Mr. Kimbob Korean BBQ Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Mr. Kimbobs is a franchise of Korean BBQ restaurants known for its distinctive Bibimbob dish that has gained fame worldwide. Mr. Kimbob excels in giving the best flavour of Korean cuisine in ample servings at an amazing value, and its outlets are primarily located in the Philippines’ premier malls.

Mr. Kimbob Branch

Mr. Kimbob is so dedicated to providing an authentic Korean dining experience that they only use ingredients native to South Korea. Every location is held to the firm’s highest standards, from the cleanliness of the kitchens and dining spaces to the observance of safe food-handling procedures to the friendliness and professionalism of the Team Members who serve the clients.

Mr. Kimbob Menu:


Mr. Kimbob Meals
Beef Bulgogi₱209
Meat Lover’s₱139
Beef Japchae Dubbob139
Classic Kimchi Beef Fried Rice139
Mr. Chix Bites₱155
Spicy Squid₱185
Classic Samgyupsal185
BBQ Samgyupsal185
Spicy Samgyupsal185
BBQ Kalbisal₱229
BBQ Dakgalbi₱159
Spicy Dakgalbi159
Add Ons for Any Meal
Double Meat+₱39
Combo (Includes 1 12oz Drink)+₱79

Noodles and Extras

Mr. Kimbob Noodles
Japchae with Beef Regular₱129
Japchae with Beef Small₱75
Tteokbokki Regular₱149
Tteokbokki Small₱85
Odeng Bokkeum Regular₱109
Odeng Bokkeum Small₱59
Mandu (4pcs)₱85
Kimchi Jeon₱79
Kimchi Small₱45
Kimchi Large₱65
Kimchi Tray₱309
Mr. Big Savers₱619

Add Ons

Mr. Kimbob Special Sauce₱30
Plain Rice₱25
Fried Egg₱25


Canned Drinks₱45
Upsize to 16oz Drink₱13
Upsize to 22oz Drink₱18
Bottled Water₱25

Mr. Kimbob History

Mr. Kimbob’s story begins in a picturesque farming community outside Seoul, South Korea. Mr. Kimbo found solace in rice fields and vegetable farms. He would join his farmer buddies in the fields for planting and harvesting whenever possible. His greatest fascination was with the development of various herb and vegetable plants.

The Bibimbob is Mr. Kimbob’s favourite meal of all time. The colourful mixture of rice, pork, and vegetables is visually appealing and tastes great. Mr. Kimbob has always been eager to combine everything in his bowl before digging in and enjoying every last bite.

Mr. Kimbob is still following his aim of bringing innovative Korean cuisine to the masses by opening new locations across the country, bringing the total number of company-owned restaurants to 41. Mr. Kimbob became well-known after a massive statewide expansion to raise brand recognition and increase market share in the competitive Korean restaurant industry.

Online Delivery Information

To arrange a pickup or a delivery, you can find a direct telephone number for each of branch below (follow the link).

Mr. Kimbob Branch Finder

Currently, they have 41 branches across the Philippines (mostly in the bigger malls). Follow this link to find the location name and a direct telephone number for each of their locations.

Contact Information

Philippines Head Office Address: 352 Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong City 1552 Metro Manila, Philippines

Call Us

+632 7239 6250


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