Hot Box Menu Prices Philippines 2024

The Filipino people take great pride in Hot box. With this revolutionary self-heating food box, you may have a hot lunch whenever and wherever you like. The beach, the office, the automobile, the park, or even the great outdoors are all fair game for their portability.

Many Filipino staples, such as Beef Tapa, Chicken Inasal, Chicken BBQ, and many more, are available for ordering in a Hotbox and can be heated and enjoyed in no time! Italian and Chinese dishes are also available; order some tasty selections now.

Hot Box Menu:

Benta Box Meals

Comes With Rice
Sweet & Sour Fish₱219
Tausi Fish₱209
Beef Tapa199
Pork Humba199
Pork Binagoongan199
Pork Menudo199
Pork Dinuguan199
Pork Sisig199
Chicken Barbeque199
Burger Steak169
Tuna Omelette169
Beef Pares149
Pork Siomai₱149

Premium Meals

Come with Vegetables Side Dish & Rice
Hot Box Beef Caldereta
Bistek Tagalog₱399
Beef Caldereta359
Beef Tapa349
Grilled Liempo359
Pork Humba339
Pork Binagoongan339
Pork Menudo339
Pork Dinuguan329
Pork Sisig339
Sweet & Sour Fish389
Tausi Fish389
Bangus Spring Roll349
Chicken Barbeque339
Chicken Inasal339
Fried Chicekn₱329
Salt & Pepper Pork₱449
Beef Broccoli₱369
Orange Chicken₱349
Roast Beef₱399
Creamy Meatballs (3 pcs)₱319

Merienda Meals

Comes with Different Sides
Hot Box Merienda Meals
Pancit Palabok₱349
Pancit Malabon329
Pancit Combi329
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce329
Linguini Carbonara329

Platter Box

Hot Box Dim Sum
Filipino Hotbox SpecialHalfFull
Bistek Tagalog₱999₱1929
Beef Caldereta₱829₱1599
Grilled Liempo8291599
Pork Barbeque₱789₱1499
Chicken Lollipop₱749₱1499
Sweet & Sour Fish₱9991499
Filipino Hotbox Classic
Beef Tapa₱799₱1499
Pork Humba₱699₱1449
Pork Binagoongan6991449
Pork Menudo699₱1199
Pork Dinuguan6991199
Pork Sisig₱6191199
Lumpiang Shanghai6191199
Chicken Inasal₱749₱1099
Chicken Barbeque₱6991499
Fried Chicken6991499
Bangus Spring Roll5991299
Tausi Fish8991399
Baked Cream Dory8991399
Steamed Soy Fish799₱1399
Filipino Hotbox Veggies
Laing (With Pork)₱549₱999
Tofu Sisig549₱1199
Fresh Lumpia (With Chicken)₱499₱899
Lumpiang Togue₱399₱699
Salt & Pepper Pork₱1009₱2049
Sweet & Sour Pork₱629₱1119
Beef Broccoli₱839₱1599
Orange Chicken₱759₱1449
Dim Sum₱699₱1299
Siopao (4 or 8 pcs)₱339₱559
Baked Salmon
Roast Beef1299₱2449
Creamy Meatballs₱899₱1699
Lemon & Garlic Roast Chicken₱699₱1299
Chicken Cordon Bleu₱729₱1449
Mashed Potato₱499₱899

Pasta & Rice

Pancit Palabok₱559₱999
Pancit Malabon₱499₱899
Pancit Combi₱469₱859
Charlie Chan₱919₱1739
Chow Mein₱549₱969
Seafood Noodle₱469₱839
Yang Chow Fried Rice₱339₱589
Beef Lasagna₱899₱1649
Baked Macaroni8991649
Hungarian Sausage Penne₱749₱1349
Alfredo Pasta7491349
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce₱609₱1099
Linguini Carbonara6091099
Aglio Olio₱569₱999


Hotbox Pinoy SweetHalfFull
Maja Blanca₱599₱1019
Cassava Cake₱5591019
Buchi (15 or 30 pcs)₱449₱799
Pichi Pichi (15 or 30 pcs)₱399₱729
Hotbox Sweet Classic
Brownies (15 or 30 pcs)₱889₱1679
Caramel Bar₱549₱999

Hot Box History

Steam Box Corporation was the first to market with a revolutionary heating device to address the problems associated with food spoilage caused by chilly temperatures.

They want to revolutionize food consumption by changing how we see and consume food.

Hot Box Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Hot Box Website, choose from their online Menu, and have the food delivered or self-pickup depending on your nearest store location. Also, with the abundance of food delivery apps (such as FoodPanda, GrabFood, etc.), you can choose one to make your order.

Hot Box Contact Information

Hot Box Philippines Head Office Address: 12th Floor, The Trade & Financial Tower U1206, 7th Ave., Cor., 32nd Street, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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917 597 1199

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