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Kanzen Sushi Roll is committed to being the greatest and most speedy sushi delivery service by providing an unwaveringly high level of Japanese flavor at a reasonable price. Kanzen Sushi Roll has a comprehensive menu of Japanese sushi rolls such as Cheesy Maki, Kappa Kani, and a giant sushi platter that will serve a small family, all of which are available in various tastes from which customers can select. If you want to sample the best sushi rolls they offer, you should try both the Supreme Rolls and the Supreme Platter.

Kanzen Sushi Roll Branch
Kanzen Sushi Roll Branch

Kanzen Sushi Roll Menu:

Sushi Prime Boxes

Kanzen Sushi Roll Sushi Prime Boxes
Prime A – 32pcs – Cali Maki, Oko Maki, Panko Bonito, Spicy Cheese₱396
Prime B – 48pcs – Cali Maki, Crabby Mango, Dynamite Roll, Panko Bonito, Cheesy Maki₱495
Prime B – 56 pcs – Panko Bonito, Cali Maki, Cheesy Maki, Oko Maki, Kani Maki, Crabby Mango, Spicy Cheese₱693

Prime Rolls

Kanzen Sushi Roll Prime Rolls
California Maki₱124
Crabby Mango124
Dynamite Roll124
Cheesy Maki124
Panko Bonito124
Kappa Kani124
Spam Mayo124
Oko Maki124

Sushi Platter

California Maki, Sesame Roll, Kani Maki, Kani Sushi, Kani Sashimi
Kanzen Sushi Roll Sushi Platter
40 Pcs Sushi Platter₱495
56 Pcs Sushi Platter₱600
72 Pcs Sushi Platter₱765
104 Pcs Sushi Platter₱1240
136 Pcs Sushi Platter₱1440
200 Pcs Sushi Platter₱2180

California Maki Platter

Kanzen Sushi Roll California Maki Platter
40 Pcs California Maki Platter495
56 Pcs California Maki Platter₱690
72 Pcs California Maki Platter₱880
104 Pcs California Maki Platter₱1250
136 Pcs California Maki Platter₱1600
200 Pcs California Maki Platter₱2320

Sushi Prime

Kanzen Sushi Roll Sushi Prime
8 Pcs Sushi Prime (1 Flavor)₱99
16 Pcs Sushi Prime (2 Flavor)₱198
32 Pcs Sushi Prime (4 Flavor)₱396
40 Pcs Sushi Prime (5 Flavor)₱495
56 Pcs Sushi Prime (7 Flavor)₱693
72 Pcs Sushi Prime (9 Flavor)₱891

Supreme Rolls

Kanzen Sushi Roll Supreme Rolls
Spicy Crab₱140
Double Maki Maki₱170
Flaming Roll170
Signature Roll₱155
Crazy Maki₱155
Kani Maki₱99
Supreme Platter₱889

Sushi Set

Salad / Classic Spicy₱155
Aburi Pan / Classic Spicy₱250

Kanzen Sushi Roll History

Since 2014, Kanzen Sushi Roll has been operating as a grocery store under its current name. Everything started when the proprietor used to produce sushi platters for potlucks at social occasions with friends and family. After that, the concept of selling it through the Internet emerged. The response from customers was enormous, which eventually led to the creation of a tiny food cart that could fulfill demands for pick-up orders.

Kanzen Sushi Roll Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Kanzen Sushi Roll Delivery Website. You can also order your sushi directly from Foodpanda and Grabfood.

Kanzen Sushi Roll Branch Finder

Currently, Kanzen Sushi Roll have 23 branches across the Philippines. Below is the location list along with telephone numbers for each branch.

  • Lilac St. Marikina (Main Branch), Telephone: 0933-512-5138 / 0921-676-9138
  • San RoqueMarikina, Telephone: 0923-217-7170 / 0939-830-1118
  • Marquinton Condo Marikina, Telephone: 0939-765-6512
  • South Supermarket Melanday, Telephone: 0929-372-6737
  • Ayala Malls Marikina, Telephone: 0908-712-9109
  • Vista Verde Cainta, Telephone: 0977-852-6936 / 0977-852-6936
  • Holy Spirit QC, Telephone: 0922-802-0113 / 0919-087-8744
  • SM City Fairview, Telephone: 0919-087-8744
  • SM City San Lazaro, Telephone: 0908-397-0208 / 0995-067-2554
  • M. Santos St. Antipolo, Telephone: 0961-684-4477
  • P Noval Sampaloc Manila, Telephone: 0919-077-2325 / 0961-684-4478
  • Dona Doledad Better Living PQUE, Telephone: 0961-145-8518 / 0919-077-8744
  • Congressional Quezon City, Telephone: 0956-395-3468
  • Maysilo Mandanluyong, Telephone: 0919-093-3828
  • SM Megamall, Telephone: 0977-334-7462
  • BF Homes Paranaque, Telephone: 0906-056-5626
  • Riverside Pasig, Telephone: 0917-852-6936
  • BF Resort Village Las Pinas, Telephone: 0917-528-7828
  • SM Valensuela, Telephone: 0906-31-9196
  • Katipunan Quezen City, Telephone: 0995-464-9150
  • N Domingo San Juan, Telephone: 0917-652-6936
  • New Lucban Baguio, Telephone: 0928-829-9120
  • Puerto Princesa, Telephone: 0906-013-2220

Kanzen Sushi Roll Contact Information

Kanzen Sushi Roll Philippines Head Office Address: 12 Lilac St, Conception 2, Marikina, 1811 Metro Manila, Philippines

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