Katsu House Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Katsu House is a modest casual restaurant that serves a wide selection of vegan and keto-friendly Japanese dishes at affordable costs. They have a convenience store and inexpensive beverage specials; Cream Cheese Ebi Maki Rolls, Spicy Cucumber Cream Cheese Rolls, Ebi Furai Maki Rolls, Ebi Katsu Sushi Rolls, and Ebi Kushikatsu (skewers) are just a few of the options here that are suitable for those following the Keto diet.

Along with the authentic Japanese cuisine, try some of their Sake and Shochu. Because of its wide range of temperature, texture, and flavour, sake is becoming more popular as an accompaniment to food. If you want something a little sweeter with a kick, they also carry Strong Zero and Horoyoi—Asian-inspired cocktails with Soju and Sake.

Katsu House Menu:

Best Sellers

Katsu House Katsu Burger
Vegan Gyoza₱138
Tempura Style Onion Rings₱127
Vegan Mushroom Miso Soup₱76
Teriyaki Burger₱186
Katsu Burger₱164
Chicken Nori Burger164
Wagyu KY₱176
Japanese Sausage KY₱30

Must Try!

Katsu House Ramen
Vegetarian 4-Cheese Tamago₱522
Beef Gyudon Bento₱467
Vegan Katsu Bento₱358
Appetizer Platter₱285
Vegan Tantanmen₱248
Ebi Kani Popcorn248
Miso Ramen248
Soboro Don197
XXX Chocolate Chia Pudding193
Vegan Gyoza₱138
Sugar-Free Peach Mango₱87
Imo Taro Crispy Mochi Balls₱76

Japanese Love Box

Katsu House Japanese Love Box
KH Vegan Love Box₱1350
KH Classic Love Box1350
KH Lowcarb Love Box1250


Katsu House Appetizer Party Platter
Appetizer Platter₱285
Ebi Kani Popcorn₱248
Chizu Katsu₱219
Vegan Gyoza₱138
Pork & Chives Gyoza138
Tofu Nori Bites₱127
Japanese Fries127
Tempura Style Onion Rings127

Soups and Salads

Katsu House Salad
Summer Salad₱248
Kani Salad₱175
Chuka Wakame₱83
Vegan Mushroom Miso Soup₱76
Classic Miso Soup₱65

Maki Rolls

Katsu House Maki Rolls
Cream Cheese Ebi Maki Rolls₱303
Ebi Furai Maki Rolls₱274
Breakfast Spam Maki Rolls₱209
Spicy Cucumber Cream Cheese Maki Rolls₱208
Teriyaki Maki Rolls₱204
Spicy Shiitake Katsu Maki Rolls204
Wakame Maki Rolls₱193
Katsu Maki Rolls₱182
California Maki Rolls182
Dynamite Maki Rolls182


Katsu House Sushi
Ebi Furai Sushi Rolls₱171
Teriyaki Sushi Rolls₱149
Wakame Sushi Rolls₱143
Tamago Sushi Rolls₱132
Katsu Sushi Rolls132
Spam Sushi Rolls132
Kani Sushi Rolls132
Cucumber Sushi Rolls₱109


Katsu House Dynamite Chizu Kani-Tamago
Dynamite Chizu Kani-Tamago₱550
Chizu Kani-Tamago₱523
Vegetarian Chizu Dynamite523
Vegetarian 4-cheese Tamago522
Vegan Dynamite₱468


Katsu House Ramen Bowl
Togarashi Chizu Ramen₱259
Vegan Tantanmen₱248
Vegan Tonkotsu Ramen248
Yakisoba Katsu Special248
Katsu Curry Ramen248
Teriyaki Ramen248
Katsu Curry Udon₱219


Katsu House Hamburg Curry Don
Saikoro Wagyu Don₱281
Seafood Special Don₱275
Breakfast Sausage Teriyaki Don₱219
Soboro Don197
Chicken Nori Duo Don₱197
Vegan Nuggets Don₱193
Katsu and Dip Don186
Teriyaki Don186
Katsu Curry Don₱186
Hamburg Curry Don175


Kani Pita Pockets₱186
Teriyaki Burger186
Teriyaki Pita Pockets186
Katsu Burger₱164
Chicken Nori Burger164
Katsu Pita Pockets164
Japanese Quesadilla₱94

Kushi (Skewers)

Katsu House Shiitake Skewers
Wagyu KY₱176
Ebi Katsu KK₱99
Vegan Sausage KY₱85
Brats KY₱85
Shiitake Katsu KK₱75
Shiitake KY75
Tofu Nori Katsu KK65
SSF Butabara KY65
Ton Katsu KK₱65
SFF Yakitori KY60
Tori Katsu KK₱60
Sweet Potato Katsu KK50
Butabara KY50
Tofuyaki KY40
Chicken Nori KY40
Chicken Skin KY40
KH Eggplant Katsu KK₱40
Vegan Chik’un Skin KY35
Kani Katsu KK₱35
Japanese Sausage KY₱30

