Jugno’s Monster Pizza Menu Prices Philippines 2024

The enormous 36-inch pizza and cheap prices at Jugno’s Monster Pizza have made the restaurant famous. A beautiful assortment of toppings, sure to satisfy even the most health-conscious diners, is lavished onto the pizza’s delicate dough. Sharing one of their pizzas is a breeze because you may choose to have it sliced into 8, 16, or 42 pieces, depending on your purchase quantity.

Pizza lovers can choose from various varieties at Jugno’s, including the ever-popular pepperoni, Hawaiian, Italian sausage, and bacon options. Vegans can also enjoy Jugno’s signature All-Veggie gigantic pizza. Specialty pizzas like “Anchovy Lovers,” “Pork Overload,” “Asian Nights,” and “Jamaican Ye’ Mon Monster” are available with the standard fare.

Jugno’s Monster Pizza Menu:

Classic Flavors

Jugno's Monster Pizza Classic Flavor Pizza
Monster 36″ – 8 Flavors in 1 Monster Pizza₱1100
Classic Flavors
Beef n’ Mushroom Pizza₱60₱190₱498
Hawaiian Pizza60190498
Spicy Taco Pizza60190498
All-Veggie Pizza60190498
Cheez to Cheez Pizza60190498
Cheez Garlic Pizza60190498
Cheez Mushroom Pizza60190498
Pork Sausage Pizza60190498
Italian Sausage Pizza60190498

Signature Flavores

Jugno's Monster Pizza Signature Flavores
Jugno’s Special Pizza₱80₱258₱648
All-Meaty Pizza₱80₱258648
Mexican Amigo Pizza₱80₱258648
Jamaican Ye’mon Pizza₱80₱258648
Pork Overload Pizza₱80₱258648
Anchovy Lovers Pizza₱80₱258648
Beef Bacon Pizza₱80₱258648

Crispy Fried Chicken

Chicken with Rice
1 Bucket (6pcs)₱450
1 Bucket (6pcs)₱390

Jugno’s Monster Pizza History


Jugno’s Monster Pizza Opening Hours

Opened daily from 10 AM–9 PM.

Jugno’s Monster Pizza Contact Information

Jugno’s Monster Pizza Philippines Address: 8181-D Binuhangin St, San Isidro, Parañaque, 1709 Metro Manila, Philippines.

Call Us

(02) 8531-3756

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