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Along with the assortment of goods, Cold Layers Café serves you their incredibly original Taiwanese style Snow Ice and Milk Tea. They only use the finest and newest ingredients for our snow ice and toppings.

Coldlayers Cafe Branch
Coldlayers Cafe Branch

Choose from a variety of our delicious and healthy snow ice options. They offer a wide variety of delicious flavors in addition to the traditional milk, chocolate, mango, and watermelon flavors of snow ice, such as avocado, green tea, cheese, Horlicks, peanuts, and our best-selling “healthy soy.”. promoting health is the main focus of Cold Layers.

Coldlayers Cafe Menu:

Original Series Snow Ice

Coldlayers Cafe Original Series Snow Ice
Fresh Milk Snow Ice₱180
Ripe Strawberry Snow Ice₱190
Dark Chocolate Snow Ice₱200
Yummy Ube Snow Ice₱190
Sweet Mango Snow Ice₱200
Cheezy Cheese Snow Ice₱220
Premium Matcha Snow Ice₱210
Healthy Soy Snow Ice₱220
Milk Tea Snow Ice₱190
Yogurt Snow Ice₱220
Fresh Avocado Snow Ice₱220

Special Series Snow Ice

Let’s Split₱210
It’s Complicated₱240
You Got Me₱260
Summer Fling₱250
Meant To Be₱240
First Crush₱240
Something Cheezy₱250
First Kiss₱220
Brown Sugar Milk Tea₱230
Mango Float₱250
Secret Affair₱250
Amazing Avocado₱260

Small Bites & Salad

Coldlayers Cafe Koori Chicken Chops
Terriyaki Chicken Bites₱180
Garlic Parmesan Chicken Bites₱180
Koori Chicken Chops₱180
Fish n’ Chips₱320
Potato Wedges₱240
Koori Chicken Salad₱310
Garden Mango Salad₱285


Coldlayers Cafe Sandwiches
Grilled Cheese₱280
Ham & Egg Sandwich₱320
Bacon, Lettuce & Egg₱320
Coldlayers Clubhouse₱340


Coldlayers Cafe Pasta
Coldlayers Pasta₱320
Bacon Carbonara₱340
Cheezy Meat Lasagna₱360
Creamy Chicken Pesto₱360

All Day Breakfast

Add ₱50 for a Cup of Americano
Coldlayers Cafe All Day Breakfast
Glazed Rork Tocino₱320
Homemade Garlic Beef Tapa₱360
Boneless Garlic Bangus₱340
Bacon & Egg₱310
Ham & Egg₱310

Hot Meals

Coldlayers Cafe Hot Meals
Boneless Chicken Teriyaki₱380
Baked Chicken Casserole₱380
Chicken Cordon Bleu₱395
Chicken with Fries₱360
Tender Pork Chop with Mushroom Gravy (1 chop)₱360
Tender Pork Chop with Mushroom Gravy (2 chop)₱420
Salisbury Steak₱340
Baked Pork Chop Casserole₱380

Milk Tea & Drinks

Coldlayers Cafe Milk Tea & Drinks
Coldlayers Milk Tea16 oz22 oz
Coldlayers Pearl Milk Tea₱140₱160
Wintermelon Pean Milk Tea₱150₱170
Chocolate Pearl Milk Tea150170
Cheese Foam Series
Classic Milk Tea with Cheese Foam₱140₱160
Black Tea with Cheese Foam140160
Green Tea with Cheese Foam140160
Wintermelon Milk Tea with Cheese Foam₱150180
Chocolate Milk Tea with Cheese Foam150150
Coldlayers Tea Series
Assam Black Tea₱110₱130
Green Tea110130
Lychee Green Tea₱120140
Strawberry Black Tea120140
Wintermelon Tea120140
Passion Fruit Green Tea120140
Coldlayers Fruit Tea₱130₱150
Brown Sugar Series
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk₱140₱160
Brown Sugar Pearl MiIk Tea140160
Brown Sugar Pearl MiIk with Cheese Foam₱150₱180
Yakult Tea Series
Special Yakult Tea₱140₱160
Strawberry Yakult Tea₱130150
Lychee Yakult Tea130150
Passion Fruit Yakult Tea130150
Green Tea Yakult₱120₱140
Smoothies & Others
Mango Aloe₱150180
Mango Tapioca150180
Mango Graham₱180₱200
Strawberry Banana150180
Frozen Chocolate with Cheese Foam150180
Signature Iced Tea150
Passion Fruit Iced Tea160
Strawberry Iced Tea160
Lychee Iced Tea160
Snow Ice Milk Tea Series
Classic Milk Tea with Milk Tea Snow Ice₱180
Classic Milk Tea with Matcha Snow Ice180
Chocolate Milk Tea with Strawberry Snow Ice180
Chocolate Milk Tea with Ube Snowtce180
Chocolate Milk Tea with Soy Snow Ice180
Mango Smoothie with Mango Snow Ice₱230
Coffee & TeaHotIced
Coffe Lotte₱140140
Caffe Mocha150150
Caramel Macchiato140140
Vanilla Latte140140
Tiramisu Latte₱160
Spanish Latte₱150
Brown Sugar Latte₱160
Koori Coffee Ice Cubes₱180

Coldlayers Cafe History

Shaved snow ice creations, milk tea, pasta, rice dishes, and beverages are the focus of the Taiwanese dessert cafe Cold Layers Cafe, which Filipinos own. The restaurant’s atmosphere immediately made us think of sweets, ice cream, and bubblegum. In terms of colors and design, the place is very vibrant. Also available are high chairs for toddlers. The best Snow Ice Dessert in the Country is what Coldlayers Cafe is passionate about serving, and it was inspired by one of Taiwan’s most delicious Snow Ice desserts.

We promote Filipino produce by utilizing only the tastiest fruits, such as mangoes, avocadoes, and strawberries, in their famous snow ice desserts made of all-natural ingredients. In addition, they top our snow ice with fresh fruit, pureed fruit, and other toppings so that people can indulge in dessert guilt-free!

Coldlayers Cafe Online Delivery Information

You can order online using Foodpanda or Grabfood.

Coldlayers Cafe Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Currently, Coldlayers Cafe has 2 branches across the Philippines.

  • Fishermall – 3rd flr. Fishermall, Quezon Ave. Q.C., Telephone: 361 – 1431, Opened Sunday – Thursday 10am – 9pm Friday – Saturday 10am – 10pm
  • Evia – 2nd flr. Evia Mall, Daang Hari, Las Pinas, Telephone: 772 – 5331, Opened Sunday – Thursday 10am – 10pm Friday – Saturday 10am – 11pm

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