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KFC first introduced its secret recipe to the Philippines in 1966. With more than 100 KFC franchise stores across the country by 1999 (operated and owned by the Ramcar Group of Companies, it also manages food brands such as Mister Donut, Tokyo-Tokyo, Bigolis, Fazolis, Go Fan, Chef Wong, Malcom’s Place and Malcom’s Deli), it has become one of the leading and beloved fast food franchises in the country.

KFC Philippines
KFC Philippines

Philippines KFC Menu:

Secret Menu

Combos Include Regular Drink
Krispy Tower Sandwich Ala Carte255
Krispy Tower Sandwich Combo315

Super Platters

Coleslaw Salad Super Platter₱290
Macaroni Salad Super Platter290
Buttered Corn Super Platter₱265
Mashed Potato Super Platter265

Bucket Meals

Some Meals Include Regular Drink
KFC Bucket Meals
6-Pc Bucket Meal₱635
8-Pc Bucket Meal₱805
Bucket of 6₱540
Bucket of 8₱660
Bucket of 10₱810
Bucket of 15₱1205
Bucket of 20₱1610
Bucket of 6 With Spaghetti Platter₱680
Bucket of 6 With Fixin Super Platter₱720
Bucket of 8 With Fixin Super Platter₱880
Bucket of 10 With Super Platter₱1265

Fully Loaded Meals

Meals Include Regular Drink
KFC Fully Loaded Meals
Krispy Loaded Sandwich Fully Loaded Meal315
Chicken Chops Fully Loaded Meal235
1-Pc Fully Loaded Meal195
2-Pc Fully Loaded Meal275
Shots Fully Loaded Meal260
Famous Bowl Fully Loaded Meal₱230

Signature Meals

Some Meals Include Regular Drink
KFC Signature Meals
Chicken Chops Meal₱110
Chicken Chops Combo145
1-Pc Chicken Meal With Soup175
1-Pc Chicken Meal130
2-Pc Chicken Meal With Fixin250
2-Pc Chicken Meal235
Ala King Zinger Steak Meal With Buttered Corn180
Ala King Zinger Steak Ala Carte130
1-Pc Chicken Ala Carte105
2-Pc Chicken Ala Carte200
1-Pc Chicken Meal With Mashed Potato175

Pasta and Bowls

Some Meals include Regular Drink
KFC Pasta and Bowls
Ala King Rice Bowl Meal₱180
Sisig Rice Bowl Meal180
Spaghetti Super Platter₱200
1-Pc Chicken Spaghetti Meal₱195
Ala King Rice Bowl140
Sisig Rice Bowl₱140


Some Snacks include Regular Drink
KFC Snacks
Large Shots Combo₱190
Shots Combo₱130
Famous Bowl Super Platter₱290
Famous Bowl Meal₱95
Regular Shots₱80
Large Shots₱130
Famous Bowl₱75


Some Sandwiches include Regular Drink
KFC Sandwiches
Krispy Loaded Sandwich Ala Carte180
Krispy Loaded Sandwich Combo245
Chicken Cheeseburger75
Chicken Cheeseburger Combo145
BBQ Bacon Snacker120
BBQ Bacon Snacker Combo190
Zinger Combo200
Twister Combo179
California Maki Twister120

Fixins and Extras

KFC Fixins and Extras
Junior Bucket of Fries130
Crispy Fries60
Mashed Potato60
Buttered Corn60
Mushroom Soup60
Large Crispy Fries95
Large Mashed Potato85
Large Macaroni₱95
Large Coleslaw95
Large Buttered Corn₱85
Extra Rice40
Extra Garlic Rice₱45
Regular Gravy30
Extra Tomato Sauce40
Large Gravy₱40

