Nathaniel’s Bakeshop Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop is a bakery and restaurant famous for serving the Buko Pandan Salad that is traditional to the province of Pampanga. You can choose from various Filipino foods, such as mouthwatering noodle dishes, pancit malabon, dishes made with fish and shrimp, and many others. You must get their buko salad because it is so delectable, velvety, and has a flavor that is out of this world!

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop Menu:


Nathaniel's Bakeshop Kutsinta
Cassava Cake Big₱320
Cassava Cake Small₱200
Halaya Ube (Container)₱165
Halaya Ube Small₱320
Kutsinta 25 pcs.₱70
Kutsinta 50 pcs.₱140
Maja Blanca (Container)₱165
Maja Blanca Small₱320
Pichi-Pichi 20 pcs.₱115
Pichi-Pichi 30 pcs.₱210
Puto Pao Chicken 1pc.₱45
Puto Pao Chicken 20 pcs.₱790
Puto Pao Chicken 6 pcs.₱250
Puto Pao Pork 1pc.₱45
Puto Pao Pork 20 pcs.₱775
Puto Pao Pork 6 pcs.₱250
Puto Puti/Assorted 15 pcs₱100
Puto Puti/Assorted 45 pcs₱270
Puto Ube 15 pcs.₱110
Rice Cake Big₱285
Rice Cake Small₱180
Sapin-Sapin (Container)₱165
Sapin-Sapin Small₱320
Tibok-Tibok (Container)₱170
Tibok-Tibok Small₱385
Mochi 20 Pcs.₱275
Mochi 20 1cs.₱175


Nathaniel's Bakeshop Boat Tarts
Boat Tarts 10 pcs.₱165
Brownies 20 pcs.₱210
Brownies 8 pcs.₱100
Chocolate Crinkles 10 pcs.₱110
Macapuno Tarts 12 pcs.₱230
Macapuno Tarts 16 pcs.₱320
Macaroons 15 pcs₱200
Sansrival Plain 5 Pcs.₱155
Sansrival Plain 10 Pcs.₱275
Silvannas Salted Egg 5 Pcs.₱155
Silvannas Salted Egg 10 Pcs.₱330
Pastillas (Ube or Plain)₱165
Polvoron (Assorted, Cashew, Cookies & Cream, Pinipig, Plain)₱185


Nathaniel's Bakeshop Cheese Roll
Cheese Roll 12 pcs.₱330
Cheese Mamon 12 pcs₱200
Cheese Cupcake 12pcs.₱220
Fruit Cupcake 12 pcs.₱240
Banana Cupcake 12 pcs.₱240
Pandesal 12 pcs.₱90
Ube Cheese Pandesal 12 pcs₱155
Ensaymada Ube Regular 1 pc.₱60
Ensaymada Ube Regular 12 pc.₱350
Ensaymada Regular Plain 1 pc.₱55
Ensaymada Plain Small 12 pcs.₱330
Banana Chips 200g₱175


Nathaniel's Bakeshop Egg Pie
Egg Pie 6 pcs.₱245
Buko Pie 6 pcs.₱265
Chicken Pie 6 pcs.₱330
Macapuno Pie 6 pcs.₱250


Nathaniel's Bakeshop Siomai
Siomai 5 pcs.₱95
Siomai 10 pcs.₱170
Siomai 20 pcs.₱330
Siomai 30 pcs.₱495
Siomai 50 pcs.₱825
Frozen Siomai 20 pcs.₱330


Nathaniel's Bakeshop Asado Regular
Asado Regular 1pc.₱45
Asado Regular 10 pcs.₱350
Asado Small 10 pcs.₱240
Bola-Bola Regular 1 pc.₱50
Bola-Bola Regular 10 pcs.₱425


Nathaniel's Bakeshop Juices
Buko Pandan Juice₱75
Buko Juice₱75
Black Gulaman80
Calamansi Juice75


Nathaniel's Bakeshop Cakes
Cake Rolls
Mocha Roll Half₱295
Mocha Roll Whole₱530
Chocolate Roll Half₱295
Chocolate Roll Whole₱530
Caramel Roll Half₱295
Caramel Roll Whole₱530
Yema Roll Half₱295
Yema Roll Whole₱530
Round Cakes (8″)
Pandan Cake₱570
Mocha Cake570
Ube Cake570
Chocolate Cake₱625
Yema Cake570
Caramel Cake625
Double Delight570
Black Forest₱625
White Forest₱625
Custard Cake₱390


