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The head chef at Nobu suggests sampling three or more of the “Eight Highlights” dishes if you’re a first-time diner. To get the most out of it, I recommend starting with two or three cold dishes and then moving on to two or three hot ones. To cap it all off, enjoy a dessert and some sushi. They all have a common familial style.

Here are a few of their well-known ones:

Six pieces of jalapeno and yellowtail sashimi with hints of garlic puree, garnished with cilantro and topped with jalapeno slices, served with Japanese citrus soy sauce. The flavor is elevated with each bite because of the cilantro.

Salad with Tuna Sashimi – Presented on a bed of field greens with Nobu Matsuhisa’s distinctive onion soy dressing, this salad has seven pieces of rare grilled tuna sashimi sprinkled with black pepper.

A Spicy Cream Sauce for Rock Shrimp Tempura – In a creamy, spicy sauce with hints of yuzu juice and shiitake mushrooms, a handful of batterer shrimp are “tempura” and tossed with a few pieces of greens dressed with a tangy yuzu dressing. The greens go well with it.

Nobu Dinner Menu:

Cold Dishes

Nobu Oyster
Oyster With Nobu Sauce 3 Pc Minimum Order₱336/pc
Bigeye Tuna Tataki with Ponzu₱820
Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno₱880
White Fish with Dry Miso820
Toro Tartar with Caviar₱1680
Yellowtail or Salmon Tartar with Caviar₱1150
Nobu Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna, Salmon, Crab₱690
Salmon Tataki with Karashi Su Miso₱990

Tiradito & Ceviche

Nobu White Fish Ceviche
White Fish₱820
Mixed Seafood Ceviche₱820
Lobster Ceviche₱1020

Nobu Style Taco

Price per Pc – 2 Pc Minimum Order
Nobu Style Taco
Pork Taco₱230
Tomato Salsa Tuna Taco₱240
Lobster, Wasabi Sour Cream Taco₱300
Salmon Spicy Miso Taco₱220

New Style Sashimi

Nobu White Fish Sashimi
Tofu Sashimi₱240
White Fish Sashimi₱820
Salmon Sashimi₱990
Oyster Sashimi₱1340


Nobu White Fish with Avocado Salad
Spicy Edamame₱160
Field Greens₱240
Tomato Matsuhisa Salad₱300
Kelp Salad₱380
Salmon Skin Salad₱780
Shiitake Salad₱280
Green Papaya Salad₱400
Warm Mushroom Salad₱560
Sashimi Salad₱980
Lobster Shitake Salad₱4000

Dishes Hot

Cream Spicy CrabM/P
Black Cod Butter Lettuce₱420/pc
King Crrab Amazu PonzuM/P
Nasu Miso₱320
Squid Pasta with Light Garlic Sauce₱900
Shrimp with Wasabi Pepper or Spicy Garlic Sauce₱1120
Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy, Creamy Jalapeno or Butter Ponzu₱1200
Salmon with Crispy Spinach and Yuzu Soy₱1560
King Crab Tempura Amazu PonzuM/P
Black Cod Miso₱2400
Shrimp and Lobster with Spicy Lemon Dressing₱2200
Chilean Sea Bass with Dry Miso, Black Bean or Umami₱3170
Lobster with Wasabi Pepper or Uni Butter₱3900

Specialty Tempura

Nobu Unagi Tempura Nigiri
Shojin Vegetables Tempura₱420
Shrimp Tempura₱980
Shrimp and Vegetables Tempura₱1180
Seafood Kakiage Tempura₱650

Nigiri & Sashimi

Price per Pc (2 Pcs Minimum Order)
Nobu Salmon Sashimi Salad
Belt Fish₱150
Bigeye Tuna₱200
Blue Fin Oh Toro₱750
Surf Clam₱200
Aori Squid₱150
Smelt Egg₱190
Fresh Water Eel₱270

Sushi / Maki

Nobu Sushi / Maki
Hand RollCut Roll
Bigeye Tuna₱290₱380
Spicy Bigeye Tuna₱280₱390
Salmon Avocado₱390₱490
Shrimp Tempura₱270₱380
Salmon Skin₱240₱390
House Special₱650
Soft Shell Crab₱620
Yelllow Tail Jalapeno₱525
Salmon New Style₱550

Assorted Platter

Sushi Ocean 8 – Chef Selection – 8 Pcs of Sushi With Miso Soup₱1550
Sushi Ocean 10 – Chef Selection – 10 Pcs of Sushi With Miso Soup₱1720
Sashimi Ocean 12 – Chef Selection – 12 Pcs of Sashimi, Bowl of Rice & Miso Soup₱1920
Nobu Pacific Rim – Chefs Selection – 8 Pcs of Sashimi, 5 Pcs of Sushi, Bowl of Rice & Miso Soup₱2880


Choice of Teriyaki, Wasabi-Pepper or Anticucho Sauce
Nobu Australian Tenderloin
Free Range Chicken₱1080
Australian Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin 180g₱2400
US Prime Dry Aged Ribeye₱8000

Brick Oven Dishes

Nobu Manila Style Kurobuta Pork Sisig
Seasonal Vegetables with Jalapeno Salsa₱485
Umami Marinated Whole Chicken₱1100
Nobu Manila Style Kurobuta Pork Sisig₱1960
Pork Belly Spicy Miso1960


