Famous Belgian Waffles Menu Prices Philippines 2023

stuffed with your choice of premium ingredients, including chocolate spread, cream cheese, blueberry & strawberry marmalade, hazelnut spread, ham, egg, and cheese. Sausage and cream cheese, or the best-corned beef you can get.

Famous Belgian Waffles Menu:

Simply Perfect

Famous Belgian Waffles Simply Perfect
Plain Waffles₱40
Chocolate Waffles₱55
Cheese Spread Waffles55
Peanut Butter Waffles55
Caramel Waffles55
Strawberry Waffles60
Blueberry Waffles60
Custard Waffles60
Mango Peach Waffles₱60
Hazelnut Waffles₱65
Cream Cheese Waffles₱65

Brownie Fudge Collection

Famous Belgian Waffles Brownie Fudge Mallows Cream Cheese Waffles
Plain Brownie Waffles₱50
Brownie Fudge Waffles₱60
Brownie Custard Waffles₱70
Brownie Fudge Banana Waffles70
Brownie Cream Cheese Waffles70
Brownie Fudge Mallows Waffles₱75
Brownie Fudge Cream Cheese Waffles85
Brownie Fudge Mallows Custard Waffles₱85
Brownie Fudge Mallows Cream Cheese Waffles₱90

Perfect Combination

Famous Belgian Waffles Perfect Combination
French Butter Maple Waffles₱60
French Butter Caramel Waffles₱65
Banana Chocolate Waffles65
Banana Caramel Waffles65
Banana Peanut Butter Waffles65
Choco Peanut Butter Waffles₱70
Chocolate Custard Waffles70
Cookie & Cream Waffles70
Blueberry Banana Waffles70
Strawberry Banana Waffles70
Strawberry Custard Waffles70
Banana Custard Waffles70
Blueberry Custard Waffles70
Chocolate Caramel Waffles70
Strawberry Peanut Butter Waffles75
Blueberry Cream Cheese Waffles75
Strawberry Cream Cheese Waffles75
Mango Peach Cream Cheese Waffles75
Banana Hazelnut Waffles75
Chocolate Hazelnut Waffles₱75
Chocolate Cream Cheese Waffles₱80
Blueberry Banana Custard Waffles90
Choco Banana Peanut Butter Waffles90
Choco Banana Caramel Waffles90
Choco Banana Hazelnut Waffles90
Smores Waffles₱85
Smores Peanut Butter Waffles90
Smores Caramel Waffles₱90

Savory Selection

Famous Belgian Waffles Tuna Garlic Ranch
Tuna Garlic Ranch₱60
Tuna Garlic Ranch + Cheese Spread / Cream Cheese₱75
Scrambled Egg + Cheese Egg₱70
Scrambled Egg + Cream Cheese₱75
Ham / Chicken Ham + Cheese Spread / Cream Cheese₱80
Hawaiian Ham / Chicken Ham₱75
Hawaiian Ham / Chicken Ham + Cheese Spread / Cream Cheese₱85
Corned Beef + Cheese Spread / Cream Cheese₱95

Take Home Pack Waffles

Plain Waffles (6 pcs)₱210
Brownie Waffles (6 pcs)₱270
Combination Waffles (3 Plain, 3 Brownie)₱240
Tale Home Pack Fillings
Chocolate (Good for 2-3 Waffles)₱35
Caramel (Good for 2-3 Waffles)35
Peanut Butter (Good for 2-3 Waffles)35
Maple Syrup (Good for 2-3 Waffles)45
Cheese Spread (Good for 2-3 Waffles)45
Custard (Good for 2-3 Waffles)45
Mango Peach (Good for 2-3 Waffles)45
Strawberry (Good for 2-3 Waffles)45
Blueberry (Good for 2-3 Waffles)45
Hazelnut (Good for 2-3 Waffles)45
Cream Cheese (Good for 2-3 Waffles)45

Famous Blends

White Coffee Pack₱598
Iced Tea₱60

Famous Belgian Waffles History

On September 16th, 2012, we opened Famous Belgian Waffles. Five fruitful years and one location in San Diego, California later, Famous Belgian Waffles has expanded to over 500 locations nationwide. The original kiosk model has evolved into a hybrid coffee shop. The brand’s popularity stems from the fact that it’s both reasonably priced and of high quality.

The mission of Famous Belgian Waffles is to help entrepreneurs quickly multiply their capital. In recent years, Famous Belgian Waffles has become a household name thanks to its success as a franchise. In 2015, the Department of Trade and Industry and the Philippine Franchise Association named it the Most Promising Franchise, and in 2017, the same organization named it the Outstanding Filipino Franchise.

Famous Belgian Waffles Online Delivery Information

Deliveries for the Famous Belgian Waffles are available through food delivery services such as Foodpanda, Grabfood and others.

Famous Belgian Waffles Branch Finder

There are hundreds of Famous Belgian Waffles nationwide. The easiest way to find the closest one to you is to google it.

Famous Belgian Waffles Contact Information

Famous Belgian Waffles Philippines Office Address: Unit 316, Park Place Centre Building, Marcos Highway cor. Vermont Park, Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo City 1870

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