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Nonna’s Pizza Napoletana is an authentic Italian eatery where your eccentric Nonna makes fresh pasta and pizza daily. The well-known Italian joint Mama Lou’s has a sister restaurant called Nonna’s Pasta & Pizzeria. It’s like eating dinner at your eccentric grandma’s house: lively, welcoming, and quite comforting. Warm.

Nonna's Pizza Napoletana Branch
Nonna’s Pizza Napoletana Branch

Nonna’s Pizza Napoletana Menu:


Nonna's Pizza Napoletana Polpette di Mama
Mozzarella Frittes – Mozzarella Sticks With a Light Fried Batter and Pomodoro Dip Make for a Classic Appetizer₱315
Polpette di Mama – Homemade Meatballs With Alfredo Sauce and Dots of Pomodoro and Pesto Sauce is a Delightful Combination of Flavors₱425
Mussels Cozze with Sourdough Bread – Chilean Mussels in White Wine, Cream, and Herbs, Served With Toasted Sourdough₱595
Sicilian Sashimi – Fresh Salmon and White Snapper With Zesty Lemon Vinaigrette, Topped With Pickled Onion and Caper Berries₱600


Insalata Cesare – Classic Caesar Salad: Romaine Hearts, Creamy Dressing, Guanciale, Sourdough Croutons, and Parmesan₱400
Insalata Buratta – A Delightful Italian Salad That Highlights the Creamy and Luscious Burrata Cheese, Paired With Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil₱450
Insalata Arugula – A Delectable and Fulfilling Dish, Featuring a Salad With Sliced Salami, Sous-Vide Egg, and a Homemade Balsamic Dressing₱400


Nonna's Pizza Napoletana Pizza
All Meat Pizza – Hearty and Flavorful Pizza Features Salami, Sausage, Pepperoni, and Bacon on a Mozzarella and Tomato Base With Pesto Sauce₱590
Tutti Formaggi Pizza – A Delicious Pizza That Combines a Variety of Cheeses With Pomodoro Sauce₱500
Margherita Pizza – Margherita Pizzas Traditionally Use a Simple Marinara Sauce as the Base With Fior De Latte Cheese and Extra Virgin Olive Oil500
Roasted Wild Mushroom Pizza – Mushroom Pizza: Wild Mushrooms, Pomodoro, Mozzarella, and Lemon Rind for Earthy and Tangy Delight₱520
Prosciutto Arugula – Scatter Fresh Arugula Leaves Over the Prosciutto, With Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese and Honey Balsamic Dressing₱545
Pizza Alla Napoli – Anchovy Pizza With Mozzarella Cheese, Roasted Garlic, and Local Tomatoes Creates a Savory and Flavorful Combination₱490
Pizza Bianca – Rosemary, Garlic Infused Oil, and Cheese Pizza is a Delicious and Aromatic Combination₱450
Spinach and Mushroom Pizza – Fresh Spinach, Handpicked Mushrooms in Cream Sauce, and Topped With Mozzarella Cheese₱510
Clam Pie – Pizza With Fresh Clams, Bacon in Cream Sauce, and Topped With Mozzarella Cheese Creates a Delicious Combination of Flavors₱500
Cacio e Pepe – A Simple Yet Delicious Pizza That Highlights the Flavors of Freshly Cracked Pepper and Pecorino Romano Cheese₱490
Pizza Ala Carbonara – Pizza, Topped With Pecorino Cheese, Fried Guanciale and Freshly Cracked Pepper, is a Decadent and Flavorful Combination₱500
Tropical Pizza – With Roasted Bacon, Pineapple, and Topped With Homemade Ricotta Cheese, a Classic Combination of Sweet and Savory Flavors₱500
Pizza Espanyola – Topped With Spanish Chorizo, Shrimps, and Pimentón Peppers, is a Flavorful and Vibrant Combination₱530
Buratta Pizza – Pizza Burrata is a Delightful and Creamy Pizza Topped With Burrata Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, and Olive Oil₱600
Pizzaiolo’s Choice – Broccoli and Charred Onion Pizza With Mozzarella and Pecorino Romano Cheese is a Delicious and Savory Combination₱520

