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Country musician Kenny Rogers and former KFC CEO John Y founded the chicken-based Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant chain in 1991. Black Jr. served as the nation’s previous governor. S. Kentucky is the state. Between 1964 and 1971, Brown invested in Kentucky Fried Chicken at an early stage. Before starting this restaurant chain, Rogers had made several appearances in Dole Food Company commercials during his long and successful music career.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Branch
Kenny Rogers Roasters Branch

The first branch of Kenny Rogers Roasters was established in Alabang Town Center in the Philippines in March 1995. They made waves in the neighborhood restaurant scene by providing better food and service.

Kenny Rogers Menu:

Shawarma Roast

Kenny Rogers Roasters Mango Habanero Roast
Solo A ShawarmaRoast₱310
Solo B ShawarmaRoast₱335
Pork Baby Back Ribs & Shawarma Roast₱640
Healthy Fiber – Shawarma Roast₱350
Healthy Protein – Shawarma Roast350
Classic Healthy Plate – Shawarma Roast350
Shawarma Roasted Chicken – Quarter₱230
Shawarma Roasted Chicken – Half₱430
Shawarma Roasted Chicken – Whole₱825

Shawarma Group Meal

Kenny Rogers Roasters Mango Habanero Group Meal
Shawarma Roast Group Meal₱1205
Classic Roast & Shawarma Roast Group Meal1205
OMG Unfried Fried Chicken & Shawarma Roast Group Meal1205
Shawarma Roast, OMG Unfried Fried Chicken & Pork Rubs₱1380

Shawarma Snacks

Kenny Rogers Roasters Mango Habanero Burger
Shawarma Burger₱265
Shawarma Burger Combo₱300
Shawarma Ricer Bowl₱270

Solo Plates

Kenny Rogers Roasters Solo Plates
Solo A Roasted Chicken₱280
Solo B Roasted Chicken₱310
Solo A OMG Unfried Fried Chicken₱280
Solo B OMG Unfried Fried Chicken₱310
Solo A Honey Bourbon Rib Plate₱460
Solo B Honey Bourbon Rib Plate₱495
Honey Bourbon Rib and Chicken Plate₱610

Group Meals

Kenny Rogers Roasters Group Meals
Roasted Chicken Group Meal₱1095
Roasted and OMG Chicken Group Meal1095
OMG Group Meal1095
Honey Bourbon Rib and Chicken Platter Group Meal₱1325
All Grilled Group Meal₱1475
Honey Bourbon Ribs Group Meal₱1815
Spiced Ribs Group Meal₱1860


Available from 8AM-10AM only
Kenny Rogers Roasters Breakfast
Kenny’s Big Breakfast₱325
Spinach & Mushroom Omelette₱220
Chicken Adobo Flakes₱240
BBQ Rib Flakes₱240
Breakfast Burger Steak₱275
Pan Fried Bangus Plate₱240
Spam Plate₱220
Corned Beef Plate₱220
Pancakes and Bacon₱200
Spam and Egg Sandwich₱200
Toasted Bread₱25

Beyond Deliciously Healthy Products

Kenny Rogers Roasters Corner Pizza
Kenny’s Beyond Bolognese₱245
Kenny’s Beyond Basil Bowl₱300
Kenny’s Beyond Burger₱325
Kenny’s Beyond Mashed Potato₱325

Corner Pizza

Kenny Rogers Roasters Beyond Deliciously Healthy Products
Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Baked Roll180
Hawaiian Stuffed Baked Roll180
Buffalo Blue Cheese Stuffed Baked Roll180
Spam, Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Baked Roll₱180
Chicago Garlic N’ Cheese515
Chicago Bacon Margherita515
Chicago Hawaiian₱515
Chicago Bacon Cheeseburger₱625
Chicago Pepperoni570
Chicago Four Cheese570
Chicago Roast Chicken Fajita₱570
Chicago Philly Cheesesteak₱625
Detroit Pizza – Pepperoni680
Detroit Pizza – Super Hawaiian680
Detroit Pizza – The Everything Pizza₱680
Parmesan Crusted Garlic Bread₱160