Healthy Desserts

Katsu House Dessert
XXX Chocolate Chia Pudding₱193
Matchaberry Chia Pudding193
Coconut-Mango Chia Pudding193
Genki Dark Cocoa Cake₱138
Genki Cocoa Berry Cake138
Imo Taro Crispy Mochi Balls₱76

Sushi Samplers

Katsu House Sushi Samplers
Vegan Sushi Platter 30pcs₱633
Katsu House Sushi Platter 30pcs633
Katsu House Maki Sampler 30pcs633
Classic Maki Sampler 20pcs₱413
Vegan Maki Sampler 20pcs413
Classic Sushi Sampler 14pcs₱329
Vegan Sushi Sampler 14pcs329

Bento Boxes

Katsu House Bento Boxes
Beef Gyudon Bento₱467
Chicken Teriyaki Bento₱358
Katsu Bento358
Vegan Katsu Bento358

Barkada Sets

Vegan Kushi Set₱1485
Kushi (Skewers) Set₱1375
Ramen Set₱1099


Luscious Lychee Kombucha 350ml215
Pink Guava Kombucha 350ml215
Sublime Strawberry Kombucha 350ml₱215
Ginger Glow Kombucha 350ml182
Wondermelon Kombucha 350ml₱182
Captivating Cranapple Kombucha 350ml₱182
Magners Original Irish Cider – Apple 330ml170
Suntory -196c Whole Grapefruit 350ml170
Kirin Chardon Spark 350ml170
Kirin Grape 350ml₱170
Magners Pear Cider 330ml₱165
Matcha – Espresso Latte – Hot Coffee₱127
Mocha Ice Coffee₱110
Iced Cafe Latte105
Mocha Hot Coffee105
Milo Dinosaur (Iced)₱105
Cafe Latte – Hot Coffee₱99
Americano (Black Coffee) – Iced Coffee₱94
Matcha Latte -Hot Coffee88
Americano (Black Coffee) – Hot Coffee88
Espresso Shot – Hot Coffee₱88
Sugar-Free Strawberry Kiwi87
Sugar-Free Strawberry87
Sugar-Free Raspberry Lemonade87
Sugar-Free Peach Mango₱87
Mango Juice₱83
Strawberry Fruit Tea72
Coke Zero 500ml72
Green Apple Fruit Tea72
Matcha -Hot Coffee₱72
Coke Regular 500ml₱66
Lightwater 1.2l60
Black Tea – Ice Coffee₱60
Lotte Peach Can 240ml₱45
Black Tea – Hot₱44
Cucumber Lemonade₱44
Lightwater 650ml₱43

Frozen and Groceries

KH Cooking Sake 1l375
KH Mirin 1l₱375
KH Suehiro Rice Vinegar 1l350
KH Frozen Chuka Wakame 250g₱350
KH Roasted Eggplant Miso Gyoza 12s275
KH Imo Curry Gyoza 12s₱275
Vutcher -Corned Beef225
KH Pork Gyoza 12s₱225
Vutcher -Vacon₱220
Vutcher Empanadas Ham & Cheese₱210
Vutcher -Sisig180
Vutcher -Beanuguan180
Vutcher -Bopis₱180
KH Dried Kombu 100g165
KH Red AKA Miso Paste 250g165
KH Kombu Dashi Granules 100g165
KH Bonito Kelp Dashi Powder165
KH Cooking Sake 350ml165
KH Mirin 350ml165
KH Dried Wakame 50g165
KH Shiitake Bouillon Granules 80g₱165
KH Ume Furikake 30g150
KH Beef Sukiyaki Furikake 30g150
Kh Furikake Bonito 50g150
KH Koikuchi Shoyu 350ml150
KH Roasted Nori Sheets 10s150
KH Suehiro Rice Vinegar 350ml150
KH White Shiro Miso Paste 250g150
KH Sliced Dried Kikurage 50g₱150
Vutcher Empanadas Buko Pie145
Vutcher Empanadas Peach Mango145
Vutcher Empanadas the Classic₱145
KH Furikake Nori Tori (Chicken Nori) 50g₱135
KH Shiso Furikake 30g130
KH Dried Shiitake Mushrooms 100g₱130
KH Aonori 15g₱69

Katsu House Opening Hours

Opened daily between 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM.

Katsu House Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Katsu House Website, choose from their online Menu, choose a delivery time and have the food delivered. Also, with the abundance of food delivery apps (such as FoodPanda, GrabFood, etc.), you can choose one to make your order.

Katsu House Contact Information

Katsu House Philippines Address: 50 beverly hills drive., beverly hills subd., Taytay, Rizal, Philippines

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