Desserts and Drinks

KFC Desserts and Drinks
Unsweetened Iced Tea Large₱85
Unsweetened Iced Tea Medium₱80
Unsweetened Iced Tea Regular₱70
Large Coke Zero₱79
Medium Coke Zero₱75
Regular Coke Zero₱55
Large Royal₱80
Medium Royal₱75
Regular Royal₱55
Regular Sprite₱55
Medium Sprite₱75
Large Sprite₱80
Regular Coke₱55
Medium Coke₱75
Large Coke₱80
Coke Float₱55
Coke Zero Float₱55
Royal Float₱55
Sprite Float₱55
Iced Black Coffee₱60
Creamy Iced Coffee₱65
Bottled Water₱39

KFC History

KFC, known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an American fast-food restaurant specializing in fried chicken. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, it is the second largest restaurant worldwide (as measured by sales) after McDonald’s, with nearly 22,600+ locations worldwide in 150 countries and territories as of December 2019. The chain is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands is a restaurant company that owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and WingStreet chains.

How it all began?
Harland Sanders was born in Henryville, Indiana. From an early age, he has been passionate about cooking. After doing many jobs during his youth to support his family, in 1940, he decided to serve his recipes to customers at the gas station he owned in Corbin, Kentucky. Building on his success, he opened a motel restaurant across the street, a flourishing business that allowed him to begin creating a network of franchises nationwide.

Construction of a new Interstate Highway at the location of his business a few years later forced him to close. Ruined, he then left to travel to the United States in search of a restaurant that would agree to buy his chickens from him.

The first KFC restaurant is at 3890 South State Street in South Salt Lake, Utah.
Harland Sanders formed his new company, which he named “Kentucky Fried Chicken” under the advice of Pete Harman, the owner of the very first franchise sold by the Colonel. In 1952, the first KFC restaurant opened near Salt Lake City, Utah.

The young company will therefore begin to grow to have 600 points of sale across the United States. He parted with it in 1964 for 2 million dollars to a group of investors led by the future governor of Kentucky, John Y. Brown, Jr. The latter, a University of Kentucky La graduate, hired Pete Harman and a financier from Nashville, John Jack Massey.

KFC Menu Fried Chicken
KFC Menu Fried Chicken

The two men, therefore, fought to obtain the rights to international franchises. The “Colonel” Sanders (honorary title awarded by the Governor of Kentucky) is therefore relegated mainly to the rank of advertising icon, responsible for shooting television spots and inaugurating new establishments.

Brown and Massey are working on expanding the brand across the United States, establishing restaurants in each of the 50 states. The most notable change will undoubtedly be the transition from a dine-in restaurant formula, where you are served at the table, to a formula more rooted in fast food: place the order and be served at the checkout. These transformations are a real success, both for consumers and franchisees.

In 1986, KFC was acquired by PepsiCo. In 1991, Kentucky Fried Chicken was abbreviated as “KFC.” Although no official explanation has ever been provided, there are three hypotheses concerning this change. The first would be that the chain did not want to be identified only with its chicken since it also offered other dishes and condiments it wanted to promote.

The second would accuse the pejorative connotation of the word fried (fried), often a sign of poor quality. Finally, the last would question that a shortened version of the channel’s name would sound younger. More recently, the company has begun reintroducing the name Kentucky Fried Chicken by quoting it in its advertisements ., and affixing it to some of its products.

KFC Opening Hours

Depending on the branch closest to you, some stores are open from 07:00 till 23:00 daily, while many others are open 24hr a day, ready for dine-in or delivery at any time.

KFC Branch Philippines

KFC Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the KFC Website, choose from their online KFC Menu, and have the food delivered or self-pickup depending on your nearest KFC store location. If you prefer to order by phone, you can reach KFC at: (02) 887-8888. Also, with the abundance of food delivery apps (such as FoodPandaGrabFood, etc.), you can choose one to make your order.

KFC Branch Finder

Currently, KFC has 340 branches across the Philippines. You can find the nearest KFC near you by visiting KFC’s website and using their store locator feature. You will be presented with the exact address of each branch, Opening hours and telephone numbers. More options are:

  • A detailed menu for the store you clicked on.
  • A google map to show you directions.
  • A link to directly order your food online.

KFC Contact Information

KFC Philippines Head Office Address: Ramcar Building, 80 Don A. Roces Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1104 Metro Manila, Philippines.

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