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In both the United States of America and Canada, the most well-known and frequented burger fast food chain is McDonald’s. Both the hut roof, also known as the double mustard roof, which was introduced in 1968 and the big yellow eyebrow with beige bricks, which was introduced in 1996, are the two styles that are currently available for buildings.

McDonald's Branch
McDonald’s Branch

In 1940, Richard and Maurice, two brothers, started a restaurant in San Bernardino, California, which was the beginning of their successful business. The White Castle hamburger business had already put into practice the fundamentals of the modern fast-food restaurant more than two decades before the company’s launch of the “Speedee Service System” in 1948. It allowed the company to develop these fundamentals further.

McDonald’s Menu:


*** Based on McDelivery Prices ***
McDonald's Breakfast
2-pc. Hotcakes & Sausage Meal₱115₱174
2-pc. Hotcakes with Hashbrown Meal₱137
Sausage McMuffin w/ Egg Meal115179
Sausage McMuffin Meal₱95₱150
Egg McMuffin Meal₱103₱160
Cheesy Eggdesal w/ Sausage Meal₱108₱162
Cheesy Eggdesal w/ Ham Meal₱97₱154
Cheesy Eggdesal Meal₱77₱134
Big Breakfast Meal₱165₱182
2-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak w/ Egg Meal₱153₱212
1-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak w/ Egg Meal₱123₱182
Sausage w/ Egg Meal₱135₱190
Longganisa w/ Egg Meal₱135₱190
McCrispy Chicken Fillet w/ Egg Meal₱119₱174
McCrispy Chicken Fillet Ala King w/ Egg Meal₱122₱177
1-pc. Chicken McDo w/ Egg Meal₱169₱230
1-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo & Egg Meal₱175₱236
2-pc. Chicken McDo w/ Egg Meal₱225₱282
2-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo & Egg Meal₱237₱294

Group Meals

McDonald's Group Meals
Snack Burger McShare – Comes with 3 Burgers of your choice, 3 Apple Pies, and 1 BFF Fries₱380
McShare Bundle for 3 – Comes with 6-pc. Chicken McDo, 1 BFF Fries, 3 Rice, 3 Drinks.₱612
McShare Bundle for 4 – Comes with 8-pc. Chicken McDo, 2 BFF Fries, 4 Rice, and 4 Drinks₱842
6-pc. Chicken McShare Box₱399
8-pc. Chicken McShare Box₱519
McSpaghetti Platter (Good for 4-5 persons)₱199
10-pc. Chicken McNuggets₱175
20-pc. Chicken McNuggets₱350
BFF Fries N’ McFloat Combo₱282
BFF Shake Shake Fries BBQ N’ McFloat Combo₱284
BFF Shake Shake Fries Cheese N’ McFloat Combo₱284
10-pc. Chicken McNuggets₱175
20-pc. Chicken McNuggets₱350


McDonald's Chicken
10-pc. Chicken McNuggets175
20-pc. Chicken McNuggets₱350
Mega Meal – Spicy Chicken McDo w/ Rice & McSpaghetti209219224
1-pc. Chicken McDo & Fries Meal99176189
1-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo & Fries Meal105182195
Mega Meal – Chicken McDo w/ Fries & McFlurry195223248
Mega Meal – Spicy Chicken McDo w/ Fries & McFlurry199227252
Mega Meal – Spicy Chicken McDo w/ Fries & Burger McDo197225250
6-pc. Chicken McNuggets w/ Fries Meal₱175203228
6-pc. Chicken McNuggets w/ Rice Meal172182187
6-pc. Chicken McNuggets99
McCrispy Chicken Fillet w/ Fries Meal82156181
McCrispy Chicken Fillet Ala King w/ Fries Meal89₱163₱188
2-pc. Chicken McDo & Fries Meal₱185₱281₱306
2-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo & Fries Meal₱197₱293₱318
1-pc. Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti & Fries Meal₱155₱251₱276
1-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti & Fries Meal₱161₱257₱282


McDonald's Burgers
Big Mac Meal₱243₱271₱296
Big Mac and Twister Fries Meal₱285₱291₱296
Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese Meal₱243₱271296
Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese Meal₱299₱327₱352
Triple Cheeseburger Meal245273298
Double Cheeseburger Meal₱199₱227₱252
Cheeseburger Meal₱145₱173₱198
Double Cheeseburger w/ Lettuce & Tomatoes Meal₱234₱262₱287
Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, Lettuce, & Tomatoes Meal₱278₱306₱331
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich w/ Lettuce & Tomatoes Meal₱167₱195₱220
McChicken Meal₱187₱215₱240
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich Meal₱132₱160₱185
Burger McDo Meal₱115₱143₱168
Burger McDo w/ Lettuce & Tomatoes Meal₱150₱178₱203
Double Big Mac Meal₱303₱331₱356
The BCB Meal₱236₱264₱289
Double McChicken Meal₱220₱248₱273


McDonald's McSpaghetti
McSpaghetti w/ Fries Meal₱135₱163₱188
McSpaghetti w/ Burger McDo Meal₱132₱142₱147
McSpaghetti Meal₱89₱99₱104
Mega Meal – Spicy Chicken McDo w/ Rice & McSpaghetti₱209₱219₱224

Rice Bowls

McDonald's Rice Bowls
2-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak & Fries Meal₱173₱201₱226
1-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak & Fries Meal₱119₱147₱172

