Ikinari Steak Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Ikinari Steak House, which only opened a half year ago (Early 2023), has quickly become one of the best places in Manila to enjoy delicious steak prepared in either the American or Japanese way. Ikinari, which translates as “Suddenly” in Japanese, recently established its first location in the SM Mall of Asia, and they have big plans to expand to the BGC area very soon. When you order steak, it will be sliced in front of you, and you will be able to choose the thickness of the cut and the way of preparation for each component.

Ikinari Branch
Ikinari Branch

Ikinari was founded to provide reasonably priced steaks to the local Filipino market while maintaining the highest possible food standards.
It is because steaks in the Philippines are notoriously expensive and are typically only eaten on special occasions. Their pricing is comparable to the rates you’ll find in Japanese grocery stores, and the meat they sell comes from the United States.

Ikinari Menu:


Ikinari Mains
Certified Angus Beef chuck eye steak 200g₱599
Certified Angus Beef chuck eye steak 300g₱850
Certified Angus Beef chuck eye steak 450g₱1195
Ikinari Hamburg Steak 200g₱475
Ikinari Hamburg Steak 300g₱610
Assorted Cut 200g₱920

By The Cut

Ikinari Tenderloin
Ribeye 200g₱1199
Striploin 200g1199
Tenderloin 200g₱1345

Lunch Promos

Wild Combo 150g Wild + 150 Hamburg₱777
Diced Cut 200g chuck eye₱566
Diced Cut 300g chuck eye₱780


Japanese White Rice₱60
Beef Soup60
Onion Sauce60
Steak Sauce60
White Pepper Margarine₱30
Garlic Chips₱30


Beer and Chuhai
Sapporo Premium Draft 360ml₱199
Ikinari Beer 360ml199
Ikinari Yuzu Chuhai 360ml199
San Miguel Pale Pilsen₱140
San Miguel Light₱140
Brouel Malbec Red Wine 150ml₱481
Y Series Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine 150ml₱442
Montes Classic Series Merlot Red Wine 150ml₱442
Bottled Water 500ml₱70
Ikinari Yuzu Soda 360ml₱199
Matcha Latte 250ml₱180
Cold Brew 250ml180


Japan’s Pepper Food Service launched the first outlet for its Ikinari Steak franchise in the Philippines. After pulling out of the United States market, the company is looking for a new growth region to focus on.

An extension of the SM Mall of Asia in Manila, one of the region’s most expansive shopping malls, is where the company’s first establishment in Southeast Asia can now be found. After opening its first location outside of Japan in Taiwan, the restaurant business opened its second location in Asia. Ikinari Steak House is targeting a wide variety of customers, from families to couples, to gain their business.

The company made several attempts to break into the market in the United States. Still, the rapid expansion combined with its direct management system made it difficult to train new employees. To avoid making the same error in the Philippines, Pepper Food has decided to collaborate with a company familiar with the local market and customs.

A franchise agreement between Pepper Food and a local operator named Easyfood Restaurants was recently signed. Pepper Food decided to expand into the Philippines not only because of its strong push from Easyfood but also because of its young population and rapid economic growth.

Opening Hours

Opened daily from Thursday 10 AM–10 PM.

Online Delivery Information

Currenly you can dine-in and takeaway. We didn’t find any delivery service (yet) that offers deliveries of Ikinari food.

Branch Finder

There is one location currently at: G/F SM Mall of Asia Square, Marina Way MOA Complex, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila.

Contact Information

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