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Gong cha is introducing tea culture into people’s lives, making tea a popular and fashionable beverage choice globally. Through tea, Gong Cha aims to inspire people in daily life and enliven minds. Gong cha signifies that we treat our clients like the “Emperor” and only offer them the best services and goods.

Gong Cha Branch
Gong Cha Branch

The milk foam on a coffee latte inspired House Special Cream. The rich, milky cream perfectly complements the elegant tea aroma to produce the best taste.

Gong Cha Menu:

House Special

HS Milk Green Tea₱95₱110₱120
HS Milk Black Tea₱95₱110₱120
HS Milk Earl Grey Tea95110120
HS Milk Taro₱105₱120₱140
HS Matcha Milk Tea₱120₱125₱140
HS Milk Milk Tea₱120₱135₱150

Milk Tea

Gong Cha Milk Tea
Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly₱90₱105₱115
Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly₱105₱115₱125
Milk Tea with 3J’s₱110₱120₱130
Milk Tea₱85₱95₱105
Milk Green Tea8595105
Earl Grey Milk Tea8595105
Caramel Milk Tea₱90₱115₱130
Matcha Milk Tea₱95₱115₱125
Honey Milk Tea₱95₱115₱125
Brown Sugar Milk Tea₱95₱115₱130
Brown Sugar Earl Grey Milk Tea₱95₱115₱130

Wintermelon Mania

HS Milk Wintermelon₱95₱110₱120
Wintermelon Milk₱85₱100₱115
Pure Wintermelon₱80₱95₱110

Choco Loco

HS Milk Chocolate₱105₱115₱130
Chocolate Ice Smoothie w/ PJ₱130
Chocolate Milk₱90₱110₱120
Salted Caramel Chocolate₱125₱145₱165

Coffee Special

Gong Cha Coffee Special Milk Black Coffee
Coffee Milk Tea₱110₱125₱135
Brown Sugar Coffee Milk Tea₱115₱135₱150
Special Milk Coffee₱110₱135₱150
Oreo Mocha Coffee₱115₱135₱155
Butterscotch Coffee₱115₱130₱145
Caramel Machiatto₱140₱160₱185
Brown Sugar Machiatto₱140₱165₱185
Banana Coffee₱115₱140₱155
HS Milk Black Coffee₱135₱150
Brown Sugar Coffee Ice Smoothie w/ PJ₱125

Fruit Series

Gong Cha Peach Juice
Lemon Juice with Aloe₱90₱105₱120
Taro Milk₱95₱115₱125
Peach Juice with Fruit Jelly₱95₱115₱130
Peach Lychee Fruit Juice₱90₱105₱115

Fruit Tea

Gong Cha Fruit Tea
Lemon Green Tea₱80₱95₱105
Peach Green Tea₱85₱105₱120
Passion Fruit Green Tea QQ₱95₱110₱125
Lychee Green Tea with Aloe₱95₱110₱125
Honey Lemon Tea₱95₱110₱125
Grape Fruit Tea₱85₱105₱120
Grape Fruit Tea QQ₱105₱125₱145
Lychee Grapefruit Tea₱95₱110₱125
Honey Green Tea₱75₱95₱105

Oreo Series

Oreo Milk Tea₱110₱130₱150
Oreo Strawberry Milk Tea110130150
Oreo Choco Ice Smoothie₱150
Oreo Vanilla Ice Smoothie₱150
Strawberry Oreo Ice Smoothie₱140

Strawberry Series

HS Milk Strawberry Smoothie₱140
Strawberry Milk Tea₱100₱115₱130
Strawberry Black Tea₱95₱110₱125
Strawberry Taro₱100₱115₱130
Strawberry Lime₱110₱125₱145

Ice Cream Series

Ice Cream Tea₱95₱115₱130
Ice Cream Milk Tea₱110₱130₱145
Ice Cream Chocolate120135150

Extra Options

Pearl Jelly₱25
Coconut Jelly₱25
Coffee Jelly₱25
Grass Jelly₱25
Fruit Jelly₱25
Oreo Crumbs₱30
Ice Cream₱35
Gong cha Milk Cream₱45

Gong Cha History

Gong Cha, founded in 2006, has gained the respect of its clientele by relying on positive word-of-mouth and distinctive customized services that are Taiwanese in origin. Since then, Gong cha’s tale has gained a lot of attention, and it is now regarded as one of the top high-quality tea suppliers worldwide. Gong cha has now become popular in more than 20 areas.