Grilled Plates

Kenny Rogers Roasters Grilled Plates
Grilled Fish Solo A₱300
Grilled Sausage w/ 1 Side Dish₱265
Grilled Sausage w/ 2 Side Dish₱290
Burger Steak₱280
Burger Steak w/ 2 Side Dish₱310
American BBQ w/ 1 Side Dish₱285
American BBQ w/ 2 Side Dish₱315
Rosemary & Thyme w/ 1 Side Dish₱285
Rosemary & Thyme w/ 2 Side Dish₱315
Premium Steak₱600
Grilled Salmon Solo A₱470
Grilled Salmon Solo B₱495

Healthy Plates

Low Calorie Meal₱320
Classic Healthy Plate₱325
High Protein Meal325
High Fiber Meal325


Kenny Rogers Roasters Sandwiches
Ala CarteCombo
Roast Chicken Bun₱190₱230
1/3 LB Cheese Burger₱235₱275
OMG Chicken Bun₱250₱285
Wrap & Roll Fish₱250₱285
Wrap & Roll Chicken₱250₱285
Wrap & Roll Steak₱290₱330


Kenny Rogers Roasters Pasta Platters
Truffle Mac & Cheese Solo₱235
Truffle Mac & Cheese Platter₱660
Spaghetti with Meatballs Platter₱550
Tex Mex Platter₱550
Mac and Cheese Platter₱550


Kenny Rogers Roasters Snacks
Chicken Quesadilla₱220

Ala Carte

Kenny Rogers Roasters Ala Carte
Classic Roasted Chicken (Quarter)₱205
Classic Roasted Chicken (Half)₱375
Classic Roasted Chicken (Whole)₱715
OMG Unfried Fried Chicken – 2 pcs₱205
OMG Unfried Fried Chicken – 4 pcs₱370
OMG Unfried Fried Chicken – 8 pcs₱715
Honey Bourbon Ribs (Half)₱440
Honey Bourbon Ribs (Whole)₱850
Spiced Ribs (Half)₱470
Spiced Ribs (Whole)₱860

Side Dishes

Kenny Rogers Roasters Side Dishes
Spinach Mashed Potato₱55₱90
Fresh Fruit Salad₱55₱90
Tex Mex Macaroni₱5590
Mac and Cheese₱5590
Steamed Vegetables₱5590
Corn and Carrots₱5590
Chicken Macaroni₱5590
Sour Cream & Chives Potato₱5590
Side Dish Sampler₱165


Kenny Rogers Roasters Muffin
Corn Muffin 1 pc.₱20
Corn Muffin Box of 6₱105


Iced Coffee Cubes – Ala Carte₱100
Coke Regular 1.5L₱145
Coke Light 1.5L145
Coke Zero 1.5L145
Sprite 1.5L145
Coke in Can₱75
Coke Zero in Can75
Sprite in Can75
Coke Regular 295 ml₱40
Sprite 295ml40
Minute Main 295ml40
Del Monte Pineapple Juice in can₱75
Bottled Water₱55

Alcoholic Beverages

Lemon-Dou Signature Lemon 330ml₱95
Lemon-Dou Devil Lemon 330ml₱95

Add Ons

Steamed Rice₱40
Garlic Rice₱45
Potato Chips₱50
Java Rice₱45

Soup & Salad

Kenny Rogers Roasters Soup & Salad
Chicken Noodle Soup₱77
Kani and Mango Salad₱170
Caesar Salad170
Caesar Salad Platter₱260

Kenny Rogers Roasters History

John Y. Black Jr. has experience working with the restaurant chains KFC and Lum’s. He is a business owner from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. After holding the office of governor of Kentucky from 1979 to 1983, Brown decided to go back to the restaurant industry. In 1991, he opened a chicken restaurant in Coral Springs, Florida, with the musician and cookbook author Kenny Rogers of country music. Rogers was personally present when the first store officially opened in September 1991. Due to the popularity of grilled chicken both in that specific market and nationwide, Kenny Rogers Roasters was one of many restaurants to open in southern Florida that year.

