Mister Kabab Persian Food Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Mister Kabab offers gourmet cuisine from the Middle East and the Mediterranean, as well as nutritious and delicious food. Famous for its Kababs, which are lean and tender chunks of meat marinated with its distinctive blend of spices and one-of-a-kind sauce, this restaurant is known for its Kababs. The intimate space is warm, pleasant, and exotic; it is furnished with hardwood tables and chairs; the lighting is low; the mood is restful; and the service is cordial.

Mister Kabab Branch
Mister Kabab Branch

Mister Kabab Menu:


Mister Kabab Appetizer Platter
Spicy Squash with Yoghurt₱265
Eggplant with Egg₱315
Spinach with Egg315
Zucchini with Yoghurt315
Appetizer Platter₱840
Eggplant with Whey Sauce₱290


Malokhia Soup₱190
Pumpkin Soup₱225
Shile Soup₱240
Shorba Soup₱265

Shawarma Sandwiches

Mister Kabab Shawarma Sandwich
Kabab Sandwich Chicken Ground₱235
Kabab Sandwich Beef Ground₱245
Kabab Sandwich Lamb Ground₱265
Kabab Sandwich Chicken Shish₱235
Kabab Sandwich Lamb Shish₱375
Kabab Sandwich Beef Shish₱345
Cheese Burger Chicken₱250
Cheese Burger Beef₱290
Cheese Burger Lamb₱300
Cheese Burger Chicken with Fries & Soda₱345
Cheese Burger Beed with Fries & Soda₱385
Cheese Burger Lamb with Fries & Soda₱375


Mister Kabab
Chicken Chelo Kabab₱315
Chicken Special Chelo Kabab₱340
Beef Chelo Kabab340
Beef Special Chelo Kabab₱375
Lamb Chelo Kabab₱350
Lamb Special Chelo Kabab₱500
Mixed Special Choice₱365
Platter (Two Stick of Each Chicken, Beef and Lamb)₱1040
Kebab Stick Chicken Ground₱200
Kebab Stick Beef Ground₱215
Kebab Stick Lamb Ground₱240
Kebab Stick Chicken Shish₱215
Chicken Chelo Kabab315
Kabab Stick beef Shish₱315
Kabab Stick Lamb Shish₱340


Mister Kabab Saffron Chicken
Potato Cutlet₱225
Chicken Liver Dish₱275
Keema with Eggplant₱250
MK Fried Chicken325
Fried Boneless Bangus₱315
Shawarma Plate₱345
Pan Fried Saffron Fish340
Pan Fried Saffron Chicken₱365
Shrimp and Mushroom₱375
Beef Abghoust400
Classic Cheese Pizza₱400
Spicy Vegetable Keema Pizza₱440
Beef Salami Pizza₱565
Meaty Pizza₱625


Good for 2
Vegetable Korma₱375
Chicken Korma₱400
Fish Korma425
Beef Korma450
Shrimp Korma465
Lamb Korma₱615


Mister Kabab Vegetables
Spinach with Yoghurt315
Stuffed Bellpepper315
Vegetable Korma₱475


Shirazi Salad₱250
Cabbage Salad265


All Sizzling Serverd with Local Rice
Mister Kabab Sizzling
Sizzling Kangkong with Beans₱240
Sizzling Chicken Kabab₱275
Sizzling Beef Kabab ₱310
Sizzling Kabab Lamb ₱315
Sizzling Burger Chicken265
Sizzling Persian Burger315
Sizzling Keema with Eggplant300
Sizzling Chicken Fillet340
Sizzling Keema365
Sizzling T-Bone₱565
Tenderloin Tips₱490
Sizzling Lamb Chop₱740

From the Grill

Grilled Tomato and Onion₱100
Grilled Tomato100
Grilled Onion115
Chicken Liver₱190
Grilled Fish Fillet₱290
Chicken Barbecue₱365


Mister Kabab Biryani Rice
Plain Rice (Solo)₱65
Plain Rice (Sharing)₱100
Basmati Rice (Solo)₱115
Basmati Rice (Sharing)₱160
Biryani Rice (Solo)₱150
Biryani Rice (Sharing)₱225
Upside Down₱290


Pita Bread₱40
Barbari (Persian Bread)₱75
Fried Egg₱35
French Fries₱110
Korma Sauce₱125
Plain Yoghurt125

For Take Out

Garlic Sauce Bottle 500ml₱245
Garlic Suace (Cup)₱20
Hot Sauce Bottle 250ml₱220
Yoghurt (1 Kilo)₱375
Yoghurt (Half Kilo)₱150


