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Kiapo, a restaurant in Manila, draws influence from one of the city’s trendiest areas. Along with its numerous cultural attractions, nearby institutions, and retail complexes, Quiapo is also famous for its busy streets, which are teeming with food carts and small restaurants serving city people a wide range of home-cooked foods and hearty meals.

At Kiapo, Okada Manila honors these beloved Filipino ingredients and flavors with a refined contemporary take on savory rice bowls. Local brown and jasmine rice varieties are highlighted by the chefs, who top them with substantial portions of rich and delicious delights. The many regional cuisines and lively cultures of the Philippines are reflected in Kiapo’s delicacies, which are prepared fresh with aromatic aromas and a variety of flavors.

Snacks, noodles, and congee, an Asian twist on rice porridge, are also featured on the menu. Comfort food at its finest, Kiapo’s rich and creamy congee takes on a whole new dimension of taste when layered with an assortment of toppings and sauces. At the end of each meal, guests can choose from a variety of delectable local desserts and refreshing delights.

Kiapo Menu:


Pinakbet – Mixed Local Vegetables, Shrimp, Pork, Shrimp Paste₱370
Chopsuey – Broccoli, Cauliflower, Snow Peas, Cabbage, Carrot₱430

Chicken and Pork

Kiapo Chicken
Chicken and Pork Menudo – Chicken, Pork, Chicken Liver, Tomato, Carrot, Potato, Green Peas₱370
Chicken Bicol Express – Boneless Chicken Leg, Coconut Cream₱430
Bopis – Minced Pork Heart and Lung, Tomato, Onion, Chili430
Inihaw Na Liempo – Pork Bellv. Sov Sauce. Calamansil430
Dinuguan – Crispy Pork Belly, Pig’s Blood450
Tocino – Sweet Marinated Pork Loin, Egg430
Sweet and Sour Meatballs – Ground Pork, Bell Pepper430
Adobo – Chicken and Pork, Soy, Vinegar, Garlic450
Lechong Kawali – Crispy Pork Belly. Liver Sauce460
Sisig – Crispy Chopped Pork Belly, Onion, Jalapeño, Special Sauce480


Kiapo Beef
Kiapo Corned Beef – Beef Brisket, Potato, Tomato, Bell Pepper, Egg₱430
Beef Tapa – Sliced Cured Beef, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Sugar, Garlic, Egg₱480
Kare-Kare – Filipino-style Braised Beef and Vegetables, Peanut Sauce, Shrimp Paste₱650
Beef Steak Tagalog – Beef, Onion, Soy Sauce, Calamansi₱630


Kiapo Seafood
Daing Na Tiyan Ng Bangus – Boneless Milkfish Belly, Egg, Soy-Garlic, Egg₱440
Gambas – Shrimp, Bell Pepper, Tomato, Red Chili₱430
Adobong Pusit – Squid, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Squid Ink, Garlic₱450
Blue Marlin – Blue Marlin Steak, Soy Sauce, Calamansi₱560


Rice Porridge, Crispy Shallots, Toasted Garlic, Boiled Egg
Kiapo Congee
Plain Arroz Caldo₱280
Chicken Arroz Caldo₱350


Pancit Canton – Egg Noodles, Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, Vegetables₱440
Pancit Luglug – Rice Noodles, Smoked Tinapa Flakes, Shrimp, Squid, Ground Meat, Egg, Special Sauce₱460
Pancit Bihon – Rice Noodles, Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, Vegetables₱440
Pancit Miki Bihon – Fresh Egg Noodles, Rice Noodles, Shrimp, Pork, Vegetables440
Beef Asado Noodle Soup – Egg Noodles, Braised Beef, Bok Choy, Roasted Garlic₱520


Lumpiang Ubod – Fresh Heart of Palm, Carrot, Lettuce, Spring Rolls, Peanut Sauce₱370
Chopsuey – Broccoli, Cauliflower, Snow Peas, Cabbage, Carrot₱400
Ginataang Gulay – Pumpkin, String Beans, Coconut Milk₱420

A La Carte

Lumpiang Shanghai – Spring Roll, Minced Pork and Shrimp, Sweet Chili Dip₱350
Chicharong Bulaklak – Pork Intestine, Spiced Vinegar₱380
Pinakbet – Mixed Local Vegetables, Shrimp, Pork, Shrimp Paste380
Tokwa’t Baboy – Crispy Pork, Tofu, Soy-Vinegar Sauce₱440
Sinigang Na Tanigue – Spanish Mackerel, Tamarind Miso Broth490
Sinigang Na Tadyang Ng Baboy – Pork Ribs, String Beans, Tomato, White Radish, Bokchoy, Okra, Tamarind Broth490
Lemongrass Fried Chicken Wings – Sweet Chili Sauce₱510
Calamares – Battered Squid, Aioli₱620
Nilagang Tadyang ng Baka – Beef Ribs, Vegetables, Broth₱640
Bangus Ala Pobre – Boneless Milk Fish, Soy Sauce, Garlic, Calamansi₱1050
Crispy Pork Belly – Spicy Soy-Vinegar-Onion Sauce₱1600
Crispy Pata – Pork Knuckle, Soy-Vinegar-Garlic Sauce₱1780

Kiapo History

Situated on the top level of the Coral Wing, Kiapo radiates a laid-back atmosphere, providing patrons with a more relaxed, interactive, and pleasurable dining experience throughout the day.

Sitting down to a meal at Kiapo will transport you back in time to cozy evenings spent around the table with loved ones. They are able to provide their guests with a genuine Filipino dining experience through the food they provide, as well as the familiarity and comfort it evokes.

Kiapo Opening Hours

Opened daily from 10:00 – 03:00.

Kiapo Contact Information

Kiapo Philippines Address: New Seaside Dr, Entertainment City, Parañaque, 1701 Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines.

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2 8555 5799

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