Ball Noodles350
Beef with Beef Ball Noodles₱335
Beef Stew Noodles₱395
Four Season Noodles₱320


Quail Egg₱11
Squid Ball₱25
Beef Ball₱35

Rice Toppings

Phobac Beef Rice
Mixed Seafood₱300
Carmelized Pork Loin300
Beef Rice300

Salad Noodles

Spring Roll Salad Noodles₱265
Pork BBQ Salad Noodles₱310
Fish Salad Noodles₱295
Chicken Chagio Salad Noodles₱350
Pork BBQ Chagio Salad Noodles350


Panfried Beef with Kangkong₱200
Vietnamese Crepe₱300
Pork BBQ rice or Rice Wrapper₱350

Short Order

Sauteed Sotanghon₱225
Imprerial Noodles225
Crispy Noodles₱250

Rice Items

Chicken with Lemon Grass₱310
Grilled Pork with Lemon Grass310
Spicy Chicken with Tumeric310
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet₱295
Beef Stew with Rice or Bread₱360
Seafood Curry₱310
Grilled Tanigue₱350
Panfried Fish Fillet₱280
Grilled Fish Fillet₱270

Platter Menu

Sweet & Sour Fish Platter₱395
Grilled Pork Platter₱445
Fish & Tofu Tausi Platter395
Mixed Seafood with Vegetable Platter445


Extra Rice
Plain Rice₱50
Tomato Rice₱60
Fried Rice₱95
Change to:
Tomato Rice₱20
Fried Rice₱65
Additional Menu Items
Mixed Vegetables Rice₱310
Beef Broccoli Rice₱350
Pork BBQ on Stick₱90


Pandan Pudding₱80
Fried Mango Roll80
Black Gulaman with Magic Seeds70


Lemon Iced Tea₱80
Black Gulaman₱90
Iced Coffee with Milk / Black₱100
Coffee with Milk / Black100
Vietnamese Hot Tea in Pot (1 Refill)₱55
San Miguel Beer (Pale Pilsen or Light)₱95
Canned Soda₱80
Mineral Water₱45
Fresh Juices
Carrots with Honey₱120
Carrots with Pineapple120
Cucumber Lemon120
Fresh Fruit Shakes
Rice Mango Shake₱100
Green Mango Shake100
Tropical Shake₱110
Fruits in Season110

Phobac Opening Hours

Opened daily from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM/ 9:00 PM.

Phobac Online Delivery Information

You can order your delicious vitenamese food using Grabfood or Foodpanda food delivery services.

Phobac Contact Information

Phobac Philippines Address: Level 2, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati City 1224.

Call Us

942 396 4888

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