Fatboy’s Pizza Pasta Menu Prices Philippines 2023

The Filipino Style Pizza at Fat Boys Pizza Pasta, a fusion of New York and Filipino Style pizza, comes in various mouthwateringly delicious variations, from classic pizzas to specialty pizzas with cheddar cheese and a sweet-tangy combination of tomatoes and other special seasonings.

Fatboy's Pizza Pasta Branch
Fatboy’s Pizza Pasta Branch

Their famous original handmade pan crust is made fresh daily to their specialty line with the highest quality meats, three kinds of cheese (mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar) and the freshest produce. They also serve pasta, rice meals, drinks, fruit shakes, and desserts, establishing an edge over other pizza stores in the Philippines.

Fatboy’s Pizza Pasta Menu:

Classic Pizza

Original or Thin Crust
Fatboy's Pizza Pasta Classic Pizza
Four Cheese Pizza₱292₱391₱448
Hawaiian Hoola Pizza₱292₱391₱448
Very Veggie Pizza292391448
Beef Bonanza Pizza292391448
Super Pepperoni Pizza292391448
Manhattan Bacon Mushroom292391448
Big Kahuna Pizza292391448
Meat Lovers Pizza292391448
Supremo Pizza292391448
Aloha Chicken BBQ Pizza292391448

Specialty Pizza

Original or Thin Crust
Fatboy's Pizza Pasta Specialty Pizza
Hickory Chicken BBQ₱325422499
All American Cheeseburger325422499
Creamy Broccoli Triple Cheese325422499
Super Supremo325422499
Shrimp Broccoli325422499
Garlic and Shrimp Supreme325422499


Triple Cheese₱159₱399
Grilled Chicken₱185₱475
Cheesy Beef₱199₱525
Pepperoni & Cheese₱225₱599
Bacon and Beef₱229₱620
Shrimp Marinara₱239₱650

Mamita’s Favorite

Baked Not Fried
Fatboy's Pizza Pasta 
 Mamita's Favorite Chick N' Bites
Chick N Bites – Solo₱199
Chick N Bites – Share₱399
Chick N Chompers – Solo₱245
Chick N Chompers – Share₱445
Potato Crunchies- Solo₱175
Potato Crunchies- Share₱370
Mamita’s Pork Steak₱215
Mamita’s Chicken Steak₱195
Mamita’s Chicken Tenders 2pcs₱145
Chicken Tenders with Spaghetti 2pcs₱179
Solo Hawaiian with Spaghetti 2pcs₱155
The Big Fat Meal₱275
Ground Steak Meal 1pc₱79
Ground Steak Meal 2pcs₱100
2-pc Ground Steak with Spaghetti₱135
Meaty Spaghetti Solo₱85
Meaty Spaghetti Family₱95
Chick N’ Tenders 6pcs₱299
Chick N’ Tenders 10pcs₱595

Double Pizza Deal

Original or Thin Crust
Fatboy's Pizza Pasta Premium Double Deal
Medium Size Double Deal, Two 10″ Medium Pizzas₱525
Family Size Double Deal, Two 13″ Family Size Pizzas₱675
Party Size Double Deal, Two 15″ Party Size Pizzas₱755

Bacon Lover Treat

Original or Thin Crust
Fatboy's Pizza Pasta Bacon Lover Treat
BLT-A – 3 (Three) 10″ Medium Size Pizza₱838
BLT-B – 3 (Three) 13″ Family Size Pizza₱1099
BLT-C – 3 (Three) 15″ Party Size Pizza₱1295

Dynamic Duo

Original or Thin Crust
Fatboy's Pizza Pasta Fat Trio
13″ Family15″ Party
Duo-A – Beef Bonanza Triple Cheese₱464₱498
Duo-B – Classic Cheeseburger Super Pepperoni₱464498
Duo-C – Supremo Creamy Broccoli₱464498


Fatboy’s Four Seasons₱145
Fatboy’s Mango Bango145
Soda 1.5 Liters₱99
Purified Water 500ml₱35
Soda in Can₱70
Soda 237ml₱30

Fatboy’s Pizza Pasta Story

Fat Boy’s is the place to go if you want a pizza that tastes divine. Every family member can have a slice because there are so many different types of pizza. From the traditional Filipino-tasting pizza with a sweet and tangy tomato flavor, sprinkled with special spices, and topped with lots of cheddar cheese, to the American-style pizzas.

With the best meats, three types of cheese (mozzarella, parmesan, and cheddar), and the most recent products available, their renowned original handmade pan crust are freshly made daily for their specialty line. They also offer pasta, rice dishes, drinks, fruit shakes, and desserts, giving them an advantage over other pizza shops in the Philippines.

The store sells a wide variety of delectable foods in addition to pizzas, such as pasta, rice dishes, and different desserts. In addition, they offer other drinks and fruit shakes.

Fatboy’s Pizza Pasta Opening Hours

Fatboy’s Pizza Pasta are opened daily between: 10:00AM – 10:00PM.

Fatboy’s Pizza Pasta Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from one of the many food delivery services (such as FoodPanda, GrabFood, Pick-A-Roo, etc.), you can choose one to make your order.

Fatboy’s Pizza Pasta Branch Finder

Currently, Fatboy’s Pizza Pasta has over 30+ branches across the Philippines with more opening soon.. You can find the nearest Fatboy’s Pizza Pasta near you by visiting their website and using their store locator feature. You will be presented with the exact address of each branch and telephone numbers.

Fatboy’s Pizza Pasta Contact Information

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