Paluto Nga Po Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Since its humble beginnings as a carinderia in Asuncion Street, Divisoria, in 2005, Paluto Nga Po! has offered authentic Filipino cuisine prepared to order. Today, Paluto Nga Po! is a fully-fledged restaurant chain in the Philippines.

Paluto Nga Po Menu:

Silog & Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpiang Shanghai₱121

Short Order

1-4 Persons
Mikibihon Guisado₱190
Canton Guisado190
Bihon Guisado190
Chicken Mami190
Beef Mami190
Beef & Chicken Mami201

Special Pancit in Bilao

Mikibihon 17-22 Persons₱972
Mikibihon 7-10 Persons₱627
Bihon 1-6 Persons₱454
Mikibihon 11-16 Persons₱799
Canton 1-6 Persons₱489
Mikibihon 1-6 Persons₱454
Bihon 7-10 Persons₱627
Canton 17-22 Persons₱1018
Bihon 11-16 Persons₱799
Canton 7-10 Persons₱661
Chami 1-6 Persons489
Chami 7-10 Persons661
Canton 11-16 Persons₱834
Chami 11-16 Persons834
Bihon 17-22 Persons₱972
Chami 17-22 Persons₱1018

Special Fried Rice

Kalahati (1-3 Persons) / Buo ( 3-5 Persons)
Paluto Nga Po Mix  Special Fried Rice
Chinese Fried Rice₱184₱328
Beefchow Fried Rice₱196₱339
Seafood Fried Rice₱219₱362
Shrimp Fried Rice₱207₱351
Porkchow Fried Rice₱184₱328
Crab Fried Rice₱196₱339


Salo-salo (Pang 1-3 Tao)
Crispy Sisig₱178₱299
Sweet n Sour Pork178299
Lechon Kawali₱184₱311
Lechon Vegetable184311
Liempo with Gravy184334
Lechon Paksiw184311
Pork Menudo184311
Braised Pork₱178₱299
Pork Binagoongan₱184₱311
Adobo Pork178299
Porkchop with Gravy184334
Pina Porksteak184311
Bicol Express184311


Solo May Kasalong Kanin / Salo-Salo Walang Kasalong Kanin (Good For 1 – 3 Persons)
Beef Broccoli₱196₱322
Beef Mushroom190₱311
Tapa with Gravy190311
Beef Sisig190311
Mexican Kaldereta190311
Sweet n Sour Beef190311
Vegetable Beef190311
Pina Beefsteak190311
Beef with Oyster190311
Beef Ampalaya With Tausi190311


Solo / Salo-salo (Pang 1-3 Tao)
Chicken Sisig₱178₱299
Adobo Chicken178299
Pininyahang Manok₱184₱299
Chicken Afritada184299
Chicken BBQ₱178
Chicken with Oyster Sauce178299


Solo / Salo-salo (Pang 1-3 Tao)
Breaded Fish Fillet in Butter₱184₱311
Fish Fillet in Sweet n Sour184311
Fish Tofu184311
Fish Fillet in Vegetable184311
Fish n Squid184311
Salt & Pepper Fish Fillet184311
Fish n Shrimp₱172₱293

Boneless Bangus

Fried Bangus₱322
Sisig Bangus322
Steak Bangus322


Solo / Salo-salo (Pang 1-3 Tao)
Camaron Rebosado₱207₱322
Shrimp Omelet207322
Vegetable Shrimp207322
Shrimp n Squid207322
Shrimp Broccoli₱207322

Pusit & Mix Seafood

Solo / Salo-salo (Pang 1-3 Tao)
 Paluto Nga Po Mix Seafood
Spicy Calamares₱196₱322
Sweet n Sour Pusit196322
Vegetable Pusit196322
Squid Broccoli196322
Squid Binagoongan196322
Mix Seafood₱219₱334


Broccoli Mushroom₱195
Ginataang Sitaw Kalabasa₱161
Chopsuey in White Sauce₱230
Talong with Bagoong₱92
Broccoli Oyster₱184
Kangkong with Bagoong₱92
Mixed Vegetables Platter₱161

Sabaw at Laman

Walang kasamang kanin
Nilaga Beef₱334
Sinigang Pork₱322
Sinigang na Hipon₱391
Sinigang Beef334
Nilaga Pork322
One Pot Seafood Soup334

Kare-Kare with Espesyal Bagoong

Kare-Kare (Beef)₱391
Kare-Kare (Lechon)391
Kare-Kare (Seafood)₱426


Buttered Chicken (Half)₱322
Buttered Chicken (Whole)₱575
Chicken Supreme (Half)322
Chicken Supreme (Whole)575
Spicy Tokwa with Sauce₱138
Crispy Pata Big₱794


Plain Rice₱29
Garlic Rice₱40


Leche Flan₱104
Ube Halaya104


Mountain Dew 1.25Liter₱75
Pepsi 1.25Liter75
Pepsi Solo₱30
Mountain Dew Solo30
Mineral Water₱40
Pineapple Juice₱46

Paluto Nga Po History

Filipino cuisine at its finest may be found at Paluto Sizzling Nga Po in Manila. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, ideal for gatherings of friends and family over a delicious dinner. Tables and chairs are properly organized to make the most of the space we have inside. The prices are fairly fair, with most dishes costing between 70 and 180 PHP.

Paluto Sizzling Nga Po, located in Sampaloc, is a gem worth discovering. You can do so at one of their outdoor tables if you’d rather eat in the fresh air. Grab Food, Panda, and other local delivery services are also available.

Crispy pata, sinigang na baboy, and beef broccoli are just a few of the delicious options on the menu. They have a variety of local beers like San Miguel and Red Horse, as well as refreshing soft beverages like Coca-Cola and Sprite. For those who like something a little more refined, they also offer a variety of wines.

In conclusion, Paluto Sizzling Nga Po is a classy restaurant with reasonably priced, tasty Filipino fare. It’s well worth your time due to the excellent quality of the meal and the helpfulness of the staff.

In Tondo, the name “Juromukong” was the original name for Paluto Nga Po. The company was founded in 2007 by Rolando Sinhongco and a Japanese partner. Until the Japanese partner decided to end the partnership, business was booming. The company was renamed “PalutoNga Po” after Sir Rolando Sinhongco decided to keep it going. The company is doing quite well right now. They now operate out of 7 locations.

Paluto Nga Po Opening Hours

Opened daily from 8AM-10PM.

Paluto Nga Po Online Delivery Information

The easiest way to order your Filipino food is through Foodpanda or Grabfood delivery services.

Paluto Nga Po Branch Finder

With multiple branch location around the Philippines, the easiest way to find a location near you is to visit their homepage and enter your address (on the top of the page) so they can locate the nearest one to you.

Paluto Nga Po Contact Information

Paluto Nga Po Philippines Main Branch Address: 1336 Maceda Street, Sampaloc, City of Manila 1000 Metro Manila

Call Us

(2) 7 261 4718

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