Desserts & Drinks

McDonald's Desserts
McFlurry with Oreo₱62
Hot Fudge Sundae₱55
Hot Caramel Sundae₱55
Apple Pie₱43
Coke McFloat (Medium)₱57
Coke McFloat (Large)₱79
Coke (Small)₱65
Coke (Medium)₱75
Coke (Large)₱85
Coke Zero (Small)₱65
Coke Zero (Medium)75
Coke Zero (Large)85
Sprite (Small)65
Sprite (Medium)75
Sprite (Large)85
Orange Juice (Small)₱72
Orange Juice (Medium)82
Orange Juice (Large)92
Pineapple Juice (Small)72
Pineapple Juice (Medium)82
Pineapple Juice (Large)92
Iced Tea (Small)72
Iced Tea (Medium)82
Iced Tea(Large)92


McDonald's McCafé
McCafé Premium Roast Coffee₱57₱67
McCafé Coffee Float₱82
McCafé Iced Coffee Original₱61₱71
McCafé Iced Coffee Vanilla₱72₱92
McCafé Iced Coffee Chocolate7292

Fries & Extras

McDonald's Fries
Twister Fries Regular₱98
Twister Fries Sharing₱221
BFF Fries₱169
Fries (Medium)₱83
Fries (Large)₱105
Shake Shake Fries BBQ (Medium)₱93
Shake Shake Fries BBQ (Large)₱115
Shake Shake Fries BBQ (BBQ Fries)₱189
Shake Shake Fries Cheese (Medium)93
Shake Shake Fries Cheese (Large)115
Shake Shake Fries Cheese (BBQ Fries)189
Large Fries N’ McFloat Combo₱135
Shake Shake Fries BBQ N’ McFloat Combo₱123
Shake Shake Fries Cheese N’ McFloat Combo₱123
Large Shake Shake Fries Cheese N’ McFloat Combo₱148
Extra Plain Rice₱39
Extra Gravy₱11
Extra BBQ Powder₱10
Extra McSpaghetti Sauce₱25
Extra McCrispy Chicken Fillet Ala King Sauce₱11
Extra Mushroom Pepper Steak Sauce₱11
Extra BBQ Sauce₱17
Extra Sweet N’ Sour Sauce17
Extra Mayonnaise17
Extra Cheese17
Tartar Sauce17
Thousand Island Sauce18
Buttered Corn₱53

Happy Meal & McDo Party Box

Happy Meal Meal w/ SideMeal
1-pc. Chicken McDo Happy Meal₱185₱159
4-pc. Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal₱147₱122
McSpaghetti Happy Meal₱140₱115
Burger McDo Happy Meal₱129₱104
McDo Party Box
McDo Party Box 999 (Good for 5)₱999

McDonald’s History

In 1981, McDonald’s International partnered with McGeorge Food Industries of Filipino Yang to enter the Philippine market. It was necessary because the country had a policy prohibiting majority foreign ownership. As a result, Yang’s company was awarded the sole and exclusive license to handle McDonald’s businesses in the Philippines. By the time the 1990s rolled around, 375 McDonald’s restaurants were already in operation in the Philippines, of which approximately 150 were run by local franchises.

George T. Yang was a Chinese-Filipino businessman who resided in the United States throughout the 1970s and brought McDonald’s to the Philippines. Despite living in the United States during that time, Yang never ate at a McDonald’s restaurant during his time there. Yang conducted a study on the operations of fast-food businesses. In 1974, he contacted the headquarters of McDonald’s in Illinois with a proposal for the rights to operate stores in the Philippines.

Yang was aware of the fast food chain’s success in North America and its growing presence in other areas of the world. In the beginning, the company disregarded Yang’s proposals, yet he never stopped reminding them of his business interest in the company. In 1976, representatives from McDonald’s International sent a delegation to the Philippines to perform a feasibility study on establishing a presence in the Philippine market. The purpose of this study was to determine whether McDonald’s would be possible to enter the Philippine market.

Other than Yang, McDonald’s International also considered entering into business partnerships with other local companies to develop a foothold in the Philippines. Yang marketed himself as a “long-term partner” and volunteered to work in British Hong Kong. While there, he networked with the business associate of the holder of the master franchise in the city and worked with uniformed personnel at an outlet in Kowloon. In addition, Yang worked at a casino in Macau. After deciding to grant Yang the master franchise in 1980, Yang quickly opened the first Filipino McDonald’s restaurant the following year on Morayta Street in Sampaloc, located in the University Belt district of Manila.

In 2018, McDonald’s Philippines began rolling out its NXTGEN system, which featured the installation of self-ordering kiosks, updated menu boards, the acceptance of card payments, a split counter system, and specially trained Guest Experience Leaders throughout the country. On October 5, it inaugurated its flagship NXTGEN location at McKinley West in Fort Bonifacio, in Taguig, Metro Manila.

McDonald’s Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the McDonald’s Website, choose from their online Menu, and have the food delivered or self-pickup depending on your nearest store location. Also, with the abundance of food delivery apps (such as FoodPanda, GrabFood, etc.), you can choose one to make your order.

McDonald’s Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Currently, McDonald’s has over 700+ branches across the Philippines. You can find the nearest branch by visiting their website and using their store locator feature. You will be presented with the exact address of each branch, Opening hours.

McDonald’s Contact Information

McDonald’s Philippines Head Office Address: 17th Floor, Citibank Centre Building, 8741 Paseo de Roxas Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Call Us

86-2-36 / 02 863 5490 (Metro Manila)

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