Turkey, ribs, and various side dishes were now on the menu by 1995. The chain eventually expanded to over 350 restaurants, with establishments in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Canada.

Kenny Rogers Roasters
Kenny Rogers Roasters

Boston Chicken (later Boston Market) and several other smaller roasted chicken chains were competitors of Kenny Rogers Roasters. To compete with Roasters and Boston Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken also debuted a line of roasted chicken products called Rotisserie Gold. A minor player in the roasted chicken market named Clucker’s filed a lawsuit against Kenny Rogers Roasters in December 1992, alleging that the chain had stolen its recipes and menus. Until August 1994, when Kenny Rogers Roasters acquired the majority of Cluckers, the lawsuit was still active. Before selling his franchise share to the Malaysian Berjaya Group in 1996, Brown had grown the business to a chain of more than 425 eateries.

Two restaurants debuted in Athens, Greece, in 1994. However, both were shut down a few years later.

The chain bought locations in several cities and declared plans to expand to the UK in 1996. Sales were now exceeding $300 million annually. The anticipated British eateries, however, were never built.

In March 1998, the business filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and Nathan’s Famous, Inc. purchased it. On April 1, 1999, for $1.25 million, numerous locations were closed due to restructuring. In many food supermarkets, rotisserie-roasted chicken has become a staple. The chain had 90 franchised restaurants by 2000, 40 in the U.S. S.

In 2008, Nathan’s Famous sold its ownership of Kenny Rogers Roasters to Roasters Asia Pacific (Cayman) Limited, an organization that is a subsidiary of the Malaysian Berjaya Group. The Ontario Mills shopping center in Ontario, California, housed the final Kenny Rogers Roasters to be in business in North America; it closed on December 31, 2011.

The 2008 purchase agreement allowed Miami Subs and Nathan’s Famous to keep selling products from Kenny Rogers Roasters in their eateries. Nathan’s still serves food from Kenny Rogers Roasters in a few places, including its flagship location on Coney Island. There is no longer a “Kenny Rogers” section on the menu at Miami Subs (since sold off by Nathan’s).

Despite the chain’s closure in the US, Berjaya Group-owned Kenny Rogers Roasters is still thriving there. According to a 2011 article, Kenny Rogers Roasters had nearly 140 locations throughout Asia, with continued growth in Malaysia, the Philippines, and, more recently, southern China.

Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn Bhd is the company that created and ran Malaysia’s Kenny Rogers Roasters chain of eateries. Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn Bhd became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berjaya Food Berhad in 2011 due to a corporate exercise by Berjaya Corporation Berhad.

Berjaya Food Berhad went public on Bursa Malaysia’s Main Board in March 2011. Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurants in Malaysia are established, run, and expanded by Berjaya Food Berhad. It includes establishing the Kenny Rogers Roasters brand, overseeing the menu, and serving as the primary purchasing agent for all Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurants in Malaysia.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Kenny Rogers Roasters Delivery Website, choose from their online Menu, and have the food delivered or self-pickup depending on your nearest store location. Also, with the abundance of food delivery apps (such as FoodPanda, GrabFood, etc.), you can choose one to make your order.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Currently, Kenny Rogers Roasters has over 90+ branches across the Philippines. You can find the nearest Kenny Rogers near you by visiting Kenny Rogers Roasters website and checking out their store locations. You will be presented with the exact address of each branch, Opening hours and telephone numbers.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Contact Information

Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines Head Office Address: 2/F SIA Bldg. 138 HV Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City Makati, NCR

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