Pepa Wings Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Pepa Wings is one of the country’s fastest-growing Fried Chicken Wings brands, serving affordable wings since 2016 to their hungry customers. They focus mainly on quality buffalo wings with unique seasonal flavors and locally sourced products.

Pepa Wings Branch
Pepa Wings Branch

All food in Pepa Wings is prepared fresh to order, where everybody can find their favorite chicken flavor. Their menu has chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, fries & dirty rice, all made from the freshest ingredients.

Pepa Wings Menu:

Solo Ranger Wings

Meal: With Rice & 12oz Drink
Solo Ranger 2 PCS₱89₱124
Solo Ranger 3 PCS₱119₱154
Solo Ranger 4 PCS₱149₱184

Box of Wings

Pepa Wings Box of Wings
Box of 6 (1 Flavor)₱219
Box of 8 (Up To 2 Flavors)₱279
Box of 10 (Up To 2 Flavors)₱274
Box of 20 (Up To 4 Flavors)₱359
Box of 40₱899
Box of 50₱1099

Pepa Fried Chicken

Box of 4 (add ₱30 for up to 1 Flavor)₱309
Box of 8 (add ₱50 for up to 2 Flavor)₱599
Box of 16 (add ₱90 for up to 4 Flavor)₱1099

Barkada Savers

Up To 4 Flavors
Pepa Wings Barkada Savers
Set 1 – 12 Pcs Chicken Wings, 3 Rice, 3 Drinks, 3 Fries₱499
Set 2 – 16 Pcs Chicken Wings, 4 Rice, 4 Drinks, 4 Fries₱669
Set 3 – 20 Pcs Chicken Wings, 5 Rice, 5 Drinks, 5 Fries₱829

Chicken Meals

Chicken Fillet with Rice, 2 PCS₱149₱184
Chicken Nuggets with Rice, 5 PCS₱119₱154
Chicken Fingers with Rice, 2 PCS₱119₱154
Pepa Fried Chicken with Rice, 2 PCS₱149₱184


Pepa Wings Extras Cheesy Fries
Crinkle Cut Fries (Regular)₱42
Crinkle Cut Fries (Large)₱80
Cheesy Fries₱99
Plain Rice₱25
Dirty Rice₱45
Garlic Ranch Dip₱20
Chives Mayo Dip20
Blue Cheese Dip20

Ala Carte

Pepa Wings Ala Carte
Chicken Nuggets 6 PCS₱129
Chicken Nuggets 12 PCS₱239
Chicken Fingers 2 PCS₱109
Chicken Fingers 3 PCS₱149
1 PC Chicken Fillet with Rice₱89
1 PC Pepa Fried Chicken with Rice89


12 OZ Drink₱42
16 OZ Drink₱50
Bottled Water (325 ml)₱20

Pepa Wings Story

Pepa Wings was started in 2016 in outdoor food markets to serve quality chicken wings. Initially, they were selling in bazaars and food halls, where they were introduced to the public with order-out and dine-in options.

In 2018 they opened their first foodcourt branch in Market! Market, which made the Pepa Wings brand famous and more branches were requested, so they opened more across Metro Manila. Now with the Franchising option, they hope to reach 100 branches quickly.

Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Pepa Wings Website, choose from their online Menu, and have the food delivered or self-pickup depending on your nearest Pepa Wings store location. You can also use a food delivery apps (such as FoodPandaGrabFood, etc.), for a quick chicken delivery.

Pepa Wings Branch Finder

They have 52 branches across the Philippines. You can find the nearest branch by visiting their website and using their store location list.

Pepa Wings Contact Information

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