Nathaniel's Bakeshop Leche Flan
Buko Pandan Salad 1 Gallon₱1210
Buko Pandan Salad Half Gallon₱660
Buko Pandan Salad 1/4 Gallon₱405
Buko Pandan Salad Pint 300g₱220
Buko Pandan Salad Cup₱60
Fruit Salad Half Gallon₱825
Fruit Salad Small 1/4 Gallon₱440
Fruit Salad Cup₱65
Buko Mango Salad 1/4 Gallon₱530
Leche Flan₱165
Taho 700g₱255

Frozen Items

Nathaniel's Bakeshop Chinese Kikiam
Relyenong Bangus₱375
Skinless Longganisa 14 pcs.₱240
Burger Patties 4 pcs.₱375
Pork Barbecue 5 sticks₱420
Chinese Kikiam 5 pcs.₱385
Pork Dumplings 20 pcs.₱350
Kapampangan Sisig 350g₱365
Chicharon Bulaklak 500g₱350
Kobe Chicken₱395
Chicken Feet₱270
Native Longganisa₱220

Other Items

Allies Cashew 100g₱300
Allies Cashew 375g₱630
Assorted Gummies₱55
Atsara Big₱320
Atsara Small₱190
Banana Chips 200g₱175
Bangkok Tamarind₱110
Burong Hipon₱220
Butcheron (Regular/Spicy) 200g₱375
Butong Pakwan 1 kilo₱480
Butong Pakwan 500g₱265
Carp Fish Chicharon₱85
Chicharon Bagnet₱220
Chicharon Laman (Plain or Splicy)₱255
Chili Oil₱110
Chili Paste₱220
Cookies Lollies₱65
Cheese Corn Puffs₱165
Corn Pop Big₱60
Corn Pop Small₱30
Cornick 200g₱90
Cornick (Mixed)₱90
Crackle Salted Egg Chicharon₱280
Crackle Salted Egg Potato Chips280
Davao Tablea 300g₱330
Dried Mango Strips 100g₱105
Edelyn’s Cashew 300g₱530
Edelyn’s Peanut 300g₱310
Edelyn’s Peanut 500g₱360
Ensaladang Ampalaya₱270
Fish Cracker₱70
Fish Cracker with Vinegar₱100
Hopia Baboy₱110
Hopia Hapon110
Hopia Monggo110
Hopio Monggo Dice110
Hopia Pork Floss₱160
Hopia Ube Dice₱110
Jacobina Biscuits₱350
Kangkong Chips Plain/Sour Cream₱140
Katlein’s Garlic Chips₱220
Katlein’s Mixed Nuts₱235
Mamon Tostado Jar (Ocampo’s)₱410
Mamon Tostado Pack (Ocampo’s)₱200
Mamon Tostado Nathaniel’s₱70
Marzipan 16₱220
Marzipan 50₱660
Marzipan 6₱95
Min’s Crispy Mushroom Chicharon₱155
Nathaniel’s Adobo Mani 5/1₱145
Nathaniel’s Adobo Mani Plain 200g₱140
Nathaniel’s Adobo Mani Spicy 200g140
Nathaniel’s Cashew 200g₱300
Nathaniel’s Fried Peanut Plain 200g₱85
Nathaniel’s Fried Peanut Spicy 20085
Otap Thin₱225
Paborita Biscuits₱260
Peanut Nougat₱105
Peanut Roll₱110
Sampalok Balls₱145
Sesame Rolls₱115
Special Pork Chicharon₱60
Taba ng Talangka₱460
Turrones De Casoy Can₱605
Turrones De Casoy Pack₱235
Uraro Cookies₱315
Wow Kasoy 125g₱225
Wow Kasoy 300g₱500
Wow Mani 400g₱275
Wow Mani 550g₱350
Yema Balls₱75

Rice Meals

Nathaniel's Bakeshop Porkchop Steak
Adobo w/ Egg₱220
Beef Steak₱275
Beef Caldereta₱275
BBQ Liempo₱265
Grilled Liempo w/ Sampaloc Sauce₱265
Sizzling Daing na Bangus₱220
Sizzling Golden Chicken₱295
Burger Steak₱220
Porkchop Steak220
Roast Beef₱310
Quarter Leg Fried Chicken₱220
Porkchop Rice220
Pork Barbecue Rice220
Beef Tapa Rice155
Embotido Rice₱175