Gong Cha, the best tea in ancient times, was given to the king from all of his possessions. Gong cha signifies that we treat our clients like the “Emperor” and only offer them the best services and goods. ‘Gong cha’ is a global platform that was founded in 1997 and had about 1,500 stores in over 20 different countries. they have been thriving thanks to its position as the No. 1 tea franchise brand that sells tea products with inspiration.

In Taiwan, Wu opened a high-end tea shop in 1996. It didn’t take long before there were lines of people waiting to buy Wu’s tea as the store’s reputation grew. They decided to grow and standardize his recipes to guarantee that all stores offered consistently high-quality tea to satisfy customer demand.

Wu put a lot of effort into creating his tea blends; he tested everything 23,000 times to perfect his recipes and ensure that he could guarantee the same high quality at every shop. Wu founded Gong cha in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in 2006 after receiving a patent for his milk foam recipe.

With the new Gong cha commitment to serve tea fit for a king, the new tea brand inherited the quality and commitment of the original shop. Gong cha is a term that refers to the act of offering tea to the emperor as a form of tribute in ancient China. Wu’s belief that the tea served at Gong cha will be made with the best craftsmanship and expert knowledge is reflected in the brand name.

It wasn’t a sophisticated marketing strategy or a well-honed business plan that contributed to their success. Instead, the tea shop chain went the traditional route, relying on word-of-mouth to spread the word about its high-quality beverages.

Gong cha made its first international foray in 2009 when it opened an office in Hong Kong to capitalize on the brand’s growing recognition among tourists traveling to Taiwan. As word of the brand quickly spread throughout Asia, beginning in the Philippines, its popularity kept rising.

After visiting a store in Singapore in 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Berry fell in love with the company and traveled to Taiwan to plan how to introduce Gong cha to the Korean market. The brand took off once it arrived in Korea. Customers clamored for more of the well-known tea brand, which grew from a single store in Hongdae to 250 locations across the country in just three years.

Gong cha’s global enlargement began in Korea and eventually reached other continents. Over the ensuing years, offices were established in Australia, the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom, in addition to a rapidly growing operation in Japan. When Gong cha Japan opened, it sold more than 3,000 cups daily; Gong cha Vietnam later reached 4,000 cups per day in sales.

The success of Gong cha Japan caught Cristina’s attention. She took the brand to Central and South America by establishing Gong cha Mexico, much like in Hong Kong sparked the Asian expansion, and Gong cha Korea pushed things further. With every new step Gong cha takes, the company gains momentum to spread its upscale taste and caliber worldwide.

2020 saw the opening of Gong cha’s global headquarters in London, setting the stage for developing an active, central globalization strategy during this rapid global expansion. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Gong Cha continues growing and has 1,600 locations worldwide. Gong cha has been able to weather the pandemic without suffering any significant negative effects thanks to its product caliber, the brand’s reputation, knowledge base, strong franchise system, and competent headquarters.

The commitment to taste and quality that Wu established in his tea shop nearly 30 years ago is still upheld by Gong cha Taiwan, which extends that commitment to overseeing and supporting all current production and managing raw materials and procedures. Gong cha Korea, the brand’s largest market, keeps innovating and growing at the forefront of the franchise system and globalization strategy.

Gong cha tea is central to the entire industry, from Taiwan to Seoul, Asia, the Americas, Europe, and more. It is always made with the right amount of water and tea leaves, brewed at the right temperature for the right time, and served with only the best pearls and toppings.

The company makes all tea and pearls fresh in-store with only a four-hour shelf life, ensuring that all drinks are served at their freshest. The company only uses loose-leaf tea, never bags or powders. By striving for perfection, Gong cha can consistently produce happiness.

Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Gong Cha Delivery Service, choose from their online Menu, and have the food delivered or self-pickup depending on your nearest Gong Cha store location. Also, with the abundance of food delivery apps (such as FoodPanda, GrabFood, etc.), you can choose one to make your order.

Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Currently, they have over 170+ branches across the Philippines. You can find the nearest Gong Cha near you by visiting their website and using their store locator feature. You will be presented with the exact address of each branch, Opening hours and telephone numbers.

Contact Information

Philippines Head Office Address: 4/F, Trinoma Mall, North Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City 1100 Metro Manila

Call Us

02 7 757 5555

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