Beef Ground Kabab (6pcs)₱610
Chicken Ground Kabab (6pcs)₱535
Keema (400g)₱450
Lamb Chop (500g)1015
Motabal (Regular 230g)₱425
Motabal (Large 430g)₱565
Hommus (Regular 230g)₱385
Hommus (Large 430g)520
Samosa (Veg. w/ Keema) 6 pcs260
Samosa (Spinach) 6 pcs.₱300
Pita Bread (5pcs)₱145
Beef Patty (400g)₱500
Chicken Patty (400g)₱350
Lamb Ground Kabab (6pcs)₱740
Chicken Barbecue (6pcs)₱425
T-Bone (330g)₱520
Flafel (500g)₱425


Mister Kabab Brewed Coffee
Bottled Water₱50
Iced Tea₱95
Pepsi Regular₱75
Pepsi Max75
Root beer75
Mountain Dew75
Pineapple Juice75
(LIPA) Fresh Coconut Water₱90
Yoghurt Shake₱120
Cucumber Shake₱110
Cucumber Yoghurt Shake₱135
Mango Fresh Fruit Shake120
Green Mango Fresh Fruit Shake120
Melon Fresh Fruit Shake120
Strawberry Fresh Fruit Shake₱135
Mango w/yoghurt Fresh Fruit Shake₱145
G. Mango w/yoghurt Fresh Fruit Shake145
Strawberry w/yoghurt Fresh Fruit Shake₱160
Banana Fresh Fruit Shake₱120
Watermelon Fresh Fruit Shake120
Avocado Fresh Fruit₱135
Kiwi Fresh Fruit Shake135
Banana w/Yoghurt Fresh Fruit Shake145
Kiwi w/Yoghurt Fresh Fruit Shake₱160
Avocado w/Yoghurt Fresh Fruit Shake160
Brewed Coffee₱95
Green Tea95
Black Tea95

Mister Kabab History

Mister Kabab was first introduced to the Quezon City area in 1987 by two college students who operated a humble food stall. They provide kababs wrapped in pita bread as an option on the menu. Over time, they earned a reputation as the premier location to enjoy delicious and reasonably priced middle eastern cuisine.

Mister Kabab Online Delivery Information

Deliveries are available through Grabfood.

Mister Kabab Branch Finder & Opening Hours

There are 10 Mister Kabab locations in the philippines, below we list branch address, direct telephone numbers and daily opening hours.

  • West Avenue: 31 West Ave. Nayong Kanluran Quezon City, Telephone: 8351-26-47 / 0936-957-5918, Opened 24hr, Closed on Tuesdays 3AM – 6AM
  • Fisher Mall: 2F Fishermall Quezon Ave. Sta. Cruz 1 Quezon City, Telephone: 8294-32-60 / 0956-229-3047, Opened Monday to Sunday – 10:00am to 9:00pm
  • Rolex Place, West Fairview: 2nd Floor, The Rolex Place, West Fairview, Telephone: 8356-3006 / 0956-533-3459, Opened Monday to Sunday – 10:30AM to 9:00PM
  • Manhattan Parkview, Cubao: G/F Unit 002 Manhattan Parkview Araneta Center, Cubao, Telephone: 8288-40-30 / 0956-229-2987, Opened Monday to Sunday -10:30AM to 9:00PM
  • Mezza Residences: Units 119-120 Mezza Res Aurora Blvd. Cor. Araneta, Telephone: 8714-89-19 / 0977-443-8935, Opened Monday to Sunday -10:00AM to 9:00PM
  • SM North: City Center 3rd Level , SM City North EDSA, Telephone: 8251 6112 / 0956-387-0593, Opened During Mall Hours
  • Kalayaan Ave. Diliman: #33 Kalayaan Ave, Diliman Quezon City, Telephone: 8661 7693 / 0927-432-4467, Opened 07:00 AM to 03:00 AM Daily
  • Pearl Plaza, Ortigas: 2nd floor Pearl Plaza Bldg Pearl Drive Ortigas San Antonio Pasig City, Telephone: 8584-38-33 / 0966-625-0382, Opened Monday to Sunday -10:30AM to 9:30PM
  • Shell Residence: L 111-113 Shell Residences EDSA extension corner sunrise drive, brgy. 76 zone 10 Pasay City, Telephone: 8815-6661 / 0966-487-2862, Opened Monday to Sunday -10:00AM to 10:30PM
  • SM BF Homes: 2/F SM City BF, Dr. A. Santos Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque City, Telephone: 8716-9841 / 0967-295-4468, Opened During Mall Hours

Mister Kabab Contact Information

Mister Kabab Philippines Head Office Address: 31 West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

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