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Gubat QC is a true hole-in-the-wall diner hidden behind lush greenery and gorgeous bonsai. It is located in the centre of the Diliman Bonsai Society and has a significant presence despite its modest size. If you look around, you’ll notice that the ceilings are made of plastic tarps, galvanised steel, odd glass bottles, old pots, secondhand books, and even colanders and cooking pots are being used as bulb coverings.

The filipino restaurant Kusina Luntian is credited with being the birthplace of using banana leaves as tableware. The concept was conceived by Biboy, the restaurant’s manager at the time. Every morning, banana leaves are cleaned after being purchased from a variety of various locations: one day, they are purchased from the market; the next day, they are purchased from neighbours; and the third day, they are purchased from coworkers whose colleagues’ nieces and nephews sell in bulk.

Gubat QC Menu:

Rice Meals

Gubat QC Rice Meals
Lechon Kawali₱250
Halabos na Hipon250
Piniritong Isda₱225
Piniritong Manok₱200
Adobong Baboy₱195
Beef Tapa (Reg/Flakes)₱185
Hungarian Sausage₱170

Merienda | Ala Carte

Gubat QC Carbonara
Sausage Sandwich120
Sausage Platter₱220
Ala Carte


Pako / Pipino Salad₱160
Burong Kanin₱45
Pritong Talong + Buro₱90
Rice + Salad + Egg₱50
Salted Egg & Tomato₱25

Party Trays

Good for 4-6 Pax
Pako/Pipino Salad₱800
Pritong Talong + Buro₱700
Good for 8-10 Pax
Halabos na Hipon1850
Adobong Baboy₱1350
Tapa (Reg/Flakes) Rice1350


Gubat QC Leche Flan
Leche Flan₱75

Gubat QC History

The Baler native began his culinary career in Aurora with the self-owned restaurant Kusina Luntian. This modest hut served traditional inihaw meals and garnered attention from the community and tourists passing through the area. Years later, in 2017, Biboy introduced Kusina Luntian’s uncomplicated appeal to Manila with Gubat and its recrafted menu, which was reimagined to suit the location’s “no ihawan, prito only” (no grilling, just frying) cooking setup. It included the restaurant’s longganisa and tapa best sellers.

Biboy claims that the “temporary” nature of Gubat’s structure makes it simpler to accommodate unforeseen shifts and developments. The only thing required if the number of consumers increases over time is a straightforward takedown and re-setup of one section.

Gubat QC Opening Hours

Opened Tues-Sun, 11 Am-9 Pm

Gubat QC Online Delivery Information

To arrange a pickup or delivery you should call or message them at: 966 627 1522.

Gubat QC Contact Information

Gubat QC Philippines Address: Bonsai Society, President Carlos P. Garcia Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila, Philippines.

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966 627 1522

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