Choice of Teriyaki or Anticucho Sauce
Vegetable Kushiyaki₱320
Chicken Kushiyaki₱400
Shrimp Kushiyaki₱710
Beef Kushiyaki₱740

Soup & Noodles

Nobu Aburaage Miso Soup
Miso Soup₱200
Mushroom Soup₱340
Clear Soup₱500
Spicy Seafood Soup₱580
Chilled Soba Noodles₱640
Yaki Udon₱590


Experience the Essence of Chef Matsuhisa Cuisine Multi-Course Omakase Menu
Nobu Omakase
Signature Omakase₱5000
Seasonal Omakase₱8000


Nobu Halo Halo
Bento Box – Molten Chocolate Cake & Green Tea Ice Cream₱440
Nobu Halo Halo – Coconut Water Snow, Yuzu Gelee, Green Tea Crisps, Adzuki Bean, Coconut Sesame Mochi, Sweet Condensed Milk & Ube Ice Cream₱420
Nobu Cheesecake – Pecan Crumble, Passion Fruit Sauce & Mixed Berry Sorbet₱440
Green Tea Chocolate Royale – Matcha Almond Jaconde, White Chocolate Green Tea Mousse, Passion Fruit Glaze & Strawberry Ice Cream₱480
Miso Capuccino – Candied Pecans, Coffee Creameux, Miso Foam & Vanilla Cream₱385
Selection Fresh Fruit₱420
Ice Cream or Sorbet₱100

Nobu Teppan Menu:


Teppan Menu 1 Includes:₱6000
Nobu Style Sashimi , Oyster Sashimi 3pc, Nobu Salsa, Maui Onion Salsa, Tiradito, Sashimi Salad, Matsuhisa Dressing, Chef Sushi Selection, Miso Soup, Shrimp Teppanyaki, Miso Yogurt and Dry Miso, Scallop, Jalapeno Cilantro, Australian Prime Tenderloin, Wasabi Pepper Sauce, Chicken Fried Rice, Bento Box, Chocolate Cake, Matcha Ice Cream
Teppan Menu 2 Includes:₱7000
Tuna Tartar and 1pcs Oyster, White Fish Tiradito, Yuzu and Lemon Juice, Chef Sushi Selection, AKA Miso Soup, With Asari Clam, Scallop Shiso Salsa, Sea Bass Corn Aji Amarillo, Australian Prime Tenderloin, Shishito Peppers, Pickled Bean Sprouts Sweet Soy Anticucho Sauce, Shrimp Fried Rice, Choice of Nobu Halo-Halo or Miso Capuccino
Teppan Menu 3 Includes:₱8500
Toro Tartar and 1pcs Oyster, Yellowtail Sashimi With Jalapeno, Chef Sushi Selection, Prawn Head Miso Soup, Sea Bass With Foie Gras, Plum Sake Sauce, Australian Prawn With Honey Anticucho, Wagyu Beef, Truffle Teriyaki Sauce and Cabbage Steak, XO Fried Rice, Choice of Nobu Halo-Halo or Miso Capuccino

A La Carte

Premium Japanese WagyuM/P 100g Minimum
Australian Prime Tenderloin 90g₱1400
Australian Prime Tenderloin 180g₱2380
Australian Prime Tenderloin 360g₱5600

Fresh Seafood

Chilean Sea Bass Plum Sake Sauce₱3200
Lobster Spicy Ponzu₱4400
Tiger Shrimp Miso Yogurt₱1000
Scallop Cilantro₱2000
King Crab Aji AmarilloM/P

Side Dishes

Spicy Edamame₱160
Teppanyaki Vegetable₱345

Fried Rice

XO Fried Rice₱400 / ₱1200
Beef Fried Rice₱400 / ₱1200
Kani Fried Rice₱420 / ₱1250
Shrimp Fried Rice₱350 / ₱1050
Wagyu Beef Fried Rice₱1190 / ₱3570

Nobu History

Nobu Matsuhisa established his namesake restaurant in Los Angeles in 1987. Matsuhisa was approached by Robert De Niro in 1989 with the suggestion that he launch a restaurant in Tribeca, Manhattan. Matsuhisa turned down De Niro’s offer, even though he found it appealing since he felt he needed to put his Los Angeles restaurant on stable ground first. The second time De Niro brought up the concept to Matsuhisa was in 1994, and this time, Matsuhisa was on board.

Matsuhisa cemented his unique style—a fusion of Japanese techniques and Peruvian ingredients—during his time in Lima, Peru. Matsuhisa, De Niro, restaurateur Drew Nieporent, and investor Meir Teper formed a partnership in 1994, and the inaugural Nobu restaurant debuted to the public on September 17, 1994. Black cod with miso is Nobu’s most well-known specialty.

By 1997, the inaugural Nobu restaurant to be located outside of America had opened in London. There are 56 locations across the globe as of the year 2023. Within Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, the inaugural Nobu Hotel debuted in 2013. Two years down the road, in May of 2015, Nobu debuted a hotel in Manila, Philippines’ City of Dreams. Crown Resorts spent $100 million in October of that year to acquire a 20% interest in Nobu. The chain’s occupancy rate reached 13 rooms by the end of 2020. The inaugural Nobu Hotel in the Southeast region debuted in Atlanta, Georgia, around the end of November 2022.

Nobu Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM / Friday – Saturday: 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM.

Nobu Contact Information

Nobu Philippines Address: Level 1 Nobu North Tower. Asean Ave, City of Dreams, Parañaque, Philippines

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