Hummus Elijah Menu Prices Philippines 2023

In Makati City, you’ll find the restaurant Hummus Elijah, which serves Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. In the middle of the bustling Makati commercial sector, this restaurant is always filled with residents for both lunch and dinner. It serves a variety of vegetarian cuisine. The most popular items on their menu include the Hummus Elijah, Falafel Elijah, Labane, Sabich Sandwiches, and a variety of other nutritious meals.

Dishes suitable for vegetarians and vegans are offered, making this restaurant suitable for all kinds of clients looking for nutritious, unprocessed food. You can enjoy their food at any time of the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), as they are open 24 hours a day. If you are going out partying, this is an excellent place to begin or conclude a fun night out.

Hummus Elijah Menu:


Hummus Elijah
Hummus Elijah₱290
Hummus with Shawarma (Chicken)₱400
Hummus with Egg₱320
Hummus with Mushrooms₱340
Hummus with Ful (Fava Beans)340
Hummus with Pine Nuts340
Hummus with Almong Sticks340
Hummus with Falafel and Salad₱400
Elijah’s Combo₱450

Pita Dishes

Hummus Elijah Pita Dishes
Falafel in Pita₱210
Falafel in Laffa₱230
Shawarma Elijah in Pita₱270
Shawarma Elijah in Laffa₱300
Sabich in Pita₱210
Sabich in Laffa₱230
Fabich (Falafel + Sabich) in Pita230
Fabich (Falafel + Sabich) in Laffa250
Laffa Roll with Labane210
Shakshuka in Pita260
2 Eggs Any Style in Pita210
Hummus and Salad in Pita210
Hummus and Salad in Laffa230
Nitella Spead in Pita210
Nitella Spead in Laffa230
Pita Za’atar₱170

Other Main Dishes

Hummus Elijah Shawarma Elijah in Plate
Falafel Balls₱200
Vegan Shakshuka340
Elijah’s Breakfast440
Elijah’s Big Breakfast₱730
Bagel with Omelette and Salad₱290
Potato and Peas Samosa240
Grilled Cheese Bagel/Pita₱330
Couscous with Vegetables₱370
Shawarma Elijah (Chicken) by Weight – 500g₱630
Shawarma Elijah in Plate₱420
Shawarma Elijah with Rice₱280

Sides and Salads

Hummus Elijah Mediterranean Pickles
Mediterranean Salad290
Tabbouleh Salad₱200
Elijah’s Real Potato Fries230
Stuffed Vine Leaves230
Baba Ghanoush₱290
Mediterranean Pickles₱180
Basmati Yellow Rice₱100
White Rice₱60
Mukaddara Rice₱170

Keto Menu

Keto Hummus
Hummus Elijah Keto₱400
Hummus Keto with Shawarma₱510
Hummus Keto with Egg₱420
Hummus Keto with Mushrooms440
Hummus Keto with Pine Nuts440
Hummus Keto with Almong Sticks440
Other Keto Dishes
Elijah’s Breakfast Keto₱480
Keto Pita with Omelet and Salad₱365
Shawarma Elijah₱600
Shawarma Elijah in Plate₱460


Hummus Elijah Baklava
Sweet Turkish Knafe (Small)₱300
Sweet Turkish Knafe (Large)₱650
Creme Caramel₱160
Baklava (1pc)₱70
Baklava (1pcs)₱260
Chocolate Lava Cake₱250
Peanut Butter Pie₱170

Cold and Hot Drinks

Soft Drinks in Can₱70
Soda Water₱90
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade₱140
Freshly Brewed Black Iced Tea140
Freshly Brewed Green Iced Tea with Chia Seeds140
Bottled Water₱50
San Mig Light in Can120
San Mig Page Pilsen in Can120
Sola in Bottle140
Elijah’s Tea130
Turkish Coffee₱150

Hummus Elijah Opening Hours

Opened 7 days a week, Sunday-Tuesday 9am- 1am Wednesday- Saturday – 24h.

Hummus Elijah Online Delivery Information

Orders are available through food delivery services Foodpanda and Grabfood. You can also call Hummus Elijah directly and arrange a delivery or a pickup.

Hummus Elijah Contact Information

Hummus Elijah Philippines Address: 5059 P. Burgos st. Makati.

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