Johnn Lemon Juice Bar Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Because of the country’s tropical climate, a glass of lemonade is a refreshing beverage on any given day of the week, making Johnn Lemon the ideal business for the Philippines. Thanks to their 11 distinct lemonade flavours, such as their Lemon & Mango mix, Lemon & Strawberry mix, and so on, you can find the perfect lemonade for any day of the week. Daily consumption of fresh lemonade is associated with many health benefits, including detoxification; for this reason alone, it is worthwhile to try Johnn Lemon.

Johnn Lemon Menu:


Johnn Lemon Lemonade
Pure Lemonade₱496999
Lemon + Ginger496999
Lemon + Kalamansi496999
Lemon + Watermelon496999
Lemon + Green Tea496999
Lemon + Cucumber496999
Lemon + Mango₱7999₱129
Lemon + Strawberry7999129
Lemon + Kiwi7999129
Lemon + Honey7999129
Lemon + Yoghurt7999129

Opening Hours

Most locations are opened between 10:00 – 20:00.

Online Delivery Information

Deliveries are availalbe through Foodpanda and Grabfood, get your lemonade straight to your door.

Branch Finder

There are about 35+ branches in the philippines, you can find some of them in this link.

Johnn Lemon Contact Information

Philippines Head Office Address: 60 Cordillera Street, corner E. Rodriguez

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