Habanero Kitchen Bar Menu Prices Philippines 2024

The Filipino cuisine and cocktails at Habanero Kitchen Bar are spiced up with habanero chili peppers. The eatery is a two-story building at Cubao Expo in Quezon City. The second level has air conditioning, while the first level is open. The Habanero Three-Cheese Pizza, Korean Samgyupsal, and sizzling oyster sisig with raw egg and chives are just a few of the well-known delicacies on the menu.

Adding “Habanero” to the name isn’t just for show. They have a Habanero Vodka that will astound you, and they’ve considered every possible method to add it to nearly anything. Mushroom Pasta with Habanero Rum, Turon Habanero, Lechon Habanero, and other dishes are some of the many that include Habanero.

Habanero Kitchen Bar Menu:


Habanero Kitchen Bar Lengua Sisig
Lengua Sisig₱385
Oysters Sisig₱395
Beef Hanging Tender Salpicao₱420
Chicken Wings₱275
Chili Fries₱265
Lengua Spring Rolls₱320
Camote Chips₱285
Caldereta Longganisa₱295
Balut Takoyaki295
Spam Fries295
Tinapa Rolls280
Squid Butter Garlic₱395
Kilawin Bangus Sa Gata395


Habanero Kitchen Bar Sisig Pizza
Habanero Three-Cheese Pizza₱498
Chorizo Hubad Pizza₱525
Mussels Sisig Pizza₱528
Oysters Sisig Pizza₱548
Margherita Truffle Pizza₱485


Habanero Kitchen Bar Sardines Pasta
Creamy Mushroom Truffle Pasta₱298
Tomato Dill Pasta with Mussels298
Sardines Pasta₱288


Habanero Kitchen Bar Smoky Tapa Steak
Smoky Tapa Steak₱495
Lechon Kawali with Bagoong Rice₱398
Lengua Steak₱488
Longganisa with Alavar Sauce₱385
Anchovy Hanger Steak₱688
1/2 Kilo BBQ Pork Ribs₱428
1 Kilo BBQ Pork Ribs₱748

Veggies & Rice

Habanero Kitchen Bar Tortang Talong
Stir Fry Kangkong with Lechon Kawali₱395
Tortang Talong₱420
Plain Rice₱45
Garlic Rice₱50
Bagoong Rice₱65

1 Kilo Lechon Habanero

Habanero Kitchen Bar Lechon Habanero
Heat Level 1₱955
Heat Level 2₱985
Mustasa At Buro₱125

Good For Sharing

2 Pax
Habanero Kitchen Bar Lechon Rice
Lamb Caldereta₱668
Spiced Beef with Lechon Rice₱695


Habanero Kitchen Bar Turon Habanero
Turon Habanero₱178
Leche Flan₱265
Habanero Ice Cream₱428
Dragons Breath Chocolate Lavender₱248


Bottled Water₱30
Iced Tea₱65
Coke Zero75

Alcoholic Drinks

House Specials
5 X-Bomb Bursting Shots₱620
Butter Vodka₱240
Coffee and Butter Vodka₱260
Habanero Vodka Sprite₱280
Smoked Rum Coke₱220
Spicy Smoked Rum Coke₱226
Cinnamon Smoked Rum Coke226
Tanglad Cocktail₱270
Pomelo Fizz Cocktail270
Single Shots
Habanero Vodka₱220
1 X-Bomb Bursting Shot₱130
Carbonated Lambanog Coolers
D’lambanog (Cucumber and Dill)₱250
Popping Sago Lambanog₱260
Salabat Lambanog250
Classic Mojito Lambanog250
Habanero Lambanog260
Frozen Mojito
Cilantro Mojito₱195
Basil Mojito195

Habanero Kitchen Bar Opening Hours

Opened Tuesday – Thursday: 11:00 AM – 10:00PM / Friday – Sunday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM / Monday: Closed

Habanero Kitchen Bar Contact Information

Habanero Kitchen Bar Philippines Address: Cubao Expo Stall #63 Gen. Romulo Ave., Araneta Center, Cubao, Philippines.

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