Short Order

Nathaniel's Bakeshop Dinuguan
Sizzling Bangus Sisig₱220
Beef Nilaga₱275
Tokwa’t Baboy₱165
Fresh Lumpia₱165
Pork Barbecue 5 sticks₱350

Cognee & Noodle Soup

Nathaniel's Bakeshop Chicken Arroz Caldo
Chicken Arroz Caldo₱175
Beef Mami₱200
Beef Wanton Mami₱220
Chicken Mami₱175
Chicken Wanton Mami₱220
Sotanghon Soup₱165

Pasta & Pancit

Baked Macaroni210
Pancit Regular (Palabok, Pancit Guisado, Pancit Canton, Sotanghon Guisado, Miki Bion)₱165


Halo-Halo Regular₱165
Halo-Halo Special₱200
Mais Con Yelo₱130

Bilaos & Food Trats

Pancit Large Bilao (Any Pancit)₱1045
Pancit Medium Bilao (Any Pancit)₱880
Spaghetti Large Bilao₱1210
Spaghetti Medium Bilao₱990
Lasagna/Baked Macaroni₱2750
Large Tray
Lasagna/Baked Macaroni₱1980
Medium Tray
Roast Beef Large Tray₱4400
Roast Beef Medium Tray₱3300

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop History

The first Nathaniel’s Bakeshop was established in 1994 in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines, and the business has since grown to encompass more than 12 locations across the country. Fernando and Nelly Co, a former store cashier, founded this restaurant company.

Nelly Co only had an initial capital of P2,000 to start her modest business in their family garage, and most of the chain’s current success can be attributed to Nelly’s recipes. In addition to building several outlets across the country, Nathaniel’s Bakeshop has also begun selling its famous meals in the ready-to-cook form in supermarkets nationwide through its expansion into the frozen food industry.

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop Online Delivery Information

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop offers a delivery service, with a delivery fee that starts at ₱50 for the first 5 kilometers, with no minimum purchase required. You can also find them on food delivery services such as Foodpanda & Grabfood.

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop Branch Finder

Currently, Nathaniel’s Bakeshop has over 12 branches across the Philippines. You can find the nearest Nathaniel’s Bakeshop in the list below.

  • San Fernando Main: Km. 69 Jose Abad Santos Ave., Brgy. Dolores, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Telephone: 0919 913 1431 / (045) 961 7171
  • Don Bonifacio: F.G Nepomuceno Ave., Pulung Maragul, Angeles City, Pampanga, Telephone: 0919 913 1430 / (045) 458 2748 4-46
  • Tarlac City: City Walk, Zamora St., Brgy. San Roque, Tarlac City, Tarlac, Telephone: 0919 913 2378 / (047) 491 2066
  • SM Pampanga: G/F SM City Pampanga Jose Abad Santos Ave., San Fernando Pampanga, Telephone: 0946 192 5848
  • Marquee Mall: Ground Floor SM City Pampanga Jose Abad Santos Ave., San Fernando Pampanga, Telephone: 0946 192 5848
  • SM City Clark: G/F SM City Clark, M. Roxas St., Brgy. Malabanias, Angeles City, Pampanga, Telephone: 0919 913 1419
  • Subic: L2 B18, Dewey Ave. cor. Aguinaldo St., Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City, Telephone: 0919 913 2376 / (047) 250 3435
  • Alabang: Sycamore Arcade Alabang-Zapote Rd, Brgy. Cupang, Muntinlupa City, Telephone: 0919 913 1425 / (02) 8403 8784
  • Katipunan: 221-E Katipunan Ave., Project 4 Quezon City, Telephone: 0998 568 6375 /(02) 8442 5387
  • Timog: ITC Commercial Complex, Timog Ave. cor. Panay Ave., Quezon City, Telephone: 0919 913 2379 / (02) 8921 1959
  • Cainta: RS City Square Junction, Ortigas Extension, Cainta, Rizal, Telephone: 0999 226 7232 / (02) 82517268
  • San Juan: Metro Pointe Center, N. Averilla cor. P. Guevarra Sts., San Juan City, Telephone: 0919 913 1422 / (02) 8571 2977

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop Contact Information

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop Philippines Head Office Address: Km. 69 Jose Abad Santos Ave., Brgy. Dolores, City of San Fernando

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