Nonna’s Pizza Napoletana Pasta

Nonna's Pizza Napoletana Spaghetti Bolognese
Wild Mushroom Ravioli – Decadent Wild Mushroom Ravioli in Truffle Cream Sauce Blends Earthy Wild Mushroom Flavors With Rich Truffle₱545
Gnocchi Spinachi – Soft Potato Gnocchi in Creamy Spinach and Goats Cheese Sauce₱390
Bolognese ala Papardelle – Classic Italian Dish With Rich Meat Sauce, Tomatoes, and Herbs₱545
Carbonara Luciano – Traditional Italian Pasta: Creamy Sauce With Guanciale, Egg Yolks, Pecorino Romano, and Black Pepper₱450
Cacio e Pepe – A Dish Showcasing a Combination of Pasta Tossed With Pecorino Romano Cheese and Black Pepper₱450
Pomodoro Basilico – Classic Italian Pasta Sauce, Also Known as Tomato and Basil, Celebrates the Simplicity and Freshness of These Two Ingredients₱415
Pasta Alla Vongole – A Pasta Dish That Showcases the Flavors of Manila Clams Cooked in White Wine, Garlic, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil₱450
Fettucine Alfredo – Homemade Fettuccine Pasta Tossed in a Creamy Cheese and Butter Sauce₱400
Tutti Formaggi Ravioli w/ Pomodoro & Brown Butter Sauce – Homemade Ravioli With Three Cheeses, Tangy Pomodoro₱420
Salted Egg Radiatori Pasta – Salted Egg Radiatori With Creamy Asian Spiced Sauce₱450
Seafood Pasta Alla Nonna – A Delightful Dish That Combines the Unique Flavors of Squid Ink Pasta With a Creamy and Tangy Tomato Sauce Infused With Pesto₱550
Fusilli Con Buratta – Delicious Pasta: Fusilli, Farm-Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, Olive Oil, and Creamy Burrata₱600
Tartufo Bianco – A Delightful and Luxurious Dish That Combines Homemade Pasta With a Rich and Creamy Sauce Infused With Truffle Flavors₱430
Cured Salmon Tagliatelle – A Flavorful Dish With Rich and Smoky Flavors of Cured Salmon With Tanginess of Lemon and the Richness of Butter and Cream₱450

Nonna’s Pizza Napoletana Mains

Porchetta Vegetables & Mashed Potatoes – A Traditional Italian Dish Consisting of Roasted Pork Belly That is Seasoned With a Variety of Herbs and Spices.₱680
Osso Buco W/ Buttered Risotto – A Classic Italian Dish That Features Tender, Braised Shanks Cooked in a Rich and Flavorful Sauce₱890
Pan Fried Salmon w/ Mashed Potatoes & Vegetables – Crispy-Skinned Salmon, Zesty Lemon Capers Cream Sauce, Velvety Mashed Potatoes, and Veggies₱600
Ribeye Steak w/ Pasta & Side Salad – A Mouthwatering Italian Dish That Celebrates the Beauty of a Perfectly Cooked Steak₱1450
Grilled White Snapper w/ Mashed Potato & Vegetables – Grilled White Snapper Shines in a Delicate Dish With Luscious Lemon Cream Caper Sauce₱450

Nonna’s Pizza Napoletana Takeout

Seafood Ala Nonna₱550₱1450₱2350
Cured Salmon Fettucine450₱1150₱1850
Fusilli Con Buratta₱600₱1600₱2600
Fettucine Alfredo₱400₱999₱1600
Gnocchi Spinachi₱390₱899₱1550
Pasta Ala Vongole₱450₱1150₱1850
Pomodoro Basilico₱415₱999₱1599
Wild Mushroom Ravioli₱545₱1400₱2399
3 Cheese Ravioli₱420₱1050₱1699
Salted Egg Radiatore₱450₱1100₱1799
Tartufo Bianco₱430₱1050₱1750
Bolognese Ala Papardelle₱545₱1435₱2350

Nonna’s Pizza Napoletana Opening Hours

Opened daily 11 AM–9 PM.

Nonna’s Pizza Napoletana Contact Information

Nonna’s Pizza Napoletana Philippines Address: Ground Floor, Building G, Ayala Malls Solenad, 3 Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Rd, Santa Rosa, Calabarzon, Philippines.

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956 523 2182

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