Go Go Cafe Menu Prices Philippines 2024

There are some classic Filipino morning foods like Tocino, spam, Longaniza, and others at this Japanese-inspired coffee shop called Go Go Cafe, in addition to excellent coffee and Japanese snacks and meals including Curry Rice, Shoyu Ramen, and a variety of udon and pasta dishes. Go Morita, a Japanese national residing in the Philippines, founded and owns the store.

Go Go Cafe Branch
Go Go Cafe Branch

Go Go Cafe Menu:


Go Go Cafe Sandwiches
Hirekatsu Sandwich
Single (2 Slices)₱160
Double (4 Slices)₱300
Triple (6 Slices)₱460
Family (8 Slices)₱600
Other Sandwich
Egg Sandwich₱150
Egg Sandwich + Fries₱180
Tune Sandwich₱170
Tune Sandwich + Fries₱200
BLE Sandwich₱170
BLE Sandwich + Fries₱200


Go Go Cafe Curry Rice
Sauce Tonkatsu Bowl₱250
Karaage Bowl250
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl250
Beef Bowl250
Curry Rice220
Tonkatsu Curry Rice280
Kimchi Cha-Han200
Curry Pilaf200
Omu Rice250

Ramen & Soumen

Go Go Cafe Ramen
Shoyu Ramen250
Shio Ramen250
Shin Ramen200

Udon & Pasta

Go Go Cafe Pasta
Chicken Udon₱320
Curry Udon320
Yaki Udon320
Pepperoncino Pasta250
Napolitan Pasta250

Breakfast & Other

Egg Salad₱220
Tuna Salad₱250
Teriyaki Chicken Salad250
French Fries150

Go Go Cafe History

According to Go Morita, the figure in the center of the Go-Go Cafe emblem is sprinting towards the cafe. It was because his food was irresistible, and people could want to go ahead in the queue only to get a bite. He also set up shop in one corner, selling t-shirts and mugs as souvenirs of the Go Go Cafe experience for customers to take home.

Go Go Cafe Opening Hours

Opened Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Contact Information

Go Go Cafe Philippines Address: P. Remidio Street, Mandaue, Mandaue City, Philippines

Call Us

32 261 3320


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