Kuya Korea Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Kuya Korea, popular in the Philippines for its Korean fried chicken and excellent rice bowls, aspires to become the restaurant of choice for all Filipinos craving Korean cuisine. It is committed to providing meals that are not only delicious but also accessible financially and in terms of ease of preparation.

Kuya Korea Branch
Kuya Korea Branch

Because of the widespread presence of Hallyu in Filipino culture, cravings for Korean food have become increasingly common. With this in mind, Kuya Korea intends not simply to become another alternative but rather to become a benchmark that consistently exceeds the expectations of its customers regarding a quick fix of Korean cuisine.

Kuya Korea Menu:

All Boneless – K-POP Chicken

Kuya Korea Chikin Boneless Chicken
Chikin Boneless Chicken₱420₱725
Gochu Boneless Chicken440725
Ganjang Boneless Chicken440725
K-Buffalo Boneless Chicken ??440725
Yangnyeom Boneless Chicken ??440725
Parmesan Boneless Chicken440725
Salted Egg Chicken440725
BBQ Boneless Chicken440725

All Wings – K-POP Chicken

Kuya Korea Gochu Chicken Wings
Chikin’ All Wings K-Pop Chicken₱415₱660
Gochu Chicken Wings415660
Ganjang Chicken Wings415660
K-Buffalo All Wings K-Pop Chicken415660
Yangnyeom All Wings K-Pop Chicken415660
Parmesan All Wings K-Pop Chicken415660
Salted Egg All Wings K-Pop Chicken415660
BBQ All Wings K-Pop Chicken413660

All Boneless – Rice Bowls

Kuya Korea Rice Bowls
Ala CarteMeal
Bulgogi Rice Bowl₱275₱290
Pork Samgyup Rice Bowl₱265₱280
Bibimbap Rice Bowl₱270₱285
Chikin Boneless Chicken Rice Bowl₱280280
Gochu Boneless Chicken Rice Bowl230280
Ganjang Boneless Chicken Rice Bowl230280
K-Buffalo Boneless Chicken Rice Bowl230280
Parmesan Boneless Chicken Rice Bowl230280
Yangnyeom Boneless Chicken Rice Bowl230280
Salted Egg Boneless Chicken Rice Bowl230280
BBQ Boneless Rice Bowl230280

All Wings – Rice Bowls

Kuya Korea All Wings Rice Bowls
Ala CarteMeal
Chikin Chicken Wings Rice Bowl₱200₱245
Gochu Chicken Wings Rice Bowl200245
Ganjang Chicken Wings Rice Bowl200245
K-Buffalo Chicken Wings Rice Bowl200245
Parmesan Chicken Wings Rice Bowl200245
Yangnyeom Chicken Wings Rice Bowl200245
Salted Egg Chicken Wings Rice Bowl200245
BBQ Chicken Wings Rice Bowl200245


Kuya Korea Kimchi Fried Noodles
Kimchi Fried Noodles₱330
Jajangmeyon Noodles330
Japchae Noodles330


Kuya Korea Sandwich
Ala CarteMeal
Chikin Sandwich₱235₱255
Gochu Sandwich235255
Ganjang Sandwich235255
K-Buffalo Sandwich235255

Milk Tea

Kuya Korea Milk Tea
Tiger Milk Tea₱130
Winter Melon Milk Tea130
Choco Milk Tea130
Okinawa Milk Tea130
Matcha Milk Tea130
Dark Chocolate135

Add Ons

Kimchi Fried Rice Sharing Platter₱175
Kimchi Fried Rice Solo₱70
Plain Rice Sharing Platter₱165
Plain Rice Ala Carte₱60
French Fries₱75
Fried Fish Cake₱55
Kimchi Slaw₱50
Fried Egg₱35
Sour Cream & Chives35
Spicy Mayo35
Chili Oil35


Coke Zero in Can 320ml₱75
Sprite in Can 320ml75
Royal in Can 320ml60

Kuya Korea Opening Hours

Kuya Korea is opened daily between 10 AM–10 PM.

Kuya Korea Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Kuya Korea Website, choose from their online Menu, and have the food delivered or self-pickup . Also, with the abundance of food delivery apps (such as FoodPanda, GrabFood, etc.), you can choose one to make your order.

Kuya Korea Contact Information

Kuya Korea Philippines Restaurant Address: Phase 1, Level 1, U.P. Town Center, White Plains, Philippines

Call Us

(02) 8731 7564

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