Jus & Jerry’s Gourmet Chinese Food Menu Prices Philippines 2024

Chinese cuisine at Jus & Jerry’s is delicious and reasonably priced. Each meal is jam-packed with flavor, no matter what you order—a bowl of hot congee, a plate of tasty Yang Chow fried rice, or some fragrant Chinese dim sum. Sandwiches, classic Filipino fare, and Chinese cuisine are just a few options. The restaurant undoubtedly serves mouth-watering cuisine that will have you raving about it.

Jus & Jerry’s Branch
Jus & Jerry’s Branch

Jus & Jerry’s Menu:


Includes 2pcs Steamed Siomai Chow Mein, Rice & Crackers
Jus & Jerry’s Combo Meal C2
Combo A – w/ 1pc J&j’s Fried Chicken (A1)₱182
Combo A – w/ 1pc J&j’s Fried Chicken (A2)₱207
Combo B – w/ 2pcs Chicken Chops (B1)₱187
Combo B – w/ 2pcs Chicken Chops (B2)₱212
Combo C – w/Chicken Poppers (C1)187
Combo C – w/Chicken Poppers (C2)212
Combo D – w/ 4pcs Fish Tenders (D1)₱192
Combo D – w/ 4pcs Fish Tenders (D2)₱217
Combo E – w/ Sweet & Sour Pork (E1)192
Combo E – w/ Sweet & Sour Pork (E2)217
Combo F – w/ Sweet & Sour Fish (F1)192
Combo F – w/ Sweet & Sour Fish (F2)217
Combo G – w/ 3pcs Chickenrific! Bites (G1)₱187
Combo G – w/ 3pcs Chickenrific! Bites (G2)₱212

Signature Meals

Choice of Rice / Fries / Yang Chow / Chow Mein
Jus & Jerry’s Signature Meals
3pcs Chickenrific! Bites
With Rice₱119
With Fries₱139
With Yang Chow₱144
With Chow Mein₱154
2pcs Chicken Chop!
With Rice₱114
With Fries₱134
With Yang Chow₱139
With Chow Mein₱149
Chicken Poppers
With Rice₱122
With Fries₱142
With Yang Chow₱147
With Chow Mein₱157
4pcs Fish Tenders
With Rice₱130
With Fries₱150
With Yang Chow₱155
With Chow Mein₱165
Sweet & Sour Pork / Fish
With Rice₱130
With Fries₱150
With Yang Chow₱155
With Chow Mein₱165
J&j’s Fried Chicken1PC2PCS
With Rice₱112₱180
With Fries₱132₱207
With Yang Chow₱137₱212
With Chow Mein₱147₱222

Noodle Bowls

Canionese-Style Noodle Soup Served With Egg Noodles and Seasonal Vegetables
Jus & Jerry’s Beef Noodle Soup
Shrimp Wonton (3Pcs)₱122
Siomai (3Pcs)₱112
Sharksfin (3Pcs)₱112
Peppered Fish (4Pcs)₱132
Cheese Ball (3Pcs)₱137
Chicken Chops (2Pcs)137
Add-on / Upgrade
Sate Soup Upgrade₱20
Sichuan Spicy Soup Upgrade20
Cheese Soup Upgrade₱36
XL Noodle Upgrade₱25
2pcs Siomai / Sharksfin₱29
2pcs Shrimp Wonton₱38
3pcs Shrimp Wonton₱57
3pcs Cheese Ball₱62

Bundle & Sharing

Signature Mains & Sides for Sharing
Signature Basket of Mains
Bundle A (6PCS)₱599
Bundle B (6PCS)₱795
Bundle C (6PCS)₱635
Bundle D (6PCS)₱870
Fried Chicken (6PCS)₱475
Fried Chicken (8PCS)₱630
Fried Chicken (10PCS)₱780
Bites (9PCS)₱260
Bites (12PCS)₱340
Bites (15PCS)₱420
Chops (6PCS)₱245
Chops (8PCS)₱320
Chops (10PCS)₱395
Fish (12PCS)₱275
Fish (16PCS)₱355
Fish (20PCS)₱440

Fish Chix Bundle

Good for 4 – 6pcs Chicken Chops, 12pcs Fish Tenders, 20pcs Crackers
Choice of Side:
4x Yang Chow Solo₱655
4x Yang Chow with Drink₱723
3x Chow Mein Solo₱665
3x Chow Mein with Drink₱733
Good for 6 – 8pcs Chicken Chops, 16pcs Fish Tenders, 30pcs Crackers
4x Yang Chow Solo₱890
4x Yang Chow with Drink₱992
3x Chow Mein Solo₱925
3x Chow Mein with Drink₱1027

G-Rific! Meal

GM1 G-Rific! Meal₱215
GM2 G-Rific! Meal₱209
GM3 G-Rific! Meal₱205
GM4 G-Rific! Meal₱199
GM5 G-Rific! Meal199


Jus & Jerry’s Deluxe Chicken Pao
Double Deluxe Chicken Pao₱130₱178
Chicken Pao₱65₱113
Fish Pao₱70₱118
Classic Chicken Pao₱79₱127
Classic Fish Pao₱84₱132
Deluxe Chicken Pao₱100₱148
Deluxe Fish Pao₱105₱153

Budget Meals

Choice of Rice / Yang Chow / Chow Mein
Spring Rolls
With Rice₱80
With Yang Chow (4Pcs)₱105
With With Rice₱115
Siomai / Sharksfin
With Rice₱89
With Yang Chow (4Pcs)₱114
With With Rice₱124
Siomai / Sharksfin
With Rice₱116
With Yang Chow (6Pcs)₱141
With With Rice₱151
Fried Shrimp Wonton
With Rice₱107
With Yang Chow (4Pcs)₱132
With With Rice₱142

