Pepeton’s Bar and Grill Menu Prices Philippines 2024

One of the most popular dishes at Pepeton’s Bar and Grill, “Kapalmuks” (fried pork face), is the seafood and meat just off the grill. In addition to refreshing beverages, pleasant ambiance, and cordial service. Within the Quezon City Area, Pepeton’s gained popularity. For special occasions and get-togethers, it became the go-to eatery.

The inspiration for Pepeton’s Bar and Grill came from a desire to fill a need in the market for an affordable gathering spot where people could enjoy home-cooked meals with loved ones.

Pepeton’s Bar and Grill Menu:


Pepeton's Bar and Grill Spicy Spareribs
Crispy Onion Rings₱199
Garlic Mushroom in Gravy199
Garlic Mushroom Ala Pobre199
Sizzling Buttered Corn199
Cheese Sticks₱129
Cheese Crunch (Cheese Turon)129
Squid Balls₱109
Veggie Sticks & Dip₱179
Lumpiang Shanghai199
Kangpura (Kangkong Tempura)₱299
Tokwa Tokwa₱219
Tengaling (Crunchy Tenga)₱279
Tokwa’t Baboy₱259
Chicharon Bulaklak₱369
Garlic Peanuts₱79
Crispy Catfish Salad₱299
Crispy Tawilis with Mustasa Salad₱249
Nilasing Na Hipon₱269
Calamares Fritos399
Camaron Rebusado₱399
Sizzling Spicy Spareribs₱359
French Fries₱199

Pampaganang Pinoy

Bagoong Alamang (Bottled)₱150
Pinoy Salsa (Kamatis-Sibuyas)₱49
Ensaladang Mustasa (Solo)₱69
Ensaladang Mustasa (To Share)₱119
Ensaladang Talong119
Ensaladang Ampalaya119
Ensaladang Pipino₱169
Manggang Hilaw with Pepetons Bagoong₱199
Mango Tango199


Pepeton's Bar and Grill Hototay Soup
Mushroom Soup199
Cream of Corn Soup199
Hototay Soup₱249
Papaitan (Solo)129
Papaitan (To Share)₱349
Bulalo Soup₱549
Dinengdeng na Gulay₱219


Pinasingawang Gulay (Kangkong, Talong, Ampalaya, Sitaw, Okra, Kalabasa, Kamatis, Sibuyas, at Sari-Saring Sawsawan)₱249
Garlic Kangkong in Oyster Sauce₱159
Ampalaya Guisado₱219
Gising Gising219
Pinakbet Tagalog/Ilocano249
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod Hubad249

Kilawin & Seafood Starters

Kilawin Tenga279
Kilawin Kambing279
Kilawin Tanigue₱469
Sinuglao Tuna/Inihaw na Baboy₱499
Dinakdakan Plain / with Atay₱299 / ₱429
Kilawin Pusit₱369
Sizzling Squid Ala Pobre369
Sizzling Squid Gambas369
Sizzling Shrimp Gambas369
Sizzling Hot Shimp Salad369


Sinigang na Tyan ng Bangus (Plain or Miso)369
Sinigang Na Hipon (Plain or Miso)389
Sinigang Na Panga (Plain or Miso)₱329
Sinigang Bulalo₱599
Sinigang na Ulo Ulo ng Salmon₱399


Pepeton's Bar and Grill Pansit Palabok
Pansit Palabok₱249
Pansit Bihon / with charap₱209 / ₱219
Pansit Canton / with Charap₱249 / ₱259
Sotanghon Guisado / with Charap249 / 259
Bam-I (Sotanghon-Canton Mix with Charap)249 / 259
Extra Charap (Chicharon Topping)₱49


Pepeton's Bar and Grill Rice
Bundok Rice (Junior / To Share)₱109 / ₱199
Pepeton’s Rice (Junior/To Share)₱109 / ₱199
Palabok Rice₱219
Plain Rice49
Garlic Rice₱59


