Hainanese Delights Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Hainanese Delights offers Singaporean Hainanese Cuisine, a cooking method immigrants developed from Hainan Island, all tailored to the local Filipino taste buds. The restaurants offer a good selection of noodles, dumplings and rice dishes with their unique cooking style.

Hainanese Delights Branch
Hainanese Delights Branch

Hainanese Delights Menu:

Family Meal Deals

Hainanese Delights Family Meal Deals
Bundle A – Whole Chicken, Rice, Chapchae Platter, 8 pcs Pork Dumpling, Tofu with Veg, Ice Tea Pitcher₱1249
Bundle B – Whole Chicken, Rice, Chapchae Platter, 8 pcs Kuchay Dumpling, Tofuterrific, Ice Tea Pitcher1249
Bundle C – 2 Whole Chickens, 2 Rice, 2 Chapchae Platter, 8 pcs Kuchay Dumpling, 2 Wanton Noodles,2 Redish Cake, 2 Ice Tea Pitcher₱2498


Hainanese Delights Noodles
Singapore Staple₱219
Laksa Noodles219
Wanton Noodles₱149


Hainanese Delights Dumplings
Surf & Turf Dumplings₱179
Pure Pork Dumplings179
Kuchay Craze Dumplings179
Siomai (Pork / Pork & Shrimp)₱89

Ala Carte

Hainanese Delights Ala Carte
Hainanese Delights Chicken (White / Fried) – Whole Chicken₱589
Hainanese Delights Chicken (White / Fried) – Half Chicken₱294
Eat The Hear (Spicy Fried Squid)₱225
Take The Cake (Crunchy Raddish Cake)₱135
Tofu With Mixed Veggies₱129
Tofu-Terrific (Crunchy Fried Tofu)₱109

Combo Meals

Hainanese Delights Combo Meals
Hainanese Chicken Combo 1₱289
Hainanese Fried Chicken Combo 2289
Hainan Fish Fillet Combo 3289
Pork Passionate Combo 4289


Hainanese Delights Deals
Chicken Rice Meals – Hainanese Delights White Chicken ₱199
Chicken Rice Meals – Hainan Fried Chicken199
Chicken Rice Meals – Hot Chick (spicy Chicken BBQ)199
Chicken Rice Meals – Chicken Heaven (Chicken BBQ)199
Pork Rice Meals – Pork Passionate (Breaded)199
Pork Rice Meals – Porky Chops (Grilled Pork BBQ)199
Fish Rice Meals – Hainan Fish Fillet (Steamed Garlic)199
Dimsum Rice Meals – Taste of Pork (Pork Dumpling)199
Dimsum Rice Meals – A Bite of Both (Shrimp & Pork) Fried / Steamed199
Dimsum Rice Meals – All For Kuchay (Chives & Meat)199

Hainanese Delights Beginnings

In the Philippines, Hainanese Delights was started in 2011 at Robinsons Galleria to promote their signature Singaporean/Chinese food heritage. With delicious dishes, they became a staple in the local foodie market. With more and more branches popping up everywhere, you can enjoy the taste of Singapore at affordable prices.

Hainanese Delights Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from a food delivery apps (such as FoodPanda, GrabFood, etc.), and get your fix of food.

Hainanese Delights Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Hainanese Delights has several branches in the Philippines. You can find the nearest Hainanese Delights near you by visiting their website and using their store locator feature. You will be presented with the exact address of each branch and telephone numbers.

  • Robinsons Galleria North: Level 1, Robinsons Galleria Brgy. Ugong Norte, Quezon City. Opened Mon to Sun 10am to 9pm, Telephone: 09171826538 / 09856873522
  • SM Fairview: Lower Ground Floor Main BLDG. SM City Fairview, Opened Sun to Thur 10am to 9pm / Frieday and Saturday 10am to 10pm, Telephone: 0916719373 / 09454307520
  • Waltermart Munoz: Ground Floor Walter Mark North EDSA, Brgy Veterans Village, Quzeon City, Opened Mon to Sat 10am to 10pm / Sunday 9am to 9pm, Telephone: 09217041166 / 09996606100
  • Robinsons Forum: Level 2, Robinsons Forum, Brgy Balangka Ilay, Mandaluyong City, Opened Mom to Sun 10am to 9pm, Telephone: 09273923475 / 09360468621
  • Robinsons Otis: Level 1, Robinsons Place Otis, Brgy 831 Zone 090 Paco Manila, Opened Sun to Thur 10am to 10pm . Sunday 10am to 11pm, Telephone: 09279387318 / 0283535640
  • Robinsons Malolos: Level 1, Robinsons Place Malolos, McArthur Highway, Malolos Bulacan, Opened Mon to Sun 10am to 10 pm, Telephone: 09363914701 / 09976502731
  • Robinsons Emerita: Level 1 Adriatico Wong Robinsons Place Manila, Opened Sun to Thur 10am to 9pm, Fri and Sat 10am to 10pm, Telephone: 0285541491
  • Parkmall Cebu: Ground Floor Alfresco 1 Parkmall Ceby, Opened Sunday to Thrusday 10am to 9pm / Friday to Saturday 10am to 10pm, Telephone: 09236127127 / 0324200906

Hainanese Delights Contact Information

Hainanese Delights Philippines Head Office Address: Pedro Gil St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines

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