Sides & Snacks

A Modern Take on Traditional Chinese Snack
Chicken Popper (Small)₱85
Chicken Popper (Large)₱165
Spring Rolls (2Pcs)₱26
Siomai (4Pcs)₱57
Sharksfin Dumpling (4Pcs)₱57
Fried Shrimp Wonton (4Pcs)₱75
Fried Shrimp Wonton (6Pcs)₱112
Yang Chow (Solo)₱45
Yang Chow (Platter)₱205
Chow Mein (Solo)₱63
Chow Mein (Platter)₱285

Sharing Platter

Serves Up To 5 Persons
20pcs Siomai₱260
Sweet & Sour Pork / Fish₱440
20pcs Spring Rolls₱210
20pcs Sharksfin₱260
20pcs Wonton₱335

Boba Teas

Jus & Jerry’s Drinks
Signature Boba Milk Tea₱75₱85
Signature Milk Tea₱65₱75
Wintermelon Milk Tea₱70₱80
Twin Boba Milk Tea₱75₱85
Oreo Milk Tea₱80₱90
Coffee Milk Tea w/ Jelly₱8595
Roasted Hazelnut Milk Tea8595
Salted Caramel Milk Tea85₱95
J&J Fruity Milk Tea₱90₱100
Classic Drinks
Taro Special Milk Tea₱85₱95
Matcha Latte₱70₱80
Guiltless Cocoa7080
Roasted Hazelnut Cocoa₱95₱105
Cheesecake Milk Tea₱75₱85
White Rabbit Cheesecake MT7585
Red Velvet Cheesecake MT₱80₱90
Guiltless Cheesecake Cocoa₱8595
Matcha Cheesecake85₱95
Oreo Cheesecake Milk Tea₱90₱100
Taro Special Cheesecake₱95₱105
Cheese Mousse
Wintermelon MT Mousse₱90100
Melty Cheese Brûlée MT Mousse90₱100
Taro Special Mousse95105
Guiltless Cocoa Mousse95105
Oreo Milk Tea Mousse95105
Matcha Mousse95₱105
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar Boba
+Milk Tea₱90105
+White Rabbit Milk90₱105
+Fresh Milk₱110125
+Coffee Latte110₱125
+Melty Cheese Brûlée w/ Fresh Milk₱120₱135
+Crown Milk Brûlée₱135150
+Oreo Milk Brûlée135₱150
Brown Sugar Oreo Milk w/ Egg Pudding₱110₱125
Fruit Teas
J&J Signature Fruit Tea₱90₱105
Iced Honey Lemon Tea₱65₱75
Berry Lemonade Tea₱70₱80
Citrus Yogurt Tea₱90₱100
Fruity Yogurt Tea₱85₱95
Iced Coffee
Iced Black Coffee₱42₱54
Iced Latte₱50₱62
Iced Vanilla Latte₱58₱70
Iced Roasted Hazelnut Latte5870
Hot Drinks
Caffè Americano₱35₱47
Caffè Latte₱45₱57
Hot Chocolate4557
Hot Matcha Latte4557

Jus & Jerry’s History

In 2010, identical twin brothers Justin and Jeremy started a modest cafeteria-style food company called Jus & Jerry’s. Tolentino St., Manila, close to UST, was the site of their initial store. They expanded to a more significant site on Taft Avenue in Manila a year later to accommodate their growing customer base.

It has expanded into a full-service fast-food chain with five locations now. They came from a long line of restaurant owners. Thus, most of their dishes—now famous for fried chicken, noodles, dim sum, and milk teas—were born in their little kitchen.

Their love and passion for food, cooking, and innovative new ideas drove them to pursue their passions despite adverse support from family and inadequate beginning funding. Their current growth and success can be traced back to the good evaluations and word of mouth from their loyal consumers, who have been instrumental from the beginning. By opening more locations, implementing innovative marketing campaigns, and franchising, they hope to increase their footprint and introduce a fresh fast food concept.

Jus & Jerry’s Online Delivery Information

You can order your Chinese food from Foodpanda or Grabfood delivery services.

Jus & Jerry’s Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Currently, Jus & Jerry’s has 5 branches across the Philippines.Below you’ll find the address, telephone numbers and daily opening hours for each location.

  • Jus & Jerry’s Egi Taft Tower (Dlsu): Unit 111 G/F EGI Taft Tower Taft, Ave., Malate Manila, Metro Manila 1004, Telephone: 9178000060, Opened Mon-Sun: 10:30am to 6:30pm
  • Jus & Jerry’s Victory Central Mall Caloocan: G08 G/F Victory Central Mall Caloocan 717 Rizal Ave. Ext. Old Victory Compound, Brgy. 76, Caloocan, Metro Manila 1427, Telephone: 286522337, Opened Mon-Sun: 10:00am to 7:00pm
  • Jus & Jerry’s Waltermart E. Rodriguez QC: 2/F Foodcourt WalterMart E. Rodriquez 222 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Brgy. Kalusugan, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1112, Telephone: 9989669162, Opened Mon-Sun: 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • SM Center Imus: G/F SM Center Imus N.I.A. Rd. Brgy. Alapan 1C Imus City, Cavite 4104, Telephone: 464364234, Opened Mon-Thurs: 10:00am to 9:00pm / Fri-Sun & Holidays: 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Victory Central Mall Sta. Rosa: G/F Victory Central Mall Sta. Rosa Zircon Rd., Balibago Sta. Rosa City, Laguna 4026, Telephone: 495407626, Opened
  • Mon-Sun: 10:30am to 7:00pm

Jus & Jerry’s Contact Information

Jus & Jerry’s Philippines Head Office Address: EGI Taft Tower 2339 Taft Ave., Malate, Manila, Philippines.

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