Pepeton's Bar and Grill Crispy Binagoongan
Kapalmuks “House Specialty”₱1099
Kapalmuks “Boneless” Whole / Half₱999 / ₱499
Crispy Binagoongan with Talong₱499
Crispy Kare Kare₱699
Lechon Pakbet₱399
Lechon Kangkong309
Lechon con Mango Tango399
Crispy Pata – Regular / Jumbo₱899 / ₱999
Crispy Pata Binagoongan₱999
Lumpiang Shanghai₱199
Pork Dinuguan (Crispy or Classic) Reg/To Share₱279 / ₱538
Inihaw na Liempo₱399
Crispy Liempo “Lechon Kawali399
Porketta (Lechon Belly) Single/Double/Triple₱999 / 1995 / ₱2995
Bachichay Small / Medium / Large₱369 / 549 / ₱729
Boxedchichay W/ Mustasa Salad Jumbo/mini₱999 / ₱599
Bundok Bachichay With Mustasa Salad₱999
Bicol Express (Regular / Share)₱389 / ₱758
Bopis (Regular / Share)₱279 / ₱538
Pork Humba₱469


Tofu Sisig₱219
Crispy Tenga Sisig₱279
Pork Sisig Original Recipe279
Crunchy Sisig₱399
Squid Sisig₱369
Tuna Sisig₱389
Lechon Sisig₱399
Chicharon Charap Topping₱49
Grilled Atay Topping₱85


Papaitan Solo₱129
Papaitan to Share₱349
Kilawin Kambing₱279
Kalderetang Kambing₱499
D’Best Adobong Kambing₱459
Sinampalukang Kambing₱549


Pepeton's Bar and Grill Chicken Ass
Pepeton’s Jumbo Barbecue (2pcs)₱199
Pepeton’s Mini Barbecue (4pcs)₱199
Tenga Q (4pcs)₱279
Chicken Balunan (2pcs)₱159
Chicken Ass (2pcs)159
Chicken Liver (2pcs)₱169
Chicken Legs₱199
Inihaw Liempo₱399
Barbeque Platter #1 – 4 Mini BBQ, 2 Atay, 2 Ass, 2 Balunan₱649
Barbeque Platter #2 – 8 Mini BBQ, 4 Tenga Q, 1 Chix Leg, 2 Balunan₱965
Ultimate Barbeque Platter – 16 Mini BBQ, 8 Tenga Q. 1 Chix Legs, 4 Balunar, 2 Atay, 4 Chix Ass₱2203

Bandehadong Sarap Maller

Bandehadong Sarap 1 – Lumpiang Shanghai, Tawilis, Country Fried Wings jr, Nilasing na Hipon, Tengaling, Kangpura₱1499
Bandehadong Sarap 2 – Boneless Kapalmuks OR Pugon Belly OR Porketta, Sinuman Tyan ng Bangus, 8 pcs Mini Barbecue Mango Tango, Palabok Rice₱2099
Bandehadong Sarap 3 – Boneless Kapalmuks OR Pugon Belly OR Porketta, Prihaw na Bangus Regular, 8 pcs Mini BBQ, Pinasingawang Gulay Bachichay Small, Bundok Rice to share₱2449


Pepeton's Bar and Grill Callos
Beef Tapa ni Cris₱229
Sizzling Spareribs Reg/Share₱359 / ₱699
Beef Caldereta Especial (Reg / Share)₱399 / ₱778
Sizzling Bulalo Steak w/ Veggies₱549
Kare-Kareng Buntot at Tripe ng Baka₱699
Kare-Kareng Bulalo ng Baka699
Bullo Soup₱549
Crispy Jurasik Rib₱799
Callos (Regular / Share)₱499

Grilled Seafoods

Tuna Belly (100g)₱139
D’best Inihaw Na Pusit Ever! (100g)₱140
Panga ng Tuna(100g)₱99
Tanigue Steak – Steak served with Roasted Veggies499
Live Hito (Inihaw/Fried) (100g)₱85


Chicken Legs Barbeque₱199
Chicken Teriyaki w/ Veggies₱399
Roasted Herb Chicken w/ Veggies399
Grilled Chicken Breast w/ Veggies399
General Chicken₱269
Chicken Liver Adobo₱299
Garlic Chicken Adobo₱359
Country Fried Wings (Junior)₱259
Country Fried Wings (To Share)₱479
Buffalo Wings (Junior)259
Buffalo Wings (To Share)479
Parmesan Wings (Junior)259
Parmesan Wings (To Share)₱479
Korean Wings (Junior)₱259
Korean Wings (To Share)₱479
Pepeton’s Fried Chicken (Half)₱359
Pepeton’s Fried Chicken (Whole)₱699


Pepeton's Bar and Grill Paksiw na Purong Tyan ng Bangus
Sinuman Tyan Ng Bangus – Purong Tyan Ng Bangus Wrapped in Banana Leaves Stuffed W/ Tomatoes, Onion & Spices Simmered in Soy Sauce, Bistek Style₱389
Sizzling Tyan Ng Bangus – Sizzling Tyan Ng Bangus in Lemon Garlic Gravy₱369
Paksiw na Purong Tyan ng Bangus369
Sinigang na Tyan ng Bangus (Choice of Miso or Plain)389
Prihaw na Bangus (Regular)₱399
Prihaw na Bangus (Jumbo)₱499
Daing Na Bangus (Regular)₱349
Daing Na Bangus (Jumbo)429
Tuna Belly Steak (Served with Roasted Veggies & Lemon Butter)429
Sinuman Na Tuna Belly – Wrapped in Banana Leaves Stuffed W/ Tomatoes, Onions and Simmered in Soy Sause₱429

Pepeton’s Bar and Grill Vegetarian’s Delight

Tortang Talong₱119
Roasted Vegetables w/ Olive Oil₱199
Kangpura (Kangkong Tempura)₱299
Albert’s Chopsuey con Tofu₱270
Dinengdeng na Gulay₱219

Pepeton’s Bar and Grill Desserts & Cakes

Pepeton's Bar and Grill Cake Turon
Sabanana Caramel₱219
Turon w/ Sesame Seeds₱169
Delicious Buko Salad₱139
Ice Cream Scoop₱89
Cheese Crunch₱129
Delicious Buko Shake₱120
Kap Cake (Kapalmuks Cake) (Mini)₱599
Kap Cake (Kapalmuks Cake) (Jumbo)₱999
Cake Charon (Bacon Chicharon Cake) (Mini)599
Cake Charon (Bacon Chicharon Cake) (Jumbo)₱799
Pugon Belly Cake (Mini)599
Pugon Belly Cake (Jumbo)₱999
Veggie Cake (Mini)₱399
Veggie Cake (Jumbo)₱599

Pepeton’s Bar and Grill Drinks

Coke Regular (in can)₱69
Coke Zero (in can)69
Sprite (in can)69
Sarsi Regular (in can)69
Juice and Water
Pineapple Juice₱69
Mango Juice₱99
Buko Juice₱99
Mineral Water₱55
Sago Gulaman (in a bottle) Small₱59
San Mig Light89
San Mig Pilsen89
San Mig Apple89
San Mig Lemon89
SMB Premium₱149
Double Chill
San Mig Light₱99
San Mig Pilsen99

Pepeton’s Bar and Grill History

At first, the Palattao family dabbled in the classic “ihaw-balot” restaurant concept, where patrons could watch their grilled meal prepared before their eyes while sipping on cold beverages and chatting with friends. A “bar and grill” concept became popular in the area because this behavior was the norm.

The Palattao siblings joined the Hilario family in June 1996 so their patrons could have a more pleasant and tranquil gathering place. Thus, Pepeton’s Bar and Grill debuted as an early pioneer in the industry of bar and grill restaurants.

The fried pork face, or “Kapalmuks,” is a popular dish at Pepeton’s Bar and Grill, along with fresh seafood and meats off the grill. In the Quezon City area, Pepeton’s became popular due to its chilled drinks, pleasant atmosphere, and helpful staff. For special occasions and get-togethers, it became the go-to eatery.

After a big makeover in January 2012, Pepeton’s Bar and Grill is cozier and can accommodate more customers. An upgraded menu featuring specialty and combination items for every event debuted alongside the revamped decor in the Main Dining Area, Garden, VIP/KTV Room, and Veranda. Because of this, Pepeton’s expanded its capacity for guests.

The catering service at Pepeton’s Bar and Grill is being enhanced so that the restaurant can travel to clients’ homes or other locations to meet their demands. Both in-house and off-site events with up to 300 people are now within the restaurant’s capabilities.

Pepeton’s Bar and Grill Online Delivery Information

Deliveries are available through Foodpanda & Grabfood food delivery services.

Pepeton’s Bar and Grill Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Currently, Pepeton’s Bar and Grill has 2 branches in the Philippines. Below you will find the address, telephone number and daily opening hours for each restaurant location.

  • Quezon City: 109 Mother Ignacia Ave Quezon City 1127, Telephone: (0917) 460-6039, Opened Mon-Thu: 10am-1am Fri-Sat: 10am-2am Sun: 10am-12am
  • Marikina: 1 SW Dao St corner BayanBayanan Avenue Marikina Heights, Marikina City, Telephone: (0915) 612-7878, Opened Su-Sa: 10am-10pm

Pepeton’s Bar and